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  1. arjen

    What is on line 45? If it is the $programme variable you need to check if it is populated with a Page (?) field. $programme = count($item->stu_programme) ? $item->stu_programme->title : '';
  2. arjen

    Merry Christmas to ProcessWire developers, supporting forum members and companies using PW.
  3. arjen

    Thanks for making this video. This is what I was talking about too as a middle-ground solution perhaps the best of both worlds. It only migrates the config. However, it is troublesome when you need to migrate content or other settings too. Or when someone forgets to sync, makes a change which is further in the future and commits this to git.
  4. arjen

    Nice one @horst! This is really great. Browser support (webp) is pretty straightforward easy using <picture> and <source>. Or if you use a library like lazyload it can even switch automatically.
  5. Nice one @bernhard! If you have a single remote you can also ... git fetch ... first afterwards you can safely git checkout dev If you have multiple remotes you can ... git checkout -b dev origin/dev ... in one command. No creepy warning about being in detached HEAD mode.
  6. arjen

    This is the strongest pro to me. No need to rely on other stuff. If a field is created correctly you can create it with the API. I guess the middle ground would be to simply be able to also store the config as json files like Advanced Custom Fields does in WordPress. WordPress reads the json fields first and than the db. You can synchronize the fields between other developers. This sounds very similar like Project Config mentioned by @Jonathan Lahijani. A small disadvantage is other developers absolutely need to sync the fields first otherwise things can get very messy. One big disadvantage is whenever you need to do additional stuff after the syncing. That is why I like the Migrations module. You can easily create other pages, install modules and such. Rollback is pretty easy and everyone can see the changes in the config through the code. I thought it was overkill at first too. But it may very well depend on the type of projects and workflow. I am very curious how other developers handle these issues. One click migration is very nice for marketing, but it can never be that easy. What are your experiences with Craft and this Project Config?
  7. arjen

    Hi @Noel Boss have you looked at the migrations module? I've used this on a few projects and it works really great. I usually install this module when most of the templates/fields stuff is ready for a first launch so you don't have to enter all fields manually at first. Correct me if I'm wrong but it should work with every module since it uses PW's API. Also the cli is pretty sweet too.
  8. How do you redirect? Do you have an url? I've never experienced any significant slowdowns. I try to redirect as early as possible in .htaccess.
  9. Yup, these are used in ProDrafts. See attached files. I guess you can use them as wel, but since they are marked internal I would not rely heavily and them and in general usage should be avoided.
  10. Have you noticed those statuses are marked as internal? I guess this is for use of ProDrafts. I can check later tonight how this module uses these statuses.
  11. arjen

    Are you talking about this tool
  12. Thanks @adrian, couldn't find the blog post. If a hook is present it is always more preferrable I would say.
  13. If there is no hook you can copy the file to the site directory and in the setting of the module you can select which version you want to use. I usually store them in /site/wire/ so I know which modules I've overwritten. I have to say I haven't used this much lately.
  14. arjen

    Thanks! Really nice.