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  1. I had a problem with a site that was migrated to CPanel by the host, after which the front end worked but I couldn't log in at all (CSRF messages). This turned out to be due to the new setup using Memcached for the session storage. Fixed by updating php.ini; extract from the support ticket: I resolved the issue with form submissions and admin login by updating the php.ini file in the root of the site. I commented out the session.save settings: [Session];;;session.save_handler = memcached ;;;session.save_path =
  2. Thank you _Roy_ for asking, and Robin S for explaining. I've always wondered what the "Bookmarks" were supposed to be for! The name doesn't really give it away, after all.
  3. Looking further into the Input tab for CKEditor, might the "convert div tags to paragraph tags" setting be active?
  4. $selector = "template=mitglied,mitglied_kategorie==Zehnerkarte"; Try it with just a single equals sign for category: $selector = "template=mitglied,mitglied_kategorie=Zehnerkarte";
  5. Fixed! I found the php.ini file in the root of the site had session.save_handler set as memcached and session.save_path as a local server IP. Commented them out, and it reverted to using files. Login and form submissions are now working. [Session] ;;;session.save_handler = memcached ;;;session.save_path =
  6. A web host moved my site from their own custom platform to cPanel hosting over the weekend. Since then, though the front end of the site mostly works as before: sending from contact pages built using ProForms fails at submission stage I get "This request was aborted because it appears to be forged." + "The process returned no content." when I try to log in Changing to 777 permissions on assets & templates folders made no difference. I downloaded the site and tried it on my local server, where it works normally, so it doesn't seem to be down to something going astray in the move. I installed a fresh PW site using the blank profile in a subdomain. Everything proceeded normally up to the final screen, which had the following, above the invitation to view the site or log in: ProcessWire 3.x Installer Warning: ini_set(): Headers already sent. You cannot change the session module's ini settings at this time in /home/oj6f9ovldamz/public_html/pw.mysite.org.uk/wire/core/Session.php on line 279 Warning: session_name(): Cannot change session name when headers already sent in /home/oj6f9ovldamz/public_html/pw.mysite.org.uk/wire/core/Session.php on line 283 Warning: ini_set(): Headers already sent. You cannot change the session module's ini settings at this time in /home/oj6f9ovldamz/public_html/pw.mysite.org.uk/wire/core/Session.php on line 290 The page with just "Home" on it showed up normally, but attempt to log in failed as above. Any suggestions? KP
  7. I use WireMail Mailgun for contact forms. Simpler to set up than Wire Mail SMTP, and it has a useful test mode that checks things get through to the Mailgun servers, without delivering to the final email address. The Mailgun logs are very useful once the site is live to check Microsoft hasn't taken a dislike to the mail server, though they're only available for a few days on a free account.
  8. I've used Adminer in its own right now and then, it's certainly a lot less cumbersome than phpMyAdmin for simple tasks. One of the things I like about Processwire is that I rarely have to poke about in the database in any case! I have had issues with this host (TsoHost) and modSecurity in the past with Clipper, so this may well be a matter of blanket security rules. With PW, I couldn't get the latest version of the site to run at all after uploading my local site files and database, until I disabled Tracy in my local version and re-uploaded. The "500" notices I got said something about Tracy being unable to generate a report, so I had an inkling of some connection there. I also had problems with specific pages in the past that went away when I disabled it. The "upgrade" in question is a move from their custom cloud setup to one based on cPanel. Thanks for your help, and for Tracy in general.
  9. I received the following from my web host in connection with a planned transfer: ProcessWire 3.0.165 Adminer v1.1.3 Tracy v4.22.9 I've uninstalled the module, which I don't use anyway, and will be removing associated files. KP
  10. I don't think anyone will be able to help without more details of your issue - e.g. what version of PW, what environment it's installed in, what happens when you try to use Duplicator. It works fine for me!
  11. Try including the trailing slash for the page: <a href="/members/profile/?profile=1">Profile</a>
  12. Absolutely, it even says so in the output. Doh! My point was, though, that what is returned isn't just an ID.
  13. It does return a Page object, but if you use echo on it the output is just the ID: $notices = $pages->find("id=1107"); echo "echo: " . $notices; echo "<br> print_r: "; print_r($notices); Result: echo: 1107 print_r: ProcessWire\PageArray Object ( [count] => 1 [items] => Array ( [Page:0] => Array ( [id] => 1107 [name] => access-on-friday [parent] => /news-notices/notices/ [template] => notification [title] => Access on 13/8 [item_date] => 2021-06-15 00:00:00 ) ) [selectors] => id=1107 )
  14. I have found it easier to use a MagnificPopup iframe for YouTube videos.
  15. Thanks for the tip on pre-selecting the new parent. I long ago gave up trying to use the Move button for anything but reordering among siblings; I find it simpler and more reliable to change the Parent in the page's Settings tab (once I'd found out that was where it was located!).
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