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Found 5 results

  1. Any help on how to create subcategories in Ryan's blog profile would be much appreciated. I am creating a site for my phone repair business using the blog profile, this is my first time using the blog concept. In the past have had good SEO success using a three tier approach with keywords / content. I am intrigued with the blog concept because as I do more repairs I can just create new posts under the category it would fall into & use tags for the specific type of repair. When organizing the categories the top level would be the manufacturer. The need for subcategories would be for the specific manufacturer’s device. A category example would be... Apple -> iPhone -> 4s A tags example for this would be... cracked screen, charge port, button, water damage, ect. I am fairly new with processwire & PHP but have a heart’s desire to be proficient at both not just for this site but because I love web programming I just don't know much of it. I have been able to create a basic site for my business with processwire that is online now I just haven't done much with it since I decided to go with the blog concept.
  2. Hi All, I'm playing around with the Blog Profile and I'd like to figure out the best way to add an image file (ex: a signature) at the bottom of every post. What I love about Processwire is that most times, there is no one way to do things. This also means that I wonder how others are doing it. I've tested my solution by adding: <?php echo "<img src=''>"; ?> to the bottom of the .postbody div in post.php. To have a signature (image file) in it's place, I'm unsure if I should create a field, insert it into the post template, etc. or use a different method? Thoughts? Thanks for any and all help and feedback.
  3. Hi, I'm just setting up a new site using the blog profile. I've used it before for a site that was purely a blog so I'm familiar with all the basic stuff to do with setting it up and all that. The issue I'm having is that with this site the blog is just a section of the site. So i need the front page to be just a plain basic page (with latest posts/comments in the sidebar, but no posts on the page), and the site will have a few other pages, and then the blog will be accessible via the navigation. I have already installed the blog profile and have created all the pages I need, including the page I want to use as a the homepage, how do I go about setting this up? thanks
  4. I'm using the getArchives() and renderArchives() functions found in the /templates/archives.php file from the Blog Profile developed by Ryan. These functions are used independently of the blog profile and have been added to a site that has already been developed in PW. The year/month archive listing in the sidebar work fine on all blog pages expect for pages that are paginated. I'm thinking that the additional URL segment is throwing things off, but that's just a guess. Has anyone had any experience with displaying a date-based archive listing of blog posts? The listing needs to be structured like this: 2011 > January (1) 2010 > June (2) > July (1) > November (1) 2009 > November (1) 2008 > February (1) 2006 > January (1)
  5. hello, everyone! been an active reader in the processwire community but never felt like i had anything to contribute. ufortunately, i still don't feel up to speed to contribute much to the community but i thought i'd share a new site. i used ryan's blog profile as a base. it's still not 100% finished (probably at about 90% on the dev side) and the blog hasn't been posted to yet. any opinions/critiques, good or bad, are appreciated. many thanks! alex