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  1. Marty Walker

    Would anyone be interested in forking and working on Fredi as a paid gig? I have Fredi running on a big-ish client site that's PW 2.6 and I need it to run happily with v3. Or are there alternatives?
  2. Marty Walker

    I use this from time to time when I absolutely have to:
  3. Marty Walker

    Hi, You could use something like
  4. Marty Walker

    I did that straight away. Cheers.
  5. Hi, One of the sites I created has had a complaint from their host saying that some ace files are being used to send spam. I'm wondering if anyone has had that problem before. These are the files they thought were suspect: The files we have found sending spam are listed below. '/home/mountvic/mail/' '/home/mountvic/public_html/site/modules/TextformatterHannaCode/ace-1.1.5/demo/kitchen-sink/docs/c_cpp.cpp' '/home/mountvic/public_html/site/modules/TextformatterHannaCode/ace-1.1.5/demo/kitchen-sink/docs/cpp.cpp' '/home/mountvic/public_html/site/modules/TextformatterHannaCode/ace-1.1.5/demo/kitchen-sink/docs/objectivec.m'
  6. Marty Walker

    Fantastic work! I thought camera gear was expensive. Yikes.
  7. Can I have access to the support forum too please?
  8. Marty Walker

    Was looking at something similar today. In my case I'm using this approach to copy info between fields.
  9. Marty Walker

    Here it is. Looks like dodgy images from the client which worked everywhere else (PS, ID, Affinity, Preview etc) except in PW. Thanks for the help everyone. Carry on.
  10. Marty Walker

    So this is the link to the image which displays fine in browser: And this is what I get in Inspect.
  11. Marty Walker

    Strangely it looks like this: <img src="/site/assets/files/1/blume_web_ad_bmcc.jpg" alt="" style="display: none !important;"> ... which is odd considering this is my PHP: echo "<img src='".$page->advert_image->url."' alt=''>"; @fbg13 There's a variation in there too and the directory group and permissions are all fine.
  12. Marty Walker

    Hi Horst, Thanks for the suggestion. My site/config.php doesn't hold any adminThumbOptions at all.
  13. Hi all, This is my first time working with PW3 (3.0.37 to be specific) and I've run into a wee problem. Apologies if this has been discussed before but I haven't been keeping up with happenings in the new version. I've upgraded from a 2.7.2 install and I can't seem to get new image uploads (jpegs or PNGs) displaying in the admin. The images that existed before the upgrade appear fine but anything new displays a blank thumbnail. I can confirm that the image is being uploaded as it exists in the directory. Not sure what do... Server is running: PHP 5.4.45 and MySQL 5.5.52-cll.
  14. Marty Walker

    I've always used a subdomain instead of a directory. You don't get the added path problems. The times I have had to work out of a subdirectory I've used something like phpmyadmin or adminer to change the links before shifting everything over.