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  1. Greetings from germany, i develop a shop for a customer and wanted to give them the opportunity to find products without any images so they could easily fill this empty sites. The problem is, that this images are placed inside a repeater. So the structure for the repeater field is: title bild (where 1 image can be placed) bildrecht (another repeater for placing the copyright text) But here comes my problem. I designed a selector that should show me all sites where the repeater count is 0. Like : template=sorte|artikel,bilderrepeater.count=0 But it also shows me results, where the repeater count is still 1 or even greater. If i save one of these bad results, the selector works fine. Is there a way around it ? I use pw 3.0.76.
  2. So, this is my first post in this Forum and want to say that PW is a realy great CMS and i enjoy it most of the time. But sometimes it makes me crazy. Because sometimes i cant understand why some fields cant be saved anymore. I created a website for a customer with an repeater field for job advertisements. So, it was the first content the user will see on the frontend so i decided it should be on the first position on the backend aswell. But then comes the point i couldnt understand why PW cant save other fields under this repeater. Every field I place under this repeater field cant be saved anymore. I tryed it with several fields with the same result. I was realy mad at this point, so i tryed to place the fields above the repeater. And suddenly i could save thie fields. On my screenshots you can see how i managed the fields in the template so i could save again. Edit view Template View I hope you can fix this problem someday or give me an advice how I prevent this situation in the future. Until then, this workaround works but its kind of annoying for me and the customer.
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