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  1. I ran into the same problem as gmclelland just now. I am using PW-Version 3.0.111 and RepeaterMatrix Version 4.
  2. Thank you for your response! I'll try it out today with a new copy of the latest PW and report a bug, if I can reproduce it. Also I will check, if it is somehow related to 'Language Support / Blank Behavior'.
  3. Hello PW-Community! I have been working with Repeater-fields for years without coming across this problem: On a recent website-project I use a TextareaLanguage inside a Repeater-field. When I switch the language from default to english, it still shows default. Now I moved the same TextareaLanguage-field to child-pages instead and it works like expected. Is this a new bug, I need to report, or am I missing something? I work with ProcessWire 3.0.107.
  4. Hello, I found the following bug: If you have two or more different text fields on a page, which use the same CKEditor-custom-js-style-set and one of these text-fields is located in a repeater-field, the style-set doesn’t work anymore. Has anybody discovered this problem before?
  5. Thank you for the quick reply, teppo. So I’ll use only a meta-tag in the head of my template-files, instead writing a directive in PW’s .htaccess-file. But I don’t understand, why CSP doesn’t make sense for the PW-backend. I tried it out by simply creating a (hardcoded) nonce for the described inline-script and the backend seems to work (on a basic level). Wouldn’t this (done with a real nonce, of course) improve PW’s security?
  6. Hello, the ProcessWire-login-page uses an inline-script in the head-tag (defining the variable "ProcessWire"), which Content Security Policy doesn’t allow. Is there a way to fix this? Or does PW generally exclude CSP?
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