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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm facing an issue with my page fieldtype. Pages appear in the order they were created although I'd like to see them sorted in alphabetical order (by title). The pages are well-sorted in my tree, but in that particular Page fieldtype (on another page), I can't find any place where I would decide on what field I can sort them. Am I missing something here ? Let me know if I'm not clear enough in my explanations. Thanks in advance for a clue
  2. So I started on the project I spoke of earlier and already got most things signed off. With the search function and some video's I was able to build the site. I got a couple of things to work on like a contactform. I guess that shouldn't be to hard. PW seems to be very intuitive and it feels very mature and well thought of. I used the Page Fieldtype (thanks Diogo and others from my first thread) to link pages to each other and it works like a charm. The thing is I would to see the relation two ways in the backend. Example: I link page A to page B1 and page B2. When I edit page A in the backend I see B1 and B2. But I'd like to see page A when I edit page B1 (or B2). I tried to put the same field in the other template, but that (perhaps obviously) did not work. What kind of field do I need to put in the template? Is this possible? Thanks!
  3. This is in response to the following posts: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5083-possible-bug-page-fieldtype-with-custom-selector-to-find-selectable-pages-returns-error-while-saving-page/ https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5683-inputfield-page-with-selector-rolesrole-page-1022-is-not-valid-for-field/ I am currently working on a site where I am using a Page field to assign multiple "products" to an individual "part". The "products" Page field stopped working recently and instead produces a "Page {ID} is not valid for {FIELD}" error. (Unfortunately, I'm not sure when it stopped working, but a design partner reported it to me today.) I created a second Page field that used the exact same settings. The second Page field worked with no problems. When I exported both fields to compare them, I noticed that the original Page field had a parent_id of 1052 assigned to it. When I manually changed that parent_id to 0 to match the working Page field via phpMyAdmin, the original Page field started working correctly again. Below are two exported fields. The first ("products") is the Page field that was giving me errors. The second ("products_test") is the test field I created that worked with no problems. I looked in my database and did not find any record of 1052, so I can only assume that it must have been a page that was deleted at some point. If it was deleted, then perhaps that id value wasn't removed from the Page field at that time? { "products": { "id": 147, "type": "FieldtypePage", "flags": 0, "name": "products", "label": "Products", "derefAsPage": 0, "parent_id": 1052, "labelFieldName": "title", "inputfield": "InputfieldAsmSelect", "findPagesCode": "return $pages->find(\"template=product,sort=title\");", "allowUnpub": "", "collapsed": 0, "showIf": "", "columnWidth": 100, "required": "", "requiredIf": "", "template_id": "", "findPagesSelector": "", "defaultValue": "", "addable": "" }, "products_test": { "id": 172, "type": "FieldtypePage", "flags": 0, "name": "products_test", "label": "Products (TEST)", "derefAsPage": 0, "parent_id": 0, "findPagesCode": "return $pages->find(\"template=product,sort=title\");", "labelFieldName": "title", "inputfield": "InputfieldAsmSelect", "allowUnpub": "", "collapsed": 0, "showIf": "", "columnWidth": 100, "required": "", "requiredIf": "", "template_id": "", "findPagesSelector": "", "defaultValue": "", "addable": "" } }
  4. Often, the pages I find myself referencing in a page field (whether through asmSelect or otherwise) are very simple. They might be categories, tags, or something along those lines, but they only contain a single text field. In cases like these, it would be great to be able to add new ones from the page that contains the referencing field. So if, for instance, I were adding a new page to a site, and had a "topics" field that selected pages from /topics/, and I realized that topic didn't exist yet, I could add it from the page without having to go back to the page tree, navigate to /topics/, create a new topics page, publish, then return to my unpublished new content page. I suppose the most straightforward plan of attack would be to create a new inputfield module, but ideally, this could be applied to any of the existing ones, whether checkboxes, asmSelect, or auto complete. Can a module extend other modules in that way?
  5. I may be looking at this wrong. Say I have parent=companies, sub-pages as company. on the company template we have all the usual details address etc. Then we have contacts for that company which I could use a page fieldtype to select from the parent=contacts branch. What I cant get my head around is how to only show the contacts that belong to the company concerned on the company page. The contacts have a company field that they belong to. I must be missing something obvious as this must have been done loads of times?
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