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  1. I'm having the same issue with multiple repeater matrixes that use my body field. Anyone found a solution yet?
  2. I know, I've developed several sites already with Processwire, but never used the PageTable before. Now it is working if it's not hidden. But still when I add an item it only updates after saving the page. The PageTable doesn't get updated after adding a new item.
  3. I found the problem, I had my parent under wich the children were saved under the Admin section, the admin is a hidden page. Seems that if one of his ancestors has a hidden status the PageTable won't list it's children. Might be better that it would only check it's parent instead of it's ancestors. But for now I just moved my categories page.
  4. Yes as an editor, I can see and edit them in the page tree. So I guess my rights are OK.
  5. It's in the admin, and you can add them as an editor but you can't see them in the PageTable field. They are stored as children of that page. I use it to allow my client to make multiple image galleries with extra fields.
  6. Hi, for a website I'm developing I was trying to use the PageTable field, but I can't seem to get it work. All access rights should be fine. The superuser & editor can add items. But only the superuser sees them. For some reason the editor role doesn't see them after they were added. I've found some posts back from 2015 with this issue, is this still a bug or is there already a fix? I'm having this issue with Processwire 3.
  7. After multiple refreshes, a new update: I can surf to the URL right now, but the tabs won't show up in the admin navigation, they are only visible for the superuser there.
  8. I wrote 2 modules for internal use, static translations & site settings. But I can't seem to get them visible in the admin for my "client" role. public static function getModuleInfo(){ return array( "title" => "Settings Module", "version" => 100, "summary" => "Site wide settings module", "permission" => "edit-settings", "permissions" => array( "edit-settings" => "Edit settings" ), ); } This is what I've got in my module, I also added those permissions to my role in the backend. But still the tabs aren't appearing to my client. When I try to surf to the URL, it just redirects me to the pagetree, so I guess for some reason permissions are still not set? Did I overlook something?
  9. Ok problem solved, I've found the issue. Apparently pages that have a parent or ancestor that is hidden also require you to use ("include=all") as selector, even if the page itself is not hidden. I was searching for hours on that. Thanks for your help anyway!
  10. Ok this is what I used in the init.php: <?php //header('Expires: '.gmdate('D, d M Y H:i:s \G\M\T', time() + 86400)); /* * Rootpages */ $root = $pages->get(1); $rootPages = $root->children()->prepend($root); $this->wire('rootPages', $rootPages); /* * Settings */ $fields = array(); foreach($pages->get("name=settings")->child as $key => $f){ $fields[$key] = $f; } $fields = (object) $fields; $this->wire('settings', $fields); /* * Translations */ $translations = array(); foreach($pages->get("name=settings")->child->translations as $key => $t){ $translations[$t->key] = $t->string; } $translations = (object) $translations; $this->wire('t', $translations); ?> I get this error: Invalid argument supplied for foreach(), the problem is that $pages->get("name=settings") returns a page, but when I add ->child it's a nullpage. While it does have a child, and just works correct in the init.php but not in the ready.php. I just make some wire objects to use myself along the whole website. For example for some settings like e-mail, phone, ... I make them accessible as: $settings->phone or $t->some_translation_key.
  11. I just noticed when I try to do this in the ready.php that it can not retrieve the page. This works perfectly in the init. But since I need my languages I'm forced placing it in the ready. I'm just trying to get the child from a page. $pages->get("name=settings")->child(); Var_dumping that gives me a Nullpage. (and yes the name is correct since it does work in init.php but doesn't in ready.php) So I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, I was guessing maybe it's a bug?
  12. Thanks alot, I just saw my problem. I didn't see you had to call the method ->media also after you got your image field already. That solved the problem.
  13. I'm using version 2.8 of Processwire and I added media to my page. Wich works fine. I do a var_dump of my media and I get back an object with 1 image, wich is also correct. The problem is that the object doesn't include a url. Normally you do: $image->url or $image->size(x, y)->url but this doesn't work on the media I added by the module. And when I just look to the examples on the media manager documentation it should work like that. Or am I overlooking something?
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