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  1. Ok I almost have it, the only thing I can not do is style the form to leave comments, the textbox and the send button do not just take the style of my page. If you can help me, I would greatly appreciate it, greetings.
  2. Thank you very much, just what I needed, now I have everything much more clear, thank you.
  3. Hello, let's see if anyone can help me. I'm new to processwire and php, and that's probably the problem. I am using the module and it works well for me and I understand it. The problem is that I have a template with its corresponding div and styles, and I would like to take comments for a post, for example. I get show everything with $ blog-> renderComments ($ page-> blog_comments) But I would like individually the author of the comment, the date, the body. Then with a loop assign it and repeat it as many times as there are comments, and so keep the style of my page. Maybe this is not the right way to do it, but I can not think of another way, if you can help me I'll be very grateful, a greeting
  4. If at first I only had the templates folder, but looking deeply I found what you see above. Inside these folders there is an install.sql that seems to have a correct structure of the database. And in the other folders is the entire site in full (copy of 2014 is the problem). But I tried to upload it again and I can not get it to work, it gives me an error, if I put the install.sql where the processwire is supposed to look when importing the site.
  5. Hi guys, I have bad news, the hosting tells me that it does not make backup copies if I do not pay an extra, the option I had was to make it manual, but I did not have it done. Then I met as at the beginning, the only thing I found is a copy of the complete 2014, to see if you can help me restore it because I'm trying locally but I'm not able, I send a screenshot of the folders I have and see if you help me.
  6. Great all the tools you have given me. I'm going to put them on the web to always have all my data safe. Very thanks
  7. Thank you very much for your help. If you already observe the structure of processwire use to order the web, and I did not have those folders, only had the .php, img, and some more files. And I realized that if I could have rebuilt the web but with a lot of work, then I would have to reassign everything to each template. Thanks again.
  8. Hello thanks for the interest, if you are right they have the backup copies and are already working to restore it. It's just that I'm a bit of a rookie in the web world, and as I saw that I had deleted everything, I did not know very well how to act, so I asked. Anyway, I would like to know if it would have been the case that there was no backup. Would there be any way to restore the web with the data I have, or would it be very difficult? I like to learn new things to know if I could have solved them by myself. Thanks again.
  9. Hello yesterday making changes to the host I made an error and delete my website. Luckily I had a copy but only of the templates folder, taken by ftp on my own, not exported with the module to export the process page. In the hosting is the database, then I do not know how to do it, so that it recognizes the structure of the web. I have tried to reinstall the processwire but I have seen that when exporting the site with the module, I created the folders with images with the number assigned by processwire (1001,1002, etc) and I do not know this. I need urgent help because the page has to be online.
  10. Hello I have a problem with the module, a few months ago it worked perfectly but since FB implemented the strict URI mode it does not work for me. I added all the urls that I think should go in the box and even then I always get error when trying to post a page from the processwire, if you can help me and I do not know what to modify for the module to work, thank you.
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