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  1. joer80's post in $config->httpHosts Programmatically was marked as the answer   
    Found it! ProcessWireConfig
    I uploaded this module and now I can edit config settings.  
    Instead of editing the file, it simply creates a config.json in your assets folder and adds code to the end of your config file to check for and read this new file.
    It adds the contents of that file to your $config array.
    What improvements / features are you adding to your new version of multi site?
  2. joer80's post in Should this work? Or am I doing something wrong? was marked as the answer   
    Ok, I think I have this fixed.  I just downloaded the testing. website to my computer and uploaded it again to testing2 and it worked.  I then uploaded my testing2 template folder to put the design different again.   
    Must have been missing some files or something?
  3. joer80's post in Image Fieldtype Suggestion was marked as the answer   
    Very nice!  Perfect!   Just didn't know it existed.  
    I do think this functionality should be in core though, maybe as a setting on the field?
  4. joer80's post in When Editing Page, Ability to hyperlink an email address was marked as the answer   
    That Email Obfuscation plugin is perfect!  It auto hyperlinks anything that is an email address, in a way that is not harvest-able.  Perfect!  
  5. joer80's post in Admin Process Module Location was marked as the answer   
    In the example in the forum, he had the file named ProcessHello.module and the class name ProcessHello, so it is correct!
    My issue was because my class name did not match my filename as apeisa suggested.  Now that both match on mine, it is working now!   Thanks for your helps guys!
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