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  1. Thanks both, it's been fixed in v2.0.20. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. It's not my module but @Robin S's, just to make it clear :)
  3. Do you have your test files in subdirectories? The breadcrumb should show the subdirectory names (paths). On configurable I meant the "Show breadcrumbs" checkbox above the test list.
  4. Worth mentioning this module here: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/template-field-widths/ GIF: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/1538852/49207167-0cbef100-f419-11e8-965a-ca46b4f256d1.gif
  5. I like the developer satisfacion coming through these lines 🙂
  6. Perhaps using something like $str = function { return if (function_exists('__')) { return __('key'); } ), or something along these lines? Just a quick idea from mobile 🙂
  7. tpr


    Ok, in theory you can circumwent this by creating the missing .latte file and in there include the SeoMaestro module's php file.
  8. tpr


    I see. Unfortunately I don't have this issue but perhaps it's a version mismatch or a result of your template setup (I see "controllers" in the path). I can try to reproduce if you tell these details. Anyway, it's sure not SeoMaestro module's fault, maybe this thread could be merged to the main Latte one?
  9. tpr


    In the Latte module settings add the template name to the excluded templates list.
  10. There already is one, the textarea selector is "textarea:not(.noAutosize)". I haven't checked it yet but in theory it should work. Otherwise you could apply a max-height with CSS that could also help, or perhaps setting the height with !important.
  11. Thanks @Robin S, somehow I thought the built-in one didn't work for CKEditors but it's not true. Just tried it and worked fine for a multi-language field as well, and showed the same values as the CKEditor plugin. According to the CKEditor plugin's documentation it offers more advanced configuration though.
  12. Just add this plugin: https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/wordcount Or use AdminOnSteroids module which comtains this plugin.
  13. Thanks, I just used the z-index: 11 you suggested in v2.017. There's a very high z-index on the datepicker calendar div added by AOS that was needed back then. This is still above the masthead on scroll but I think it's better not to change that. There's also a bunch of new CKEditor plugins added in this version: Color Button Color Dialog Table Resize Table Tools Table Tools Toolbar
  14. Just used vex in a project where Kendo UI wasn't available (mostly we use that for admin pages), and it was a very pleasant experience. After all I'm happy that I had to find an alternative, it brings more sophisticated ways to do prompts, confirms, etc.
  15. Nice site, the only issue I came across is scrolling over the map is impossible with the mouse (the map gets zoomed instead).
  16. There's also an AOS checkbox for that: Add new page: uncheck Active? for non-default language names: the state of a page on non-default languages can be set to inactive here when adding a new page. https://github.com/rolandtoth/AdminOnSteroids/wiki/Misc
  17. Thanks. Are you using AdminOnSteroids? Because this module is not updated for a while since I added it to AOS.
  18. I don't use this feature very much but if you feel it would make a useful addition, create a PR (or show the changes in other ways) and I'll check.
  19. Yes, for example the main slider on top here.
  20. I'm not sure if it is but possibly yes. Try passing it inside the "overrides" array: https://github.com/rolandtoth/FrontEndEditLightbox#individual-overrides-overrides $mycalc->feel(array( "text" => "edit", "overrides" => array( "selectorsToHideSuperUser" => "#_ProcessPageEditDelete, #ProcessPageEditDelete" ) ) );
  21. Just a side note: imo such things just increase the percieved page load time and are an unnecessary complication unless the page is expected to load slowly. I would avoid it if possible, even that I have done it a few times in the past.
  22. Okay, now I finally understood what is MVC about 🙂
  23. What could the controller look like then? 🙂
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