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  1. You are right. Found Module "PrevNextTabs", which seems to do what i need. Thank you.
  2. This is probably a simple question, but I can't find out how to do it. I would like to navigate to the next page (edit the next sibling page) in the backend without using the tree, but just clicking "next". How can I do this? EDIT: OK I have found there is "save and next" which is good. But just "previous/next" without selecting an option from the save button would be nice. Is there sth. like this in AdminOnSteroids?
  3. Just a detail: Why are these br tags visible in the module config? Sth. changed in Processwire?
  4. Module

    Yes it works. Thank you very much!
  5. Module

    OK, thank you.
  6. Module

    I don't know PW well enough, but isn't there a setting anywhere to get or set (in my case:) rootURL: http://localhost/~theo/pw3061/ rootPath: /home/theo/public_html/pw3061/ It think this would be handy in many situations. I'm usually setting such values in init.php, but it should probably go to config.php as a PW standard variable. Or does sth. like this already exist?
  7. Module

    Thank you Roland. But I can't make it work. I show you what I did to test it. There are 6 "echos" marked like (0) ... (5). Code snippet is from about line 989 of the module. echo $root.' (0)<br>'; echo $rootPath.' (1)<br>'; // remove install subdirectory $rootPath = rtrim($rootPath, $root); echo $rootPath.' (2)<br>'; $rootUrl = $this->config->urls->httpRoot; $rootUrl = rtrim($rootUrl, $root); $templatesUrlRelative = $this->config->urls->templates; echo $rootUrl.' (3) <br>'; echo $templatesUrlRelative.' (4)<br>'; // do not add JS to page on login page if ($this->page->id != 23) { // custom CKEaddons config js and css $ckeCSS = $this->getAssetPath('CKEStyle', 'admin/cke.css', $templatesUrlRelative, $configData, $root); $ckeJS = $this->getAssetPath('CKEScript', 'admin/cke.js', $templatesUrlRelative, $configData, $root); $ckeTemplates = $this->getAssetPath('CKEtemplates', 'admin/templates.js', $templatesUrlRelative, $configData, $root); echo $rootPath . $ckeJS.' (5)<br>'; This outputs: /~theo/pw3061/ (0) /home/theo/public_html/pw3061 (1) /home/theo/public_html (2) http://localhos (3) /~theo/pw3061/site/templates/ (4) /home/theo/public_html/~theo/pw3061/site/templates/admin/cke.js (5) Where settings are: Assets Root Path: /home/theo/public_html/pw3061/ CKEditor custom configuration script: /site/templates/admin/cke.js Thank you.
  8. Module

    Yes, I think so!
  9. Module

    Thank you, but I guess this won't work either, because it wants a path "relative to site root" and this ends up in the same problem afaics. Thanks for your time.
  10. Module

    It is the way of "mod_userdir"
  11. Module

    Hello Thank you for AdminOnSteroids. Very helpful. However one problem: I was trying to load a "cke.js" using the preset path. On line 1025 of AdminOnSteroids.module, it is looking for this file in if (file_exists($rootPath . $ckeJS)) { However in my case, this would be (output of echo $rootPath . $ckeJS:) /home/theo/public_html/~theo/pw3061/site/templates/admin/cke.js Is this because I have a non root (mod_userdir) installation of PW? The file is loaded, if I set the path directly in the code before "file_exists" like: $configData['customCKEScript'] = $ckeJS; Thank you.
  12. Yes, thank you. Found it myself one minute ago. I will try this. I think this will to the job.
  13. Thank you. How can I define where to store new PagesTables?
  14. Hello I know this thread is not new, but I'm trying to achieve something similar. I would like to have a certain template prefix for PageTables which then are not shown in the admin tree (never, not only for certain users/roles). For a start, I have changed wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageList/ProcessPageListRenderJSON.php. (See diff in attachment). To my surprise, this seems to do exactly what I need for templates starting with "pt_". This is the first time I am doing some work on the "system" so be gentle please. ;-) My question: How can I take this to a module (or??), so that it does not get deleted with upgrades? ProcessPageListRenderJSON.diff
  15. Thank you. I've found this thread for understanding why it is not in the core: