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  1. https://cse.google.com/cse/publicurl?cx=014789015761400632609:fxrf0rj4wr4 FTW
  2. Dunno if it's still valid (long time ago), but this thread might be relevant
  3. According to their Twitter feed it's back up. (Oooh, looks like we can embed tweets.) <edit>Although it's still 503 at the moment...</edit>
  4. Just recently set it up on my VPS - not particularly tricky but there's a potential gotcha in that Apache mpm prefork (whatever the heck that is) doesn't support http/2 so you need a different kind of prefork. https://http2.pro/doc/Apache got me through it. BTW if you have that kind of control over the server, mod_PageSpeed can help by at least serving webp instead of jpeg to supporting browsers. (There's much more to it as well, but the jpeg to webp thing is out of the box.)
  5. This doesn't appear to be the usual .htaccess-related kind of thing Visiting shows that the 404 is PW's 404 page and clicking internal links tries to load the appropriate page (browser URL field changes) but it is still 404. Completely groundless wild guess - could it be a multi-language related problem?
  6. Welcome NoWords! Short answer to a long question - Yes, almost certainly. Bit longer answer - Most (if not all) of your needs could be accomplished by creating a ProcessModule. This will require some programming, which you may or may not be comfortable with. See This will allow all the control over member budgets etc that you need. In PW a user page is just a page so any custom fields can be added to a user just as they would any other page. Depending on your requirements around 'events', there are various calendar modules available but without knowing a bit more about that side of things, the built in date support might be all you need. Have a look at @bernhard's tutorial above, and come back to us with any more questions you might have.
  7. /site/assets/files/1234/photo.jpg style image urls. /site/assets/pwpc/pwpc-(longmd5typehash).css tells us ProCache is being used. /site/assets/aiom/css_(longmd5typehash).css is the same, but for AllInOneMinify. 1 alone is a pretty good indication. 2 or 3 in all honesty are probably definitive. 1 + 2|3 and you can be 99.999% certain. Anyone got any other tells?
  8. From https://icongr.am/simple/processwire.svg
  9. There's some discussion of this and related issues here but it doesn't look promising...
  10. ImageSizerEngineIMagick is much more forgiving on large images than the default GD resizing engine, if you can make it available on your hosting. (And faster and all round better IMHO.)
  11. Still a bit of dummy content at http://mbr-mining.com/news/jl/ (complete with a nice picture of MV Teal on Windermere )
  12. Hmmm, there's nothing obvious. What happens if you echo $selector?
  13. I think <? foreach($page->children as $c):?> should be <? foreach($children as $c):?>