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  1. You know what, I think I might've figured out the cause. And I should've thought about it when I mentioned this ? I think it's SEO Maestro regenerating the sitemap. It's something that triggers when you load the CMS after 120 minutes. You can get around this by disabling automatic generation and setting up a scheduled task to trigger it, there's more info in the thread for that extension.
  2. That's an interesting suggestion, thanks, I'll give that a go and see how I get on. It won't be going live on this server anyway, so maybe it's a problem that will solve itself for me anyway ?‍♂️
  3. ProcessWire 3.0.184. I'm running a xampp server on Windows 10 server setup Apache/2.4.47 (Win64) OpenSSL/1.1.1k PHP/7.4.19 Database client version: libmysql - mysqlnd 7.4.19 PHP extension: mysqli PHP version: 7.4.19 db Server type: MariaDB Server version: 10.4.19-MariaDB I did eventually get back in but I'm expecting it to happen again in a few hours.
  4. Today I seem to have hit a new wall suddenly. After working in the CMS all day for the last 6-7 hours, all of a sudden I cannot get into the CMS at all Last time I managed to look at some errors in Tracy it reported timeouts from all these within the same minute or two Fatal Error: Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded (line 856 of [...]\public_html\wire\core\Functions.php) Fatal Error: Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded (line 319 of [...]\public_html\wire\core\Session.php) Fatal Error: Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded (line 206 of [...]\public_html\wire\core\PagesLoaderCache.php)
  5. Good idea - I just had another very slow load - and I did that, none of the number seem particularly high to me! Another thing I find odd is that I can't recreate it by clearing my browser session or anything like that, only by coming back after some (unknown) amount of time. So it really seems to be related to something that happens after a certain amount of time has passed, like cache regeneration or something?
  6. Hey guys, thanks for the tips. No lazycron but that would be a very good shout. I have ready.php - but it only has one hook for SEO Maestro tags rendering I don't think _init.php is getting involved called when logging into the CMS - at least if I die() there, it doesn't happen. There are quite a few modules installed, I work for an agency which has a sub to various profields, formbuilder etc. I could try eliminating some of them. The only logs that get written during this window of logging in are compiling the ready.php file for login/ and the successful login in the session... nothing else
  7. Hi all I've just spent a few days moving all the content from a big old site to ProcessWire. Everything was going fine, I've been going in and out of the CMS since the content was added with no issues. There's a lot of fields, a lot of images, not many repeaters though, the majority of it is just text data. Then a few days later when I try to access the CMS, I hit an error: Breaking news… Fatal Error: Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded If I keep trying, eventually I will get in. And when I do, things will be running smoothly. But then the next day, I'm back to that one really long wait again. Any tips for diagnosing where it gets stuck? or any suggestions of things that I can change or turn off that might run once per session?
  8. Oh for crying out loud... you are right... it only happened when I was using the device toolbar from dev tools in Chrome which evidently affects the user agent. I'm certain this never used to happen, not sure if it's a change in Chrome or the latest version of PW. I'll try out the config setting next time I need it but for now just going back to non-device mode has solved it. Thanks very much!
  9. Hi all A couple of times now I've run into this issue. Last time I think it went away by itself in the end. It's making it very difficult to build a site, every time I refresh or load any page on the front-end. I get logged out of the CMS. I haven't written any code for this site to do with front end logins, logouts, sessions etc.. It happens if my browser's cache is enabled or disabled. I have the following entries in my session log which I think coincide with it User '[username]' - Error: Session fingerprint changed (IP address or useragent) (IP: ::1) I'm not using a VPN I would appreciate any hints or suggestions as this is getting a little frustrating!
  10. Hey glad to see the update! Things are also very busy on my end but I definitely want to give this a good look soon. Sounds like all good things.
  11. Does anyone know what I need to let through the restrictions in order to have the popup from the FieldtypeAssistedURL module work?
  12. In your config.php $config->prependTemplateFile = '_init.php';
  13. Hi, I really wanted to try this out but I hit a roadblock straight away... the page didn't appear in the CMS after installation. I made sure the module folder was named correctly (saw the similar issue above) and I have the latest version of the code I also couldn't uninstall the module, it hit a php error. While trying to figure it out I've been uninstalling/reinstalling, it definitely hits various issues with the fact it can't remove/update system templates. It looks very interesting though, hope I can figure it out and have a go! Edit: ahhh well, I see the problem. Your bootstrap for creating the admin page assumes that the admin URL will be "/processwire/" - but mine is not! May be better to grab the admin page name there Edit 2: well I have had a look at it and I really like the idea of the way it works! Bit rough around the edges for sure (one bug I seem to have noticed is that I get errors about a sixth repeater row repeatedly after I have deleted it, same thing happens with snippets. They're gone from the original db, but visible and empty when viewing the migration on the target db more on that later*) but the idea is much more in line with how I would want to do migrations. For me though I hit two snags in my first attempt to use it. One is that it didn't include a hidden page in the export data, nor did it allow me to add something like "include=all" to the selector, so I could only add it by un-hiding my page to create the migration. Another is that it didn't include data from a ProFields: Table field, but I can populate that with a hook which is a great addition! Edit 3: * I actually hit a pretty big bug with this later on. I tried (mistakenly) to remove the errant rows on the target db and save it. I got the message saying that I can't actually save changes on the target db (fair enough) but then the status became "superseded" and I could no longer perform the migration.
  14. Just a couple of quick questions - and I know this might be more of a question for Tracy Debugger itself but - why can't I see "Field Code" in my Request tab? Edit: sorry, found it! Tracy settings > Request info panel > Panel sections if anyone else was wondering. Is there any other useful things I should turn on in Tracy for copying field data and similar?? ? And second question please, how do I add a field to a template and have it be inside a Fieldset Tab? Thanks in advance!
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