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  1. Hello, So we're wrapping up an internal application using PW. We have about 6500+ pages in so far and 14 fields. It's a pretty vanilla setup. We've got a lot of positive feedback, etc. Now this app is getting a little more notice than we previously thought and there's interest in merging another application with it. This legacy application has a well established database that will serve the new PW pages very well, but I couldn't, in good conscience, try to convert it to the "Processwire Way". So I'm curious to hear any stories or anecdotes about how others may have legacy DB's working with new PW apps. Are you using two or more db's? Have you folded existing tables into the PW db? I hope this question isn't too nebulous.
  2. @dragan Thanks for your help! I'll look for a hook and do this as a module then.
  3. This is sort of the essence of what I'm dealing with, but there are some legacy routing and session details that need to be dealt with. And I think I have the solution now! A vast majority of the requests will be satisfied by the PW app. Why not just put all this redirect logic into a PW 404 template?? Would you agree?
  4. Yeah, maybe my preamble made the whole thing too nebulous. Sorry. I need to include a php script on PW's index.php prior to PW starting up. That script will run and generate an array of data. If I do not need to redirect based on that data, I would like to include that data for later use in the _init.php file. What is the best way to get this array of data from index.php to _init.php I hope that's a better description of my dilemma. Thanks!
  5. Hello All We're a month into development of our new PW application and what a breath of fresh air it is. We're planning to roll out 3400+ pages by 6/1. But we have come to the realization that we have to carry some old baggage forward. For the near future I need to pull some data in before I even start loading Processwire in the index.php file. This has to be done at this point due to possibility of 301/302'ing the request. Question: How can I EFFICIENTLY place an array of data, derived before bootstrapping, into the bowels of PW and use it later when needed?
  6. Finally back in the saddle: @horst Thanks for these links! Even though it's in the new skyscraper code, I hadn't even noticed the region method initially, so these are valuable links for anyone diving into pw/ajax in the future. @neosin Thanks! Yeah, you're exactly right. Horst also pointed this out earlier in the thread...but it was in German
  7. @horst You're like the gift that keeps giving. Now I know I can call a region directly! Nice...
  8. @Macrura You know, I hadn't given much thought to that exit; but after reading up on the halt method, I then found out that _main.php is the last to load. So yeah, this approach could be used to consolidate data/display functionality on a single page. Thanks!
  9. @horst That's it! Thank you. @dragan Great tip. Will install an instance and see what's going on. Thanks all
  10. Hmmm. That's good to know, but is my problem solved merely by being an ajax request? I suppose I could just set everything up and check it out.
  11. Hello, After doing a deep dive into Processwire over the weekend (better late than never), I'm starting to layout an app to receive a migration of an existing app. I'm sure I'll have several questions, but here's my first: Question: I'm using the _main.php/regions template approach. However, I need to do some ajax calls for some html. How would I tell a page just to include only the needed template/fields? I can probably figure this out, but in the interest of time...Thanks!
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