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  1. Guys, I found the method that I meant. It is not the field=fieldname URL that Bernhard mentioned. A long time ago I also tried to tackle a similar task, where I wanted to remember and focus the last edited field after you saved a page. I opened a github issue for this and later Ryan added some methods that he mentioned in a reply, that achieve the behaviour I and @Peter Falkenberg Brown want. Just add a #focus-field_name to the URL when the page is saved and the redirect is executed and the field gets focused. An example URL looks like https://domain.com/processwire/page/edit/?id=1056#focus-subheadline and would focus the field named "subheadline". I am a fan of using native methods that ProcessWire offers, over custom ones. But what the others wrote is also viable. I will provide a hook, just have to test it out, but it goes somewhat like this: <?php namespace ProcessWire; $this->addHookBefore('ProcessPageEdit::processSaveRedirect', function (HookEvent $event) { $url = $event->arguments(0); $page = $event->object->getPage(); if ($page->template == "book_sales" && !$page->isTrash()) { if ($url !== "../") { $goto =$page->url . '#focus-list_price"; $event->arguments = array($goto); } }
  2. I just love our community and all the good ideas.
  3. Also check if the file /var/www/html/GF_website/processwire-dev/site/assets/logs/exceptions.txt excists. If not, create it and check if that fixes the problem.
  4. It might be that the PHP runs as a different user as the webserver, and therefore has no acces if you only gave rights for the owner and the group. Please check back with your hoster
  5. To focus an Inputfield there is a method since 3.0.145 (ProcessWire 3.0.145 core updates) Inputfields.focus(f) which you could put into an custom admin.js file. There is also a possibility to do a redirect and focus the field via PHP but I don't remember the query parameter. Maybe @bernhard can jump in for the correct syntax.
  6. You need to give the correct rights via CHMOD or CHOWN to some folders. for example the logs directory and the files in it need read and write access. Also it seems that you didn't upload the modules folder. Please assure that the folders site/assets/files site/assets/cache site/assets/logs exist and have the correct rights
  7. I would suggest using something like the great Dashboard (Dashboard) - ProcessWire Module. You can easily add a custom PHP file to render whatever you want on a separate "Dashboard" page. It even has nice predefined "panels" with can show something like a sum with an up or downtrend arrow. It is very easy to setup and comes with good examples.
  8. What excactly are you asking for? For the method to calculate the sum, or to display the data in the admin like with RockTabulator? For the sum function there is this module PagesSum (PagesSum) - ProcessWire Module
  9. The change goes live on November 1st. You can read about the impacts here: FAQ: The Coming Domains API Change To Remove The SMTP Password On November 1, 2021 – Mailgun Help Center and specially this part Will this change impact the application I have integrated with Mailgun? The short answer: maybe, but most likely not.
  10. This only happens with some overseen files that have another or no textdomain, because of the main ProcessWire version change. In the files list, they look like this: a working file would look like this: I try to do a cleanup and push the changes to the repo
  11. An advantage of using a service like mailgun is, that you get statistics like opens and clicks and bounce management, which you haven't with normal SMTP. Corporate SMTP mail servers may have limitations on the number of recipients that can be included on an email and how many emails you can send in a time period.
  12. I will take a look at this. Normally a change should/could be discussed here or you could create an issue and/or PR for that on github. If it really makes sense to me, I will merge the PR or fix the issue. Yeah, because I changed the branch from master to main, sadly I can not login to modules.processwire.com (again) and change the information. I will ask Ryan or Pete for help, so I can login again.
  13. Normally I would believe that this information should auto update, right @ryan?
  14. New Release! Added support for latest stable ProcessWire version 3.0.184
  15. Really nice work by Ryan and all the involved people. I am very happy to see more adaption of PR's from the community and more effort of the community to work on ProcessWire, because @ryandecided to make PW more community-driven. So I have a goodie for all german speaking ProcessWire users: Guess what will be released later today (if nothing happens), or at least tomorrow? YEAH, right, the german language pack!
  16. The update of the page title headline does not work if you are in a multilanguage environment. I changed the default language of my profile to a different language and then edited the tab with the title in that language, but the headline is not updated.
  17. Might be a good time to rewrite/expand this tutorial with using vite
  18. Depending on what you want to do, Alpine JS might not be a good alternative. A big drawdawn ist, that it doesn't use a virtual DOM and can get slow if you want to render many nodes, for example if you want to render many list entries with a pagination. At some point your browser will get slow and sluggish. But it is very good and easy in many other cases. There are also other good libraries out there, that have a similar purpose like vuejs/petite-vue: 5kb subset of Vue optimized for progressive enhancement (github.com) (also does not use a virtual DOM, so the same drawback as Alpine) which shares the same template syntax and reactivity mental model with standard Vue or there is riot.js. Petite-vue might be the right choice for you @jploch. Vite is great and really fast and I am happy to have it as a replacement to webpack and I use it since it appeared in most projects (well actually it is not really a replacement for webpack, because it is NOT a bundler, but it serves a similar purpose).
  19. There is a hook Pages::cloned $this->addHookAfter('Pages::cloned', $this, 'pageCloned') and you can interact with the cloned page: /** * @param HookEvent $event * Method to change the status of a cloned page */ public function pageCloned(HookEvent $event) { // $return = $event->return; $page = $event->arguments(0); $clone = $event->arguments(1); $clone->of(false); $clone->modified = date("Y-m-d H:i:s"); $clone->created_users_id = $this->user->id; $clone->save(array('quiet' => true)); }
  20. Really nicely designed website. I like it!
  21. Please open the dev tools of your browser and take a look if there are errors in the console or if there are 404 errors in the network panel. I think that the paths might be wrong. In dev tools network tab you will see from where the browser tries to load the assets. Also the rel="stylesheet" in your script tag absolutely makes no sense, please remove it.
  22. I just released the latest version with some fixes from @bernhard. Thanks for the corrections. I also updated the dev branch with latest translations to the core 3.0.180. Enjoy
  23. In your post you wrote two different directories. First you mention an "img" folder, then you try to acces the "imgs" folder. Please check that you are using the correct path.
  24. This is the normal way of rendering output, but as with almost everything in ProcessWire it is up to you. For example you could use your own render logic via _init.php without the need for any other .php file. Or you could integrate a template language like Twig or Smarty via Template Engine Factory.
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