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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, One thing that I really would like is a group fieldtype. This group fieldtype is just for grouping other fieldtypes. E.g.: "dates" as group field has "dateStart" and "dateEnd" (both datetime fieldtype) as fields. This would be a great feature! Is something like this currently possible?
  2. I'm interested to know a good approach to grouping pages, where one page may be in two different groups (but re-using the same page for easy client editing). To clarify for those familiar with Drupal, there I would probably use Taxonomies, Blocks and Context modules. A taxonomy term for each group would be attached to pages (nodes), much like product categories would be, and menus and links would use Taxonomies (the Context and Blocks for displaying different elements on page depending on which group was accessed, but I don't need this part now) . Example organisation as follows (this is not PW Tree): Home - Courses - - Course One - - Course Two - - Course Three - - Course Four - Adult Courses - - Course One - - Course Two - Junior Courses - - Course Two - - Course Three - - Course Four - Summer Courses - - Courses Three - Special Courses - - Course Four (The PW Tree would need to be with only one occurrence of each Course page) I'm keen on the cleanest solution, ideally not adding modules, and a PHP solution no problem (though if it can be within PW as-is, great)
  3. I have an application where a repeater called 'newsletterrepeater' has field like this $newsletterrepeater = $page->newsletterrepeater->sort('-date'); foreach($newsletterrepeater as $n){ echo $n->date.$n->title.$n->file; } The field types are: date = dateTime field title = text field file = file field I want to group the entries into months. See code below where [[ ]] is my unknown code. foreach ($newsletterrepeater as $n) { [[ foreach month ]] <table> <tr> <th colspan="3"> [[month]] </th> </tr> echo ' <tr> <td>'.$n->date.'</td> <td>'.$n->title.'</td> <td><a target="_blank" href="'.$n->file->url.'">Download Newsletter</a></td> </tr>'; </table> }
  4. Hi everybody, I just ran into a quite pressing problem: I don't see a possiblity to allow a user group from deleting a page but grant them access to edit it. Did I look over something here or is there already a module to add this functionality that I didn't find? With kind regards, Marc Edit: Sorry, I missed the most crucial point in my initial question... What I want to do is grant a group permission to delete pages of one template but not another one: delete permissions on a per template basis. I still want to grant the edit right for templates, that can't be deleted. I hope this is more understandable now...
  5. All the cool kids got the new badges. Personally I feel kinda motivated to progress through the ladder of those member titles and groups. At least, sometimes I look at those little info blocks under the avatar pictures and compare the contribution made by the post author to the good of all PW community to my own negligible achievements. This gamification is there in place for a reason )) So please could someone open the rules of the game! What should you do to become "Distinguished" and so on. What groups are there? And is there anything beyound the 33 degree?
  6. Often deal with alot of differing fields on a edit page and was wondering if it would be possible to get a way of grouping fields within a template. E.g. title and body fields open, extra options group of fields closed containing other page fields, date, summary, etc etc
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