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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, My ProDrafts license expired just shy of a year ago and I'm trying to find out if it's worth renewing. One of my clients has always been frustrated witrh the way images are handled - which I found mentioned here - effectively they 'get lost' and I have to do a weird dance of publishing, saving a draft, saving again, reuploading an image, saving a draft and then publishing, before unpublishign to remain as a draft etc etc... I am currently on version 0.0.6 - is anyone able to tell me if the issues mentioned in this thread have been resolved? Many thanks
  2. In his latest blog post, Ryan annouces his works on the ProDraft-module for handling publishing workflows. While this is really great news, there is, at least in my opinion, the drawback that this module is a Pro-module. I really appreciate the tons of work Ryan puts into PW and see the need for getting some money back not being able to do work for some clients. I also like the idea of the Pro-modules, where advanced functions not needed by anybody is sold at a moderate price, i myself have bought some Pro-modules already. But such fundamental functionality like draft-versioning or defining a workflow for publishing should be in the core and made open source. I would like to raise a discussion about this, how it could be solved or what other developers think. All other major open source CMS have versioning integrated, so this a field where pw lacks behind and the chance with making that in core would open more opportunities for attracting more people using PW. But then getting this functionality only by paying a decent amount could draw them immediately back without getting the beauty of PW: Some solutions to solve this that cross my mind: Sponsoring: Already Avoine has sponsored some other modules being developed by Ryan, so maybe they or other companies that need drafting could stepin. Crowd-Sponsoring: If there is not one company or individual taking over the sponsoring, why not community fund this like a kickstarter-project? I think, most of us could spent at least the amount the Pro-module would cost or even more to make it open for public. Making only support Pro: Now all the Pro-modules get higher priority support by Ryan. Not only being the only person doing this, but maybe the only individual capable of supporting all the modules at moment, this can become a bottleneck in the future. Being open source, others can work on adding functionality and bug tracking and Ryan could concentrate on supporting. Other CMS are already doing this more or less (i.e. Acquia for Drupal). What do you think, should fundamental functionalities stay available in core for all or only being available as Pro?
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