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  1. Thanks @adrian, couldn't find the blog post. If a hook is present it is always more preferrable I would say.
  2. If there is no hook you can copy the file to the site directory and in the setting of the module you can select which version you want to use. I usually store them in /site/wire/ so I know which modules I've overwritten. I have to say I haven't used this much lately.
  3. arjen

    Thanks! Really nice.
  4. I missed this one Seems good to me!
  5. I know what you mean. I see order data as a kind of artifact data which is only relevant to that specific order. Basicly it is stored in the two places, but if the order address changes for the user? You wouldn't want old orders to change the address as wel. So the single source of truth is stored on the user. See my quickly drafted visual:
  6. Exactly my experience. I read a comment from Ryan on another website (Textpattern blog I think) and initially was enthousiastic, but it felt way to developer heavy. Then a few weeks later I gave it another shot and the video instantly hooked me. Based on the other answers here I guess this might be very interesting. It might even be the best marketing idea I heard in a while. Just show the video. No marketing lingo, but the real back-end with a proper front-end. Focussed on the content and the delivery of that particular content on the front-end. Maybe with ProDrafts.
  7. Apologies for the late response but I think @szabesz nailed it: Exactly. That's why I liked Apeisa's original idea of storing the customer data on the order as well. This way you can easily delete the user and its data except for the data necesseray by law like orders.
  8. arjen

    Hello Winnie, Welcome to the forums. Depending on your background (i.e. are you a designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, content/marketing person or a unicorn?) there are different paths to take. If I suggest you work yourself through the beginner tutorials of ProcessWire. This will give you a better understandig of the inner workings. Also explore the site profiles which comes with installing ProcessWire.
  9. arjen

    @bernhard no problems here on Mac with Safari & Chrome. I have to say I noticed it once before, but no issues here at the moment.
  10. As a customer I wouldn't be too happy when I chose to order as a guest and there is an account created in the back-end kinda secretly. Lets say the customer after a guest order wants to create an account and the system errors with a message: you already have an account. Imho the only customer data as a guest should be on the invoice/order. Registered users I would prefer as regular PW users with a role indeed.
  11. arjen

    You can process the queue by calling a script manually, from a seperate cronjob or for example from LazyCron. <?php $modules->get('IftRunner')->processQueue(); // Or if you want to specify how many queues must be executed you can also set a maximum $max = 5; // or whatever how many you want to be executed $modules->get('IftRunner')->processQueue($max);
  12. arjen

    Hey @louisstephens, how are your experiences with this tool? Like @elabx, I'm curious since Serverpilot is rock solid, but lacking some features. Thanks!
  13. arjen

    Nice, "pw-optional". Right now I'm finally back in ProcessWire re-building some websites and Markup Regions is a breeze to work with.
  14. Must have missed that one! Thanks for stepping in.
  15. Thanks for sharing this. This is something I've heard before too while giving training. I guess the Explorer / Finder kinda sidebar gives people more comfortable feeling. Especially at first sight. Usually within the first session they understand the page tree and the need for the tree in the sidebar. Jup, I've heard this too. This is where ProDrafts comes in. Or one the versioning modules by @teppo. For clients hidden / unpublished isn't always obvious and I believe the need ProDrafts in your base install to give people a comfortable way of to create content. This is a paid module. The funny thing is that while I've heard all your points come up regularly, I have never heard the term messy. All clients find the CMS very clean, focused, easy to navigate since the page tree reflects there website structure. Most say the need to unlearn other experiences like WordPress with the Custom Post Types or Joomla.