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  1. I hope you don't mind me giving a little constructive feedback, it's going to be a bit critical but it's just an aspect that I think is being overlooked in an otherwise excellent module. I think one thing that is holding me back from embracing this media manager (actually, we bought this in the past and then never used it -- and this is because there's no demo available) is that it really needs a little love in the styling department. Nothing fancy, but -- if we look at the screenshot above we can see just general CSS issues, alignment of the filter label top right, checkbox and sort icons are too close to the sort options, a lot of negative space between the filters and the nav, image count is too big and not aligned with pagination opposite. The spacing also between the types of media along the top is also not right when compared to how the CMS typically spaces out horizontal navigation. This is just in one screenshot, but these issues persist throughout in various places, such as notifications, upload boxes etc. Considering we have the UIKit CMS theme to base everything off, this kind of thing means that the media manager feels out of place in an otherwise quite neatly organised CMS. Now, people using this media manager for their personal projects will not care about these things, they will roll their eyes and say "why should we care, it's the back-end of the site, only functionality matters" (and in this, I must reiterate, you have done an outstanding job), however if I am building a CMS and handing it over to someone else, I need all aspects to have a consistency in quality because that is reassuring to clients.
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    Hanna Code

    I have, now! It worked a treat. The only consideration was that my title field was also being used to populate the <title> tag so I had to be a bit smarter, retain the original text that was being replaced in Hanna Code's replacement and strip tags in the page title.
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    Hanna Code

    Can I use Hanna Code in any field? Even a page title, or the title of a repeater? I have a site where someone wants to replace a snippet of text with an image wherever it appears, body, title, other text fields etc. - thinking this might be suitable.
  4. This must be really simple, I don't know what I'm doing wrong I'm trying to create a simple import for users, but it's not working. I want to check if they exist already, because I'll update their details if they do, and create them if they don't. Can someone tell me why this is returning true for $users->get("username") when the user definitely doesn't exist? I have tried various combos, with or without quotes, using "name=", but that shouldn't matter because it should be returning false either way.... Truthfully I think you're going to point out something really stupid/basic logic I'm missing which I'm blaming on sleep deprivation $users = wire('users'); foreach($newusers as $newuser) { if($users->get("$newuser->userid")) { echo $newuser->userid." already exists<br>"; } else { // create the user } } Edit: Why is it I frequently work these things out minutes after asking on here... 😛 The answer is that $users->get(name) returns a PageArray object regardless of whether it matches a user. You have to check if that user has an ID or such instead.
  5. Could someone point me in the right direction of where I might add new buttons alongside the page list when you log into the CMS? As in, near the "Add New" button that appears in the top right by default. I have issues with people not being able to find some links that they need to use regularly. Thanks in advance!
  6. How do I install or update a plugin such as the below? https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/pastefromword I have unhappy clients who want to paste a lot of content from Word
  7. Did CKEditor end up being updated in 3.0.107? I can't find it in the notes.
  8. This looks really interesting, thanks for taking the time to write it up, and provide that module! Can anyone give a pointer where someone... you know... lets say a friend... who has maybe fallen way behind in terms of front-end technologies and has never touched vue.js or any of its kin, where they might start learning how to implement this PageQueryBoss module and turn it into a complete front-end?
  9. Is there a colorpicker that allows you to pick from anywhere on your page? Is such a thing even possible?
  10. I couldn't at first til I realised I needed to enable debug on the central site. Maybe I just need right folder permissions on the folder where the js goes? Error: Uncaught exception 'ProcessWire\WireException' with message 'The combined js file can not be written. Check if the script has sufficient permissions.' in /home/othersite/public_html/site/modules/AllInOneMinify/AllInOneMinify.module:483 Stack trace: #0 /home/newsite/public_html/index.php(315): AllInOneMinify::JS('script.js') #1 {main} thrown (line 483 of /home/othersite/public_html/site/modules/AllInOneMinify/AllInOneMinify.module)
  11. Can anyone tell me please, if I load Processwire from another site using require('/home/othersite/public_html/wire/core/ProcessWire.php'); $site = new \ProcessWire\ProcessWire('/home/othersite/public_html/site/'); What do I need to change <script src="<?php echo AIOM::JS('script.js') ?>" type="text/javascript"></script> to, in order to get it to work? At the moment it just causes an error.
  12. What's causing all my tweets to get truncated? $tweet[text] is trimmed at a set length and then outputs a link to the rest. Edit: The reason for this was that you need to request with tweet_mode => extended to get the new character limit from twitter. I was having a few other issues with this seemingly abandoned module and I needed this quickly so I ended up using another twitteroauth script instead and making my own. I assume to edit this into the module you'd add $params['tweed_mode'] = 'extended'; In MarkupTwitterFeed.module before the request on line 143, but I haven't tried it.
  13. Same thing happened on my Invision forum and I was really unhappy with it! I sympathise.
  14. Thanks @abdus that looks great. Actually I was in a rush and I decided I would have to accept having a "/holding-page" and just used $session->redirect() but if I get a chance I will definitely change to this so I can be on "/"
  15. I've made a temporary new page on a new template, I want to redirect all traffic to this for a while, whilst making the url just be "/", what's the cleanest way to do this please?
  16. FieldsetPage seems like the perfect answer to this question I posted a little while ago, is this the kind of situation it was done in aid of? What I had been doing til now (based on chatter in that thread) was making RepeaterMatrixes, creating all the repeater items using a super user, then restricting access to the "move/copy/new" etc controls using CSS.
  17. I have updated mystyles.js to include another row with another style I have saved the file path in my field options I have cleared cache, refreshed, tried different browsers but nothing makes this list change: I also tried giving the file different name, and a different string within the file (still matching the filename, or not) The only way I could get it to work was by deleting the path in the field option and modifying mystyles.js in /wire, but obviously this isn't ideal.
  18. Updating RepeaterMatrix from 0.0.3 to 0.0.4 resolved the issue, thanks.
  19. Unfortunately, this just completely broke the field edit page for me!
  20. Thanks, you helped me find a bug in my own code that resolved my issue
  21. I am using this in a function on two websites. However on the second site, it returns nothing unless I am logged in in the front end. I'm assuming this must be some issue with permissions but I can't seem to track it down, everything looks the same between the two. Guests have only the standard permissions and "view-pages" is ticked - and the template of the page in question (and its parents) has no individual rules set. Anyone have a guess they could point me to?
  22. I tried this and it worked great! Thanks. I put it in admin.php. I targeted RepeaterMatrixes where the name ended in _fixed, as that appears as a class around the item. For anyone else who wants to use this, it's worth noting that it's important to have some if statement, if you just load it on every page you will get js errors when the file is called by ajax (eg image upload) I still think there's a place though for a simple field that contains fields, without allowing you to make as many as you want. It could also have the option to be put into tabs the way fieldgroup start/end currently works.
  23. @Macrura sorry but I think the way that Micro Contexts works is going over my head a little. Maybe a video would be good to explain how that works? I'm not suggesting that for my sake but just to get the idea across for other users! PageTable looks good but just like Table and RepeaterMatrix my problem is that you can make as many as you want, reorder them, delete them etc.. I just need something that is like a parent field, containing other fields. Perhaps using @Robin S's suggestion and hiding all the controls on a repeater matrix might be the answer....
  24. I have used that quite a lot, and it's suitable to this page in some ways, however, it allows the user to make as many of these sections as they want and re-order them, which leads to needing much more development on the front end to account for the items being in any order or missing altogether. Maybe a solution would be something like Limit Table (which I found indispensable for alleviating my original issue) - but for Repeater Matrix....
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