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Found 5 results

  1. Here's a mixin I put together for creating hamburger icons. It utilizes the checkbox hack so you can use CSS only to show a mobile menu (or off-canvas menu, etc). Unlike other mixins here you can specify a selector for the label tag if it's not directly below the checkbox, so the label (the icon) can be placed anywhere in the DOM. There is also a "hamburger_tint" helper mixin included to easily colorize the icon/text on hover or in a checked state. Parameters: width: the width of the icon. default: 32px thickness: the thickness of the bars. default: 3px gap:
  2. One of the things I've put off learning has been LESS/SASS, seeing as I've always managed ok with CSS and there's never time enough to learn every new technology is there?! Was just interested to see who used it occasionally, the whole time, never at all, waste of time, lifesaver etc... I've certainly never struggled with just CSS but that's the way with so many new things, you don't know what you're missing until you try it
  3. Hello everyone, I started learning LESS CSS finally today(yeah...I know too late, but I was confused whether I should learn SCSS or LESS), and have instantly fallen in love with it. Thinking of plain CSS coding seems like so last century now. After completing a small project, now comes the deployment part, that got me thinking how do I compile less on server??? My hosting is a shared hosting and doesn't have Node.js support nor Rhino. I wish to know if anyone has done this before? Is there a possibility that I can directly put compiled CSS on server? I've read about lessphp but I'm not
  4. Hi, Just pushed a new site up for graphic designer Andrea Innocent: http://www.andreainnocent.com (She's also a talented illustrator and her otoshimono illustration site was one of my first PW sites.) Regards Marty
  5. Hey guys, I've created an initial ProcessWire bootstrap repository if any of you want to use it. Try this, branch it out, do whatever you want with it. https://bitbucket.org/thatgibbyguy/base_html5_processwire The features of this bootstrap are: HTML5 Boilerplate Modernizr/HTML5 Shiv Javascript Libraries: Twitter Bootstrap Javascript Library jQuery-1.8.2 jQueryUI-1.9.1 jQuery.fittext.js jQuery.mobile-1.20 jQuery.scrollto- retina-0.0.2 CSS/LESS Frameworks: font-awesome (not 3.0 yet) KUBE Grid (in LESS) Twitter Bootstrap Library (in LESS - library.less) Base LESS file (style.le
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