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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Guys, Just started to dig into pw and i really like it, but i have some questions which i cant really figure out. We are running a travel portal with different tours and hotels. At the moment we are using direcuts which makes it really easy to create relations many to many, and many to one I saw different possibilites in PW (ChildPages, Repeaters) but none of them seems to totally satisfy our needs.. WHY? Lets say i have a tour and i want to define the Flights for that Tour. From The Tour i would create a Field (Flights) as a Repeater. Within that Repeater i have 6 Fields Airline (Another Relation to Airline Pages... ? or is there any other way of creating a list of airlines once and use them as relation?) Flightnumber (text) ArrivalTime (Datetime) DepartureTime (Datetime) DateFrom (DateTime) DateTo (DateTime) Till here everything works, but then how can i Add new airlines from the TOUR page ? There is a way i found was to create new airlines but i can only define the title field, everything else has to be edited afterwards going into the Airline Page and set the Values.. ---------------- Another Way is to create a Page for Each Flight with those 6 fields, but then sill i cant create and edit child pages directly from that TOUR page, i would need to create it first and then link to it from the TOUR Page. Thank you so much for your answers & Help! Cheers
  2. So I started on the project I spoke of earlier and already got most things signed off. With the search function and some video's I was able to build the site. I got a couple of things to work on like a contactform. I guess that shouldn't be to hard. PW seems to be very intuitive and it feels very mature and well thought of. I used the Page Fieldtype (thanks Diogo and others from my first thread) to link pages to each other and it works like a charm. The thing is I would to see the relation two ways in the backend. Example: I link page A to page B1 and page B2. When I edit page A in the backend I see B1 and B2. But I'd like to see page A when I edit page B1 (or B2). I tried to put the same field in the other template, but that (perhaps obviously) did not work. What kind of field do I need to put in the template? Is this possible? Thanks!
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