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Found 6 results

  1. Would be nice to update the Fontawesome icons in PW core, so they can be used for labels in the backend. The current version 4 is quite old and has a very limit set of icons. Version 6 also has a free version with more icons. The implementation seems to be very similar, so it should be easy to implement. The icons can be downloaded here.
  2. MarkInPageTree New module which does what it says in the title. It adds an icon to a page on the page tree if -> a specific field is true and / or is a specified template. For example I'm using it to add an icon to any page that has a checked (checkbox) exclusive field. This helps with admin clarity as you can see instantly which pages of the same template have differing content (i.e. are exclusive or not). https://github.com/benbyford/MarkInPageTree
  3. Hey, Been using this starter theme for a little while now and thought I'd open it up on github - https://github.com/benbyford/bb-starter It has all my favourite modules installed, .less, some hany .js libraries and a set of blog templates for a simple news / blog setup. The theme is built on the simple theme from PW with additional setup. For more info see the Readme.md file on github. See it here - http://bbstarter.nicegrp.com/ Thanks everyone for your continued work and fun using PW.
  4. I tried to implement the fontawesome plugin with the help of this mini-tutorial. The problem is when go to the "Plugins" section and check the box for the "fontawesome" plugin, then I still get an white body field. What I am doing wrong?
  5. Since I've been working on a few projects where I used Bootstrap 3 and will be using it for future projects, I put together a blank site profile with Bootstrap 3 Sass, Fontawesome and a few markup render functions for Bootstrap dropdown menu, image carousel and accordion. You can find it at https://github.com/gebeer/site-pwbs Features bootstrap-sass-official font-awesome SASS version jquery modernizr render functions for:BS3 dropdown menu BS3 accordion from PageArray BS3 carousel from PW images array Prerequisites compass bower How to install from zip: download the zip extract the folder "site-pwbs" into a clean ProcessWire install's root folder during install of ProcessWire choose the profile "bootstrap-sass-official fontawesome blank profile" After installation The last step after installing the profile is to install all assets with bower: open a terminal in site/templates and execute "bower install" How it works The profile is based on the blank site profile that comes with PW 2.5 and uses the delegate template approach. It comes with a top navbar, a main container and a footer section. Rest is up to you. CSS gets compiled through compass. You can easily override BS variables and exclude BS components that you don't need. I intentionally did not add structure to the sass folder so you can structure your partials yourself as you please. There is only one folder "generic" with _mixins.scss whith a very lean and flexible breakpoint mixin that I discovered here. JS Since I only use the BS javascript plugins I really need, I usually copy them over to my plugins.js file. I use bower to install bootstrap-sass-original and fontawesome because it gives more flexibility than requiring them through ruby gems. This way you can tweak the BS and FA partials to your liking (of course only if you don't intend to do "bower update" further down the road) Enjoy!
  6. Hello all, I'm working on a travel directory site with locations of the region I live in in Thailand. This is a private fun learning project. I would like to assign an icon to each location. ATM I have a simple text input field in my location template where I manually type in the fontawesome class name for the icon I want to assign which is a bit tedious. So I am thinking about putting together an Inputfieldtype "Icon" which will surely aid in learning PW module development (and some more PHP along the way) My concept so far: -since people will hardly use all 500+ icons on their sites, I want to use an asm select in the field setup to search and select the icons that we want to use -the asm select should show both, the icon and it's class name for each icon -then use the selected icons to populate a select dropdown field as input field where the user can choose an icon. Which inputfield module could I have a look at that is using asm select in the field setup? I used import.io (which really is a fun tool) to create a data set with all fontawesome4.2.0 icon class names and their unicodes. If you're interested you can see the dataset here (you need to login/signup with them first). I can export the dataset as JSON and use that to populate the asm select for the field setup. These are my ideas so far. Yours are always welcome
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