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  1. I don't think anyone will be able to help without more details of your issue - e.g. what version of PW, what environment it's installed in, what happens when you try to use Duplicator. It works fine for me!
  2. Try including the trailing slash for the page: <a href="/members/profile/?profile=1">Profile</a>
  3. Absolutely, it even says so in the output. Doh! My point was, though, that what is returned isn't just an ID.
  4. It does return a Page object, but if you use echo on it the output is just the ID: $notices = $pages->find("id=1107"); echo "echo: " . $notices; echo "<br> print_r: "; print_r($notices); Result: echo: 1107 print_r: ProcessWire\PageArray Object ( [count] => 1 [items] => Array ( [Page:0] => Array ( [id] => 1107 [name] => access-on-friday [parent] => /news-notices/notices/ [template] => notification [title] => Access on 13/8 [item_date] => 2021-06-15 00:00:00 ) ) [selectors] => id=1107 )
  5. I have found it easier to use a MagnificPopup iframe for YouTube videos.
  6. Thanks for the tip on pre-selecting the new parent. I long ago gave up trying to use the Move button for anything but reordering among siblings; I find it simpler and more reliable to change the Parent in the page's Settings tab (once I'd found out that was where it was located!).
  7. Don't know about the hook, but the PHP "if" condition needs fixing (double equals for comparison operator): if($page->template == 'product') { 🙂 KP
  8. I got a very similar message this morning, posted to the contact page of a website I look after. Bit of a giveaway when the messages includes "This is not a hoax, do not reply to this email". I've seen a number of similar ones via this and other contact pages in the past. Nothing bad has happened yet after ignoring them! I would only take any notice if they posted me something from the database that shouldn't be accessible to them. I looked up the IP on stopforumspam.com and found several other reports from this morning, with a variety of names and emails submitted.
  9. "500 Internal Server Error" may be a red herring - it seems to be PW's way of avoiding display of plain old PHP errors on the front end on a production server. Can you see the PHP error log on your hosting? Do you get the error when you log in to the back end? if you can log in, Tracy will be your friend.
  10. If your site's URL is http://localhost/processwire/ (the front end, where visitors to the site will see published pages), your administrator login page (to get to the admin pages, the back end) will be at http://localhost/processwire/processwire/ unless you chose a different address for it when you were installing. You can change it after logging in, if you want. KP
  11. Update the Parent via Edit > Settings > Parent.
  12. I tried the module after reading this thread, using Server Directory method, and had a problem because ready.php *was* included. The installer complained about a hook I use to process submissions to a FormBuilder form: "Call to a member function addHookAfter() on null ", where the call is $forms->addHookAfter('FormBuilderProcessor::render', function($e) Temporarily renaming ready.php in the profile and resetting it after installation got me where I wanted to be. It's very useful to install a ready-made set of modules like this.
  13. Thanks for this and all your other work on the module. I'm in the process of converting sites from Clipper (MODX Evolution fork), and find that Latte has just the right level of intelligent templating for me. Together with the Processwire API, it means I've been able to replicate pages without constant hopping in and out of PHP and, so far, without having to write a single database query. KP
  14. Thanks for the tip! The big bold button is what I need. Site is Ascot Brass, which I converted from a gruesome heap of tables within tables to Clipper a couple of years ago when asked to become webmaster. I decided to try it out as my first Clipper to PW conversion when faced with creating the Members page. Use of templating in Clipper made it reasonably easy to do the original conversion; and I've found the TemplateLatteReplace module suits my way of working in PW. KP
  15. Newbie question: where? How to access it? Your module looks to be just what I need. I recently converted my brass band's site to Processwire (from Clipper, using Latte templating, but that's another story), and am extending it to allow a private Members area. I'd like some others to be able to add notices about rehearsals etc. I've managed to make a simple front-end form that lets them create a new post comfortably from the front end, entering date and a brief title; it then takes them to the back end if required to add full details and file attachments. I want them to get back to the main members page on completion, so the module looks a good fit for that. I'm just curious what and where the built-in functionality is.
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