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  1. You could use another field, login via email or title, but even then there is the problem: User 1 has password: 123456 User 2 has password: 123456 If you search the same name/email at login and loop with the password on found users, then user 2 could login into user 1 account. This would be bad. The possibility is there to have the same password, and you can login into the wrong user account.
  2. Now it is working. This was a great update! The field is a simple field in a user profile template.
  3. Fields in admin use percent as default width, so I would vote for: checkbox for the default option if to use pixel on input fields, if not set, then use percentage. You can be quite flexible if there is a check for: % em rem px number only and use this as the width value. "Number only" will use percentage or pixel width if option is checked. I am looking at mobile use, too, and pixel are not so fun to use there.
  4. Almost working good, but some troubles: Page: The input field does not show the label name if none is set: Field: set checkbox on "Country Code" and "Extension" is lost, have to activate it again.
  5. Hi everyone, I can't get my head around this, so maybe someone can help: I want to know how install the dev branch of processwire with composer. I use laragon and the "quick create" function and there you can run composer like this: "composer create-project processwire/processwire %s". OK, this is working, so I will get the master branch from it, but how about dev? I found some examples for laravel on this question, but no luck with it. Here some examples: composer create-project processwire/processwire %s --prefer-dist --stability=dev composer create-project processwire/processwire:dev %s composer create-project processwire/processwire:dev %s --stability=dev composer create-project processwire/processwire:dev %s --prefer-dist --stability=dev composer create-project processwire/processwire:dev-master %s --prefer-dist --stability=dev composer create-project processwire/processwire:dev-branch %s --prefer-dist --stability=dev composer create-project processwire/processwire:@dev %s --prefer-dist --stability=dev and so on... Maybe someone got this already and would like to share?
  6. This works! tried it on a development site and will now install the new version of it to live. Update: worked on live site without problems after updating Phone Format Output and my phone field in admin and template file.
  7. Sounds good for me Would definitely use it like this! I tested the field again and changed the fieldtype settings for the "Phone Output Format" under "Modules" -> "FieldtypePhone" and see there, again problems came up. This are my Output Format Options: {+[phoneCountry] }{([phoneAreaCode]) }{[phoneNumber,0,3]-}{[phoneNumber,3,4]}{ x[phoneExtension]} /* Standard North America: +1 (111) 111-1111 x111 */ {+[phoneCountry] }{([phoneAreaCode]) }{[phoneNumber]}{ x[phoneExtension]} /* Alternate North America: +1 (111) 1111111 x111 */ {+[phoneCountry]-}{[phoneAreaCode]-}{[phoneNumber,0,3]-}{[phoneNumber,3,4]}{ x[phoneExtension]} /* Alternate North America: +1-111-111-1111 x111 */ {+[phoneCountry]-}{[phoneAreaCode]-}{[phoneNumber]}{ x[phoneExtension]} /* Alternate North America: +1-111-1111111 x111 */ {([phoneAreaCode,0,2]) }{[phoneNumber,0,4] }{ [phoneNumber,4,4]}{ x[phoneExtension]} /* Standard Australia without country code and with leading zero for area code: (01) 1111 1111 x111 */ {+[phoneCountry] }{([phoneAreaCode,1,1]) }{[phoneNumber,0,4] }{ [phoneNumber,4,4]}{ x[phoneExtension]} /* International Australia with country code and without leading zero for area code: +1 (1) 1111 1111 x111 */ {+[phoneCountry] }{([phoneAreaCode,1,6]) }{[phoneNumber,0,3] }{ [phoneNumber,3,3]}{ [phoneNumber,6,3]}{ [phoneNumber,9,3]}{ - [phoneExtension]} /* International phone number with country code and without leading zero for area code: +49 (111) 123 456 789 012 - 111 */ I have set a line between your examples and mine (last line). I can select the format without a problem, but: If I delete the line break between, then the selection will not change but has as first option "none" (normally there would be the unformatted version). I would suggest to ignore such empty line breaks in the Format Options textarea, but still have the possibility to set them for groups. If I change let's say "phoneNumber,9,3" to "phoneNumber,9,2" in my code (with or without line break), then my format selection is lost and set to unformatted (or "none" as it is first option). Additionally any change in the Format Options field has changed the created field under "Setup" -> "Fields", and there it is set to unformatted/first option. It happens with any changes on the options (adding/removing a block and so on). As I see the <option value=""> under "Fields" uses the Format Option as the value but then loses it after a change. And: the frontpage output is still on the last Output Format Option, means no changes were updated on the frontend at all. It won't change as long as I save the field under "Fields" again with the right Format Option selected. That is OK, but then you have to know that you have to update all fields with this selected option again :/ Hope this helps somehow...
  8. Hi @adrian, sorry for being late. Now the field works like it should. I was just questioning myself if it would be possible to create own formated numbers and output them. I use something like this on the field input: 49 0123 456 789. On the output I remove the zero from 0123 if there is one. Then in the frontend there is a link with "tel:+" and I can't use the unformatted number, because the number is wrong. Output unformatted output: 490123456789. This should be the own created output format: 49123456789. Best would be formated as +49123456789. In the field settings I have set the format with removing the first number, but how can I get this self made output format easy into the frontend? I have created a function for that, but it would be nice to have individual output format names like: $phone->fomatedNumberNoAreaLeadingZero (fomatedNumberNoAreaLeadingZero would be my own set name in the settings, as example), and the output will be from the settings. Would be nice
  9. Hi @adrian, I got an error on line #186 in InputfieldPhone.module. Error comes up on a created phone field. Fixed it by using double underscore. Wrote an issue in github, too. Error (with single underscore): $f->description = _('Whether to ask for extension when entering phone numbers.', __FILE__); Fix (double underscore): $f->description = __('Whether to ask for extension when entering phone numbers.', __FILE__); I got two other issues, too, but can't figure it out how that works: The phone field is in a user template called "person" (have multiple user templates), and if I set a zero at the beginning of the area code, then this zero will not be saved, as long as I write another number to it (after or before the zero). Here some examples: Number 123 -> change to 0123 -> after save: 123 Number 123 -> change to 01123 -> after save: 01123 -> change to 0123 -> after save: 01123 Number 0123 -> change to 00123 -> after save: 0123 Number 0123 -> change to 10123 -> after save: 10123 Number 123 -> change to 0456 -> after save: 0456 -> change to 0123 -> after save: 0123 Best solution for now is to delete the field and set it new. Anther Solution is to change the numbers to something else then change it back. The output on the frontend wasn't changed after the profile update, I had to save/update(select output format) the phone field again, so the output was right again. That was no caching problem, or at least no normal one.
  10. Hi @strandoo, numPageLinks option should be what you want to set. Set it to 999 and it should be good to go without separator. Description: https://processwire.com/api/modules/markup-pager-nav/ numPageLinks: Number of links (integer) that the pagination navigation should have. Default: 10 echo $results->renderPager(array( 'numPageLinks' => 999 ));
  11. Hi @adrian, I didn't read the whole 37 sites, so sorry if this comes up again, but I have a really weird problem: The debugger bar is not shown in one situation. Most of the time it will not show if I do something like this: fill out formular and send (bar is shown before send) check form (same page/template), if ok: forward to another page. at the other page: the bar is not loaded/shown, even after reload and browser cache disabled. waiting for around one or two minutes, then reload the same page: bar is shown. Between point 3 and 4 I can visit other pages and the bar is still not shown. At point 4 the missed dumps and send emails are shown. This is making problems at some pages, that should not be reloaded again. After some minutes the bar is shown again. before there is no visibility, and the div container with the id "tracy-debug" is not loaded/created. The show button is loaded, but hidden and if unhidden then it has no function at all. Is this known?
  12. Looks like an attack on a WordPress site with a small wave. Maybe this is an interesting read for it: https://perishablepress.com/protect-post-requests/
  13. Hi @Wanze, I am trying something like this but am getting into one error. What I am doing is: $markupMain = wireRenderFile( 'partials/pdf_invoice', [ 'invoice' => $invoice ] ); $pdf->markupMain = $markupMain; The error I get is this: PHP Warning: is_file(): File name is longer than the maximum allowed path length on this platform (260): ... I looked into the WirePDF.module file and found out, that a check on the markup is tested with if/else on this steps: $markup instanceof TemplateFile? is_file($markup)? is_string($markup)? Of course my markup is a long HTML string, but check on the markup at point 2 comes up with the warning. PDF is generated, so no problem at this end. Maybe I can ignore this? Oh, and is it possible to update to a newer version of mPDF, so there could be a better PHP 7 compatibility? I tried to just copy the newer version into the folder, but it was not working, so I wonder what to change on the files.
  14. A little help if someone has the same problem: images on develpment site were included, but not on live site. There is no error or any hint, but only a red "x" as placeholder for the image. Try to convert to base64 string included the image to the PDF. For me it even reduced the filesize $imagedata = file_get_contents( "../assets/img/logo-pdf-invoice.png"); // alternatively specify an URL, if PHP settings allow $base64Img = "data:image/png;base64," . base64_encode($imagedata);
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