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Found 2 results

  1. This site was recently launched and has been running great for the last few weeks. It is probably the largest PW project I have done; there is a lot of media to keep organized, this label has about 70 albums and over 400 artists... http://www.newfocusrecordings.com/ the homepage displays 12 random albums the catalogue page, uses datatables and loads the cover images on demand; the filtering is all done with the datatable, and the urls are updated without page reload... the album page: the pw version replaces a joomla version that was used for about 6 years.. and was a pain to work with; some modules: AdminCustomFiles AdminSaveActions AdminTemplateColumns AIOM+ FieldtypeColorPicker FieldTypeSelectFile (for selecting huge media instead of uploading into PW) FieldtypeTemplates (for selecting which template a certain support doc should show on) FormBuilder FormSaveReminder ImportPagesCSV (used to import some of the data from Joomla and Zoo) InputfieldSelectExtended (used to show additional info after a select action) PageReferencesTab PageTreeAddNewChildsReverse (new albums need to be at top of list) ProcessCustomUploadNames (to ensure the asset naming matches the catalog numbers) PageListerPro ProcessRedirects (for some legacy URLS) ProFields TextformatterBBCode (used for formatting of track and album titles with special characters, superscripts, bold, italic) VersionControl HannaCode SiteUtilities - a custom module that controls many helper functions, read id3 tags, move audio files, rename stuff etc.. some forum threads that relate to this project, and as always thank you to everyone who helped and more generally who take part in the forum! https://processwire.com/talk/topic/8366-setup-sharrre-sharing-widget-in-5-minutes/ https://processwire.com/talk/topic/8392-simple-built-in-docs/ https://processwire.com/talk/topic/8350-module-fieldtype-yaml/ I also work for this label, and have designed about 10 of the covers.. - - - - Special Features: Press View There is a user role called press, and on the user profile, site admins can select certain albums to allow access to for that press user. When the user logs in they can see which albums they have extended access to and then when they view the album there is an extended view and additional media and content. The page audio player will play full streams of the tracks, whereas the public view only plays the edited preview files; the presence of the full stream is indicated with a radio/wave icon.. left widget showing some extra content:
  2. new site just launched... http://www.charleswuorinen.com/ major modules that were essential: admin template columns AIOM+ colorpicker (for custom page background colors) Font Awesome Page Label Form Builder ProCache jQuery DataTables Modules Manager Changelog Get Video Thumbs Field Change Notifier Hanna Code Redirects Template Notes Version Control Some custom modules for auto page titles, and custom page for managing works Front end Bootstrap Masonry/Isotope Flexslider dataTables Magnific Popup Soundmanager2 Fresco lighbox html5 video (using jackbox) extensively used Hanna codes to output lists of links, PDFs in various places; hanna code is also outputting the music players, scrolling flexslider galleries etc; the compositions list is using dataTables, and shows extra info in a magnific lightbox, which loads from ajax... once again, a site that really could not have been realized without PW!
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