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  1. Also... https://www.nngroup.com/videos/jakobs-law-internet-ux/
  2. The browser is already loading stuff from a URL, yours. CDNs do have advantages, that's why they exist.
  3. Welcome to the forums. As first questions go, that's a doozy. And I'm not even going to try for a definitive answer, but let's just think out loud a bit. I like the sound of this. Once you've got your initial structure could you maybe query individual products on page load? (You probably wouldn't want to do this on every page load, just after a certain time since the last call, kind of like a cache.) Then return the info or an 'out of stock' or 'discontinued' message. That saves deleting pages and preserves any link juice that individual products might have garnered over time. You could also set up some kind of alternative product suggestion for those pages ('We're sorry, but X is no longer available, what about Y?') - good for internal linking and keeping visitors on-site, then after a period (6 months or a year maybe) turning that suggestion into a 301. Is it possible to ask the host system just for new or updated records? Either way, a cron or lazy cron is probably going to be involved. The good news is that iterating over all 600 or so records isn't going to take forever, even if that is the only way forward. Break it down into bite sized chunks. Solve one small aspect at a time. Not a complete answer, I know, but I'm sure others will chime in.
  4. Just found a few... International Bank of Azerbaijan https://ibar.az/ CinemaPlus Azerbaijan http://www.cinemaplus.az/ (PW is big in Azerbaijan, obvs) Canada business Network https://canadabusiness.ca/ Steinberg Help (Steinberg user manuals repository) https://steinberg.help/
  5. +1 for this - ImageMagick is usually quicker and takes less server resources (can handle larger images) than GD. If available, I'd always prefer it over GD. Just a thought, is front-end resizing on upload involved at all?
  6. Further update on this - earlier today was still getting 403. However, we just relocated offices (this is a debugging step I don't recommend), and with a new IP, no 403. Could GitHub be blocking IPs for some reason?
  7. Good spot @wbmnfktr - in fact it appears to be an encoded opening php tag - %3C?php
  8. Very nice indeed. UX very much aligned with the product. Good rule of thumb for me is, if the source is as tidy as the output, you're doing pretty well. (WP sites never pass this test.)
  9. The time I used it was a site for a courier company, so there was only one amount chargeable ('collect my stuff from A and take it to B') and no need for a 'cart' as such, so it was really easy, but the whole process is very streamlined.
  10. I've implemented it once and it was very easy - both the technical side and the signing up and getting paid out part. Can't begrudge them their success at all, it's a very good product.
  11. Just kinda thinking out loud, but I'm not sure $today = strtotime("now"); is going to work as expected. See http://php.net/manual/en/datetime.formats.php
  12. You aren't on your own. The docs aren't mega clear. I got something working with the LESS version and AIOM (which can compile LESS) but it doesn't feel very 'sleek'.