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  1. Small update video below. There are again many changes behind the scenes. Multiple instances of "Gridbuilder" can now exist on the same page. More "in-memory-actions" (JS) means less need to press the save button. But normal PW templates are still the base of everything. Images can be dropped directly onto a grid_image template. See video. Thank you.
  2. theo

    Well, I don't really care about a few seconds of start up time, if I have the benefits of a full fledged IDE for PHP and JS /TypeScript and CSS etc. afterwards. If I only need to quickly change a line of code, I'm using Kate or KWrite, which ship with KDE. Yes, NB is java based. Thank you.
  3. theo

    What do you mean with "faster"? Not sure if having "tons of plugins" is necessarily an advantage. That said, NB has tons of plugins as well Thank you.
  4. theo

    Btw. can you describe some of those various reasons? As a NB user, I would like to know if it makes sense for me to have a closer look at VSCode. Thank you.
  5. theo

    Ok, thank you. From the posting above, I thought it was something brand-new. But old NB Navigator looks more useful to me. Showing parameters and possible return value types as well.
  6. theo

    What exactly is the outline feature? Is there an advantage over Netbeans' "Navigator" Tab? Thank you.
  7. Not sure what you mean. The Font Awesome icons? Not sure if this is possible or sensible. Not on my priority list atm. Thank you.
  8. theo

    Btw. Instead of "plain JS" I recommend Typescript . It makes JS less confusing and more securing, especially when you are coming from an OOP Language like Delphi, Java, C# .
  9. Time for a little update. There are many changes again. Most visible: More Ajax, more Drag&Drop, more Wysiwyg. Real containers (Tree hierarchy) instead of "nested groups". Rows are also containers now. In this little video, I will show you how to layout a responsive page from scratch without writing a line of code. This system is not for absolute noobs. You need to have an idea about how responsive web pages and Bootstrap work. But then one can be really fast I think. Still a long way to go, but I hope you like the idea. Thank you.
  10. theo

    This is too late to "var_dump". As I said, try var_dump or debugger in InputfieldImagePicker.module in private function getAImage($imgpath). The code in there is supposed to find an image object by its path name. Try to find out why it returns null. I have no idea what it might have to do with the selected language. Afaik images are the same for different languages. P.S. are you sure you have the updated version?
  11. theo

    If it says that it called width() on null, then ImagePicker's getImage() returned null. You should always check the return value for null. I do not know why it can't find the image in your case for other languages. I can't reproduce this problem. I suggested here that you could try to see what is going on in getAImage($imgpath) using var_dump or Tracy Debugger. Did you do this?
  12. theo

    Could it be this problem?
  13. I was able to make it work now. Not sure if a hack, but... To my copy of PageFrontEdit.js, I've simply added: function ckeGetProcessWireConfig(editor) { return {pwAssetPageID:jQuery("#" +'.pw-edit').attr('data-page')}; } Then it shows the right image field. Thank you for your help.
  14. Yes thank you. I see it is not so easy. I need it in my backend wysiwyg editor which is a "tweaked" front-end editor and thus not working this way afaics. I'll need to invest more time later, it is not super urgent. Thank you.
  15. @Robin S Thank you. I will try this soon in a way. But I can't "hardcode" it in ready.php. Sorry for the late reaction. For a reason I was not alerted of your response. Just saw it now, when I wanted to "bump" the question.