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  1. You could use array_filter to create two arrays: one with and one without release dates. Sort the first one and append the second one.
  2. Good to hear you and your family are doing fine Ryan. As always nice solution for a problem which seems to resolved by fixed crops, but this is a way better UX for the content editors.
  3. What kind of cache are you talking about? Some released this module a while ago:
  4. That's a first What does the system looks like? If you could post some screenshots I'm sure we could help you out. But you should start with some basic stuff like bernhard already described in his tutorial.
  5. Hi @jmartsch, is this a public or private list?
  6. This case convinced lots of clients over here, but it seems they moved to WordPress unfortunately. Another case of a well known brand is Burger King (at least Poland and Italy) are using ProcessWire.
  7. Maybe superfluous, but I've banged my head around this on several occasions. Don't forget to add the WireTabs in your JavaScript.
  8. Hey @jtborger, Sorry to hear you are getting errors. The past years we haven't used the Dutch language pack much, so I haven't checked it for 3.0. What kind of error do you get?
  9. Thanks @bernhard! This needs to be on the front page
  10. There is often a thin line between madness and genius. For example Einstein has his dark side too. I'm glad they are not my father. We can learn from the good and the bad.
  11. This video is also worth checking out. How to responsive to an insult. Again the thinking... No blurting... And a great answer.
  12. The hello world module probably isn't the best module to start if you want to learn Process Module. Take a look at the ProcessHello module or other Process modules like ProcessAccessOverview or ProcessLoginHistory.
  13. Hi @noelboss, I've tried a few times, but I've found it really hard to describe the application without showing screenshots of the workflow. It is unfortunately not as easy as hiding the logo and branding. The customer has a lot of competitive advantage using this tool. I also moved jobs since. During the Christmas holidays I might have some spare time to work out a tutorial of a custom build application. Thanks again for your showcase.
  14. Agreed. This is easier than you might think. A whole new world opens up. This should be highlighted as an USP for ProcessWire. Especially with the new UIkit3 theme no need to built custom front-ends anymore.