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  1. @AutofahrnDanke for your hard work on this. I really appreciate it. I've excluded both pwpc and added the regex to the config. No luck. I then changed the "Absolute path of the directory where packages are saved." to the ../public folder. No luck either. Funny thing is though that the log says it still wants to save in the "default" folder. When I add your code I'm getting a "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$res' (T_VARIABLE)". I've double check the syntax, but it seems to be okay. Not sure what is going on there as well. I also removed all filecompiler files and let it recompile again. No luck.
  2. Nope, that's the strange part. The other installs run the same PW versions, same file permissions, same PHP version.
  3. Sorry mate, missed this one. It is error 9. 2019-05-15 19:00:26: Unable to re-open ZIP (/home/xxxxxx-nl/webapps/xxxxxx-nl/public/site/assets/backups/2019-05-15_19-00-24-xxxxxx.nl.package2.zip): 9 When I disable that code block I get: 2019-05-15 19:04:00: - package build failed. 2019-05-15 19:04:00: - an error occured during package build. 2019-05-15 19:04:00: - an error occured while building the ProcessWire structure: /home/xxxxxx-nl/webapps/xxxxxx-nl/public/site/assets/backups/2019-05-15_19-03-56-xxxxxx.nl.package2.zip root: /home/xxxxxx-nl/webapps/xxxxxx-nl/public/ Array ( [filename] => 2019-05-15_19-03-56-xxxxxx.nl.package2.zip [folder] => /home/xxxxxx-nl/webapps/xxxxxx-nl/public/site/assets/backups/ [exclude] => Array ( [0] => /site/assets/cache/WireTempDir [1] => /site/assets/backups [2] => /site/assets/cache [3] => /site/assets/sessions [4] => %\.\d+x\d+\.[^/]+$% [5] => ) [extension] => Array ( ) [allowHidden] => 1 ) 2019-05-15 19:03:56: - package build failed. 2019-05-15 19:03:56: - an error occured during package build. 2019-05-15 19:03:56: - an error occured while building the ProcessWire structure: /home/xxxxxx-nl/webapps/xxxxxx-nl/public/site/assets/backups/2019-05-15_19-03-52-xxxxxx.nl.package2.zip root: /home/xxxxxx-nl/webapps/xxxxxx-nl/public/ Array ( [filename] => 2019-05-15_19-03-52-xxxxxx.nl.package2.zip [folder] => /home/xxxxxx-nl/webapps/xxxxxx-nl/public/site/assets/backups/ [exclude] => Array ( [0] => /site/assets/cache/WireTempDir [1] => /site/assets/backups [2] => /site/assets/cache [3] => /site/assets/sessions [4] => %\.\d+x\d+\.[^/]+$% [5] => ) [extension] => Array ( ) [allowHidden] => 1 ) Thanks again! I currently use 1.3.11.
  4. You are safe to store a regular array in the session variable. See this old thread: I would worry to much about performance since only looking up ID's is very fast since you are not joining.
  5. What does getAllPlayers() do? Does this contain a selector with permission access? Perhaps checking in a incognito screen to check if you get both scenarios the same variables.
  6. Another solution is to use Analytics and use their API and present the data to your client in Process Module.
  7. I've updated to the latest dev and unfortunately it is not working. 2019-05-14 20:39:11: - package build failed. 2019-05-14 20:39:11: Unable to re-open ZIP: /home/xxxxxx-nl/webapps/xxxxxx-nl/public/site/assets/backups/2019-05-14_20-39-09-xxxxxx.nl.package2.zip I tried upping DUP_ZIP_FLUSH_MBYTES and played with other settings, but no luck. I'm unsure why. For now I'll keep running the previous version. Thanks for the hard work on this module.
  8. No, the domain name doesn't have a dash, but the file path does. These look like: /homes/username-tld/sites/domain.tld/. Perhaps the dash in the file path is the problem? I'll check out your fix later on. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for getting back on this. The file doesn't exist on the server. I currently am testing on another install (same server same php version) and here it's working fine (as in it creates the zip flawless), but the logs in the ProcessModule says: 2019-05-12 13:06:32: - package build failed. 2019-05-12 13:06:32: - package build failed, doesn't exist When I compare the verbose logs between the two installs I notice this: Install which fails tries to open after closing: Install which succeeds only closes: I will investigate further.
  10. I have Duplicator running smoothly on several installs. Today I felt I needed to upgrade to the dev version (sometimes you feel crazy ), but I'm running into this line: if($zip->open($zipfile) !== true) throw new WireException("Unable to re-open ZIP: $zipfile"); I'm not sure how to debug this. I'm running PHP 7.2.17. ZipArchive has been installed. The Duplicator log also doesn't show any errors. Any pointers how to debug this?
  11. Do these unused categories also have an empty pageref to categ? A selector like: "template=activity, pageref.count>0" will only return activities with filled page reference to categ. See more here: https://processwire.com/docs/selectors/#count
  12. This is the only disadvantage I see, but it might outweigh all the advantages. It works fine on my local docker environment. Nice I am moving servers, but I will check it out on a VPS but I won't see why it shouldn't work.
  13. arjen


    I've missed this completely! Thanks for creating this. A real timesaver not storing this in the DB. And thanks for bringing it to our attention @adrian!
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