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  1. Thanks a lot @teppoand a Happy New Year to you and the community! I will try out version 1.5.0 of the module soon but I am pretty sure it will rock anyways. To my second point about the missing stylings I also started to think it may is another problem not related to your module at all.
  2. Hi @adrian after reading the docs/the modules forum of Fieldtype Json I was pretty sure that module would be enough and installed without problems. If I am informed right then @Martijn Geerts stepped back from developing his module. I may ask you for help because you mentioned the module is working for you. Problem: Installation of Fieltype Json works fine and the settings page for the module I also found. Most setting options clicked seem to save just fine but if I copy-paste some csv-text-content into the textareafield (csv-field) under settings nothing happens (I can not even see that text was inserted) when I click on save. Can you may help me? Alternative: which would help me too (in case you know a simple solution or some good links😞 I have a standard fieldtype file in my template and uploaded a csv-file. How can I make the content data of the csv-file visible in a different textareafield? In the next step I would like that if I change content in the visible textareafield and save it everything gets synchronised with the original uploaded csv-file in the file field. Idea: 2-way-synchronisation (maybe one way-sync could work too) between an pw file field/a single csv-file and a pw textarea field HAPPY CHRISTMAS!
  3. Hi @virtualgadjothanks for your comment! Yeah, but for a specific task I really would prefer a solution directly right before the "save" button.
  4. @szabeszReally "wow" these beautiful impressions from Hungary!! These impressions enriched my Sunday morning!
  5. @teppoYes, in my specific case I just ask for a way to render the snippet on the front-end only for logged-in users. Thanks! I have already installed the latest version (1.4.0) and all works fine except two little things I could not accomplish yet (maybe because I do not understand or maybe not yet possible): 1. I forgot to mention: "render all, logged in, or non-logged in is great" but it would be awesome to have "logged in user with a specific role", too. 2. Problem: I have placed a snippet (just a little button with simple css and simple javascript) and when logged in as full admin => Button with default admin uikit styles and javascript modal works perfectly fine for me logged in as user => Button misses css styles and javascript modal not working (just some "dead" text visible)
  6. Hi @teppo! How can I show the "view" of a specific snippet only to user which is logged in?
  7. @adrian thanks for your advice! I also read about FieldtypeJson but I was irritated by the warnings "Alpha state", " To be fair, i've already set this module to be deleted 2 times, but somehow it won't delete. Better to go for other options like Kongondo's matrix field or use the Profields. There's big change that there will be Data loss when using this module as it relies heavily upon Javascript." and "Please us Matrix Fieldtype & Inputfield" from @kongondo. Do you guys @adrianand @kongondo think the following statement is right? Inputfield json is for beginners and easy tasks (like I described above) faster/easyier and more comfortable to use than Matrix Fieldtype which is to be fair probably way more powerful?
  8. Hi community! In the admin area we have the green save button (reno default uikit theme). I would like to add another button (or dropdown / or just an text slogan ...) before the save button. Just overwriting some less/css in not possible because the button does not even exist yet. So the question is how can I 1. create the button: I think I have to copy the whole orginal admin.css and include it in admin.less where I can create this new button and its button class. Is there no simplier way? 2. The new created button must be protected from automatic updates of processwire
  9. Hi @adrian, sometimes I have just stored some .csv-data in a normal processwire textarea field per copy-paste Nothing more than for example: id;name;age; 1;Joe;34 2;Jane;32 So far so good. Now I would like to do same thing (copy-paste these 3 lines of code into a textarea field) but this time these 3 lines should be "magicly" transformed into json and saved as json. Could you may implement it as an admin action? If not could may just tell me how I could transform it to json via php or javascript but as an simple standalone script. It's not possible for me to use an online csv-to-json converter. Hopefully my English was good enough Stan Oliver
  10. @cpx3Most shared hosting provider I used in the last 2 years at least provided 256 MB PHP memory limit. If it's your own server may you can try to set it up to 256 or 512 MB. If that does not change anything either some coding went definitely wrong.
  11. Hi @cpx3 these kind of messages I only got a long time ago when I was using hosting providers which sucked in providing enough memory limit in shared hosting but I have never used the backup module.
  12. Hello Community! I found quite a few ways or tools to style the admin or build a dashboard: - the new way with the .less compilation (reno style, rock style) - dashboard modules or tutorials how to build your own - admin on stereoids Vocabulary: With "admin like user" I do not mean a full admin but an user with quite a lot of priviledges ... My problem is that I do want to change the admin template for every (admin like) user in a different way. Or if I would build a bigger dashboard certain functionlity should only be available for a few (admin like) users but not for everyone. I would need different versions of the admin theme or the built dashboards for different admin users To start with a very simple example: Let's say I wanna give one (admin like) user a different background color (with css). Let's say I wanna have an extra button or tab for some (admin like) user which another (admin like) user should not have How can I take advantage of processwire roles in all these examples I mentioned in the beginning?
  13. Hi @teppo thanks for your help! I finally found out what was wrong. My logs showed "Error: Exception: Unrecognized operator: +" and then I realized I had some "example code snippet" which was not fully commented out the right way and therefore caused problems. Before the update processwire was probably ignoring that failure but the newer version may not.
  14. Good morning @teppo! These problems are only appear at the front-end of the site. Also I should have mentioned more explicit that I really think that the problems are somehow related to htacess file(s) wich are causing problems. May you remember that @ryanmentioned 1-2 years ago updating to a new processwire version would require his new htacess file too. Ryan was explicitly mentioing it. At that point the trouble with my update problems started. I think the whole idea according to Ryan's post was (or still is) that if a htacess file is missing the later should get generated automaticly. At that time around two handful if not more htacess files got generated automaticly when I tried to update 1-2 years ago. At that time I could somehow get rid of that htacess files and everything seem to work fine until I wanted to update to a new version again. I did not change anything beside only replacing the wire folder. In case I am not phantasizing with my htacess story I hope you understand my point with the htacess file. Do you may know how I could kick out that mechanism (so that no htacess files get generated automaticly) because it only causes trouble in my installations? I also could find Ryan's post again: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/pw-3.0.135/
  15. Hello community! At the moment I am using pw version 3.0.148 and I have problems to update to newer versions. Problem: After replacing the old wire folder with the new wire folder it seems like parts of css styles are not working anymore. For example: I had two rows with each having 4 pictures side by side before the update After updating I have eight rows with just containing one picture per row The rest seems to work quite ok after updating. I also can see the new version number in the backend. That happend when I tried to update to the latest version number of pw which was released that weekend. The same problem occured in general when I tried to update to a version higher than 3.0.148 in the past too. I also remember that problem occured around the first time when Ryan pointed out the last time updating to a new pw version would also need to set a new .htacess (from that point on I think htacess files were automatically generated when no htacess file was found for security reasons) file in place. At that time I faced the first time layout problems when trying updating pw. PS I do not think it's a caching problem
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