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  1. Hello, I'm getting out of web design and development and I'm looking to get hold of an AU-based PW developer to send some clients to. I'm not looking to overseas developers at all. You can DM me here. Cheers Marty
  2. @kongondo Looking forward to seeing v2! I have v1 but I'll wait to see v2 before I move my shops away from snipcart and bigcartel.
  3. My apologies. It was an access issue for that user group - CI3 wasn't selected. Thanks for your help. - Marty
  4. This is how I'm calling FEEL: echo $page->feel(array( "text" => "Edit your page", "class" => "fixed center", "fields" => "title,artist_business_name,body_artists,artist_address_01,artist_address_02,artist_address_suburb,artist_address_state,artist_address_postcode,artist_website,artist_facebook,artist_twitter,artist_instagram,artist_behance,artist_dribbble,artist_email_public,artist_phone_studio,artist_phone_mobile,artist_categories,portfolio_images,pinterest_button" ) ); I get the initial modal appearing and I can see all the CI3 fields but when I click on a pre-defined crop I get pushed to the page tree.
  5. Thank you for this module, it's very easy to implement. I was wondering if there's a chance this could be tweaked to work with Horst's CroppableImage3 (https://modules.processwire.com/modules/croppable-image3/). When I click a crop to re-edit I get pushed back to the page tree.
  6. Would anyone be interested in forking and working on Fredi as a paid gig? I have Fredi running on a big-ish client site that's PW 2.6 and I need it to run happily with v3. Or are there alternatives?
  7. I use this from time to time when I absolutely have to: http://mobiledetect.net/
  8. Hi, One of the sites I created has had a complaint from their host saying that some ace files are being used to send spam. I'm wondering if anyone has had that problem before. These are the files they thought were suspect: The files we have found sending spam are listed below. '/home/mountvic/mail/mountvicflicks.com.au/adam/cur' '/home/mountvic/public_html/site/modules/TextformatterHannaCode/ace-1.1.5/demo/kitchen-sink/docs/c_cpp.cpp' '/home/mountvic/public_html/site/modules/TextformatterHannaCode/ace-1.1.5/demo/kitchen-sink/docs/cpp.cpp' '/home/mountvic/public_html/site/modules/TextformatterHannaCode/ace-1.1.5/demo/kitchen-sink/docs/objectivec.m'
  9. Fantastic work! I thought camera gear was expensive. Yikes.
  10. Was looking at something similar today. In my case I'm using this approach http://processwire-recipes.com/recipes/duplicate-content-between-fields/ to copy info between fields.
  11. Here it is. Looks like dodgy images from the client which worked everywhere else (PS, ID, Affinity, Preview etc) except in PW. Thanks for the help everyone. Carry on.
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