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  1. Instaling from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/somatonic/PWOnlineInstaller/master/grabpw.php seems to hang at the final stage after you enter the DB details. Done this many times before and 2 attempts on the latest version today. Any ideas?
  2. I have a file field in a repeater where anything over 20Mb seems to just hang. See the pic below - it gets to 100% and then does nothing. I am using PW 3.0.62 I have the following settings in .user.ini upload_max_filesize=1024M post_max_size=1024M max_execution_time = 3000; max_input_vars = 5000; Any ideas?
  3. Thanks for that I've managed to bypass the renderNav function and managed to get it work. Thanks
  4. I'm not sure where these statements are to go. On the top of each file, including includes? Does not seem to fix it though.
  5. I have a simple site search using the functions from the default beginner profile in my development site - http://normand.indevelopment.website/ However with debug on I get the following error when trying to SEARCH and then output to the renderNav function. Any ideas? Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to renderNav() must be an instance of PageArray, instance of ProcessWire\PageArray given, called in /home/normandandthomso/public_html/site/templates/search.php on line 52 and defined in /home/normandandthomso/public_html/site/templates/inc/functions.php on line 28
  6. Awesome Arjen many thanks. That has fixed it.
  7. Hi After installing the comments module and seemingly getting it to work I find that when I go into ADMIN and go to SETUP > COMMENTS I get this error. I have a fresh install of PW 3.0.42 Any ideas what this could be? Error: Call to a member function showInHeader() on a non-object (line 586 of /home/daviddoig/public_html/wire/modules/Process/ProcessCommentsManager/ProcessCommentsManager.module) This error message was shown because: you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged d.
  8. Thanks for replying. The data should be intact so I would say no to validation for this part of the spec. Mike
  9. Our development website is complete and needs a PHP connector to a feed of properties to display on our client's front end. We need to make a FTP connection to property information that is provided by another company. See attached demo data file. Then we need to make pages in Processwire that display the property details (images, text, prices, etc) We have 2 templates • Property details – we will do the html and layout for this all we need from you is the data made available. • Property list – as above. Also, we need a property filter so that visitors can select PRICE range, BEDROOMS to narrow the property list. Please come back to me with a price and timescale as well as available start date. datafile_example (2).zip
  10. Thanks Macrura, awesome help. A wee typo in your code Line 6 should be $n->month = date("m", $n->getUnformatted("newsletterdate")); Cheers
  11. Hi Macrura thanks for that. My PHP is sketchy but I am nearly there. I managed to echo the months but cannot seem to figure out how to loop the fields for each month. For example all the repeater rows that have August as a date in a loop. See my attempt below: $months = array(); $newsletterrepeater = $thispage->newsletterrepeater; foreach ($newsletterrepeater as $n) { $months[] = date("m",$n->getUnformatted("newsletterdate")); } $months = array_unique($months); rsort($months); foreach ($months as $m) { $monthName = date('F', mktime(0, 0, 0, $m, 10)); echo ' <table> <tr> <th colspan="3">'.$monthName.'</th> </tr>'; // Stuck on this loop foreach ($m as $archivenews) { echo '<tr> <td>'.$archivenews->newsletterdate.'</td>' <td>'.$archivenews->newslettertitle.'</td> <td><a href="'.$archivenews->newsletterlink->url.'">View File</a></td>'; } } ?>
  12. Thanks tpr but there are multiple rows with dates containing the same month. What i need to do is group the rows by month. For example August 2016 - list of repeater rows July 2016 - list of repeater rows etc
  13. I have an application where a repeater called 'newsletterrepeater' has field like this $newsletterrepeater = $page->newsletterrepeater->sort('-date'); foreach($newsletterrepeater as $n){ echo $n->date.$n->title.$n->file; } The field types are: date = dateTime field title = text field file = file field I want to group the entries into months. See code below where [[ ]] is my unknown code. foreach ($newsletterrepeater as $n) { [[ foreach month ]] <table> <tr> <th colspan="3"> [[month]] </th> </tr> echo ' <tr> <td>'.$n->date.'</td> <td>'.$n->title.'</td> <td><a target="_blank" href="'.$n->file->url.'">Download Newsletter</a></td> </tr>'; </table> }
  14. Thanks for the replies but no joy on these solutions I'm afraid.
  15. I've used Processwire for years and have developed hundreds of website but never seen this issue before. On http://strawberryweddingfilms.co.uk/ in the admin area the page tree just hangs. No errors in the console but after about 5 mins the browser brings up the error in the screengrab below. This would appear to be a SQL connection error but our host cannot find an issue. We created a duplicate test site on another server and the problem is the same. This was working but suddenly stopped. I am out of ideas. Anyone got a clue at all? I tried re-installing the core and it is currently running PW 2.7.2
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