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  1. I have a template with an "images" field. I'm trying to display it on the page, I'm using these lines, with results I do not understand. $page->images // teddy.jpg $page->images->httpUrl // void $page->images->url // /site/assets/files/1085/ $page->images[0]->url // error: accessing non-object I thought `$page->images->url` would work, but no. Why is it?
  2. The question was based on a config error I was neglecting... so please don't consider ?
  3. Indeed, there was a "No new pages for this template" checked ? Thanks!
  4. So I created a template A without file, and when creating a new page PW does not suggest template A probably because it has no file. I suppose it is by design. Is it workaroundable? Thank you very much
  5. I'd like to set up a simple system for tasks and tickets for my business, I wonder if there is already some kind of solution out there. If not, if there is a plugin that makes easy inserting data and editing it through a form (optionally the same used for creating a task etc). Thank you very much
  6. Love this module, but looks like it's not loading js anymore...
  7. I cannot grasp the pattern behind the object method/properties: $page->hasChildren() // or $page->hasChildren ? $page->id(); // or $page->id ? $children->count() // or $children->count ? I mean, when to use parentheses, and when not? Is there a principle behind this? Usually after a couple of attempts I manage to get it working, but I'd like to have the idea come natural, without thinking. Thank you very much
  8. I set up the config file to load _main.php for each page. $config->appendTemplateFile = '_main.php'; Now, I need to have one page without template loaded, for ajax purposes. Can I put some instruction on my empty.php template to not load _main? Thank you very much
  9. I need to display the page https://www.mysite.com/article-2022-1-10/ when the https://www.mysite.com/latest-article/ url is entered. First url should stay hidden, no redirect. Just a content switch, keeping the same url as before. Thank you very much
  10. Hello, I don't grasp the use of a selector like $fields->get("name") or $fields->find("selector") I see in the cheatsheet, since when I need to print a custom field from the page I just need to write $page->mycustomfield or similar. How can I use the $fields object? Thanks!
  11. Hello, is there a method for generating a link on providing the right selector? Something like <?php echo $pages->get("/mypage/")->link ?> generating <a href="/myurl/">mytitle</a> Instead of writing the whole string <?= "<a href='".$pages->get("/")->url."'>".$pages->get("/")->title."</a>" ?> or <a href="<?= $pages->get('/')->url"><?= $pages->get("/")->title ?></a> Thanks!
  12. I'm trying to make a navigation menu, for fetching all the subpages of the root I use this selector: $menu_pages = $pages->get("parent=/"); But I when iterating on the array and printing the pages url I get a "Notice: Trying to get property 'url' of non-object" error. The array is fetched through this code: $menu_pages = $pages->get("/")->children I'd like to know why the first selector is failing. Thanks!
  13. Interesting, the page()->title syntax is not working for me though.
  14. Hello, I'd like to make sure that some value comes from a specific page. I can send a uuid or something via post, and that value is checked and validated against on the landing page. This value should always change randomly, but always be linked to a passphrase I choose. How could I implement this? Thank you very much
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