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  1. THanks a lot the gamma setting solved the issue!
  2. Attached you see a comparison of a JPG I uploaded and one time applied ['quality'=>75] compared to ['quality'=>100] in the file size the files are 38KB resp. 245KB but on both you can find these artifacts in the blue and red parts of the image. Any idea to avoid them or try a different method of resizing? Thanks, D.
  3. Thank you so much Robin!
  4. @tpr I did no modifications whatsoever. Yes @matjazp it's stright from the GitHub repository. Thank you @BitPoet that I'm not the only one with the error, I've experienced the problem with Chrome, Safari, iOS Safari and Firefox so far.
  5. In the log files I get the error when trying to send a mail: Error in hnsmtp::send : cannot connect to smtp-server!
  6. I try to connect to our SMTP server, which has no authentification, default port 25, but when I test the Settings I get the following error server does not require authentication
  7. Does not make a difference if its local or remote. Turned Cloudflare in Development mode, Backend is working normally except from the bug.
  8. Just tried it with a fresh install of 3.0.80 and I am able to reproduce the error described above. Anyone also getting the same results? Steps to reproduce the issue: 1. create a Page Reference field with page field value type Single Page and input field type Page List Select 2. create a Page Reference field with page field value type PageArray and input field type Page List Select Multiple 3. assign these two fields to a template 4. edit a page of that template type and try to select a page. EDIT: I pushed it to the server here so you can take a look http://dada.ninja/page-ref-error/processwire/ User: admin / Password: pageref > take a look at the home and try to select something in the fields pageref or pagerefs
  9. In PW 3.0.80 I've experienced a bug when using multiple Page Ref fields. The Select button keeps fading in and out again. I've made a video to illustrate the problem. Any ideas how to solve this? video showing the error: PageRefError.mov greetings, d.
  10. Our Vienna based team searches for a backend developer, which specializes in Processwire for an ongoing business relationship. You will be working as a freelancer in a team of six people, clients mostly in the sectors of culture and art. If you are interested please PM me with a few references. Hope to find someone from Vienna, at least someone who is a german native speaker. Thanks!
  11. Heads up: after going through all the posts here I still couldn't get german month names to work. Reason for that was the configuration of the output formatting WRONG: date output format j. F Y results in 18. July 2017 RIGHT: date output format %e. %B %G results in 18. Juli 2017 The field description also states »Alternatively, you may use a PHP strftime format if desired for localization.« So I guess RTFM :-/
  12. No, that does not make a difference. I have to manually delete the variations anyway. In the file FieldtypeCroppableImage3ConfAdaptor.php there is a unused function called doTheDishes($deleteVariations=false) but as I see it this is nowhere called.
  13. This is what also works for me! But my problem now is, when the user changes the cropping area and saves the image the thumbnail variations are not reset / deleted. Any way this could be done automatically?
  14. Dear @kixe thanks a lot for this approach! Sorry to correct you, but in your code the config variable differs, it should be $config->editablePageLanguages in config.php I wrote a small module for this, please feel free to use it! LanguagesHideInput.module.php <?php namespace ProcessWire; class LanguagesHideInput extends WireData implements Module { public static function getModuleInfo() { return array( 'title' => 'Hide Languages Input', 'version' => 1, 'singular' => true, 'autoload' => 'template=admin', 'requires' => 'ProcessWire>=3.0.0', ); } public function init() { $this->addHookBefore('ProcessPageEdit::execute', function($event) { $this->message=$this->allLanguagesPages; $page = $event->object->getPage(); if (!$page->id || $page->id==1 || $page->template->flags == Template::flagSystem) return; if (array_key_exists($page->id, $this->allLanguagesPages)) return; foreach ($this->wire('languages') as $lang) { if ($lang->isDefault() || in_array($lang->id, $this->defaultLanguages)) continue; $lang = $this->wire('languages')->get($lang->id); $lang->status = Page::statusHidden; } $this->wire('languages')->reloadLanguages(); }); } } LanguagesHideInput.config.php <?php namespace ProcessWire; class LanguagesHideInputConfig extends ModuleConfig { public function __construct() { $langs = []; foreach (wire('languages') as $language) { if ($language->name == "default") continue; $langs[$language->id] = ($language->title); } $this->add(array( 'defaultLanguages' => array( 'label' => __('Default Languages'), 'type' => 'Checkboxes', 'options' => $langs, 'value' => [], 'description' => __('Select the languages you want to show, others are hidden.'), ), 'allLanguagesPages' => array( 'type' => 'PageListSelectMultiple', 'label' => __('Exclusions'), 'description' => __('On these pages all the langauges will appear.'), ), )); } }
  15. Dear forumreaders, I'm currently developing a big site for a museum. All pages of the site are available in DE and EN but there are general infos available in FR, IT, CZ, CN & JP. As these less important languages only populate one page, where as the two main languages populate approximately hundreds of pages it is probably not a good idea to setup all the languages in the backend, because most of the fields would be empty most of the time. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this? All the best, dreerr