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  1. This case convinced lots of clients over here, but it seems they moved to WordPress unfortunately. Another case of a well known brand is Burger King (at least Poland and Italy) are using ProcessWire.
  2. Maybe superfluous, but I've banged my head around this on several occasions. Don't forget to add the WireTabs in your JavaScript.
  3. Hey @jtborger, Sorry to hear you are getting errors. The past years we haven't used the Dutch language pack much, so I haven't checked it for 3.0. What kind of error do you get?
  4. Thanks @bernhard! This needs to be on the front page
  5. There is often a thin line between madness and genius. For example Einstein has his dark side too. I'm glad they are not my father. We can learn from the good and the bad.
  6. This video is also worth checking out. How to responsive to an insult. Again the thinking... No blurting... And a great answer.
  7. The hello world module probably isn't the best module to start if you want to learn Process Module. Take a look at the ProcessHello module or other Process modules like ProcessAccessOverview or ProcessLoginHistory.
  8. Hi @noelboss, I've tried a few times, but I've found it really hard to describe the application without showing screenshots of the workflow. It is unfortunately not as easy as hiding the logo and branding. The customer has a lot of competitive advantage using this tool. I also moved jobs since. During the Christmas holidays I might have some spare time to work out a tutorial of a custom build application. Thanks again for your showcase.
  9. Agreed. This is easier than you might think. A whole new world opens up. This should be highlighted as an USP for ProcessWire. Especially with the new UIkit3 theme no need to built custom front-ends anymore.
  10. These are the articles we need! So many thanks @noelboss! We need more articles like this. We have built a great application for an international corporate using ProcessWire with over a million (1.000.000) pages and counting and hundreds of concurring users all over Europe and the United States. We built it right in the back-end of ProcessWire using ListerPro and +/- 20 custom Process Modules. Unfortunately I can't write a showcase (I'm dying too ...) due to legal stuff. I could not agree more with one of the disadvantages: Thanks again! I clapped 50 times
  11. Thanks @szabesz solid request.
  12. We are using it on one ProcessWire install which is used heavily. We have around 20 Decimal fields with over 200k+ pages with all kinds of automated calculations (thanks @Martijn Geerts). Still working fine ... I haven't tried it on other installs, so I would really like to see @sforsman giving his blessing. You might want to test it out yourself. If it works for you I can cover the maintenance, no worries.
  13. Great @webhoes, that's why you should read the entire thread. I knew it had to be somewhere.
  14. This is possible with the Multi-site module. Read through the whole thread. There is valuable info in it. You may need the restructure your tree a bit.
  15. I tried several options but for me adding all fields to the user template would be the way to go. I've experimented with different templates per role, but like @LostKobrakai mentioned this won't work when you have roles with overlapping functionality. Using several templates with Page fields is also an option I tried, but then the amount of templates increased. My simple solution: create per role a Fieldset and show and hide these fieldset based on InputfieldDependancies. So fieldset_role 1 will only show if role=1. This way you can visually hide fields that don't belong to certain roles. Yes, you have more fields, but at least you won't see them. And getting and setting data from the API is pretty straight-forward too. Although the template option won't create much overhead.