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  1. @Robin S Thanks - I came to the same conclusions as your first two points during further testing too. I'll open a GitHub Issue. Cheers! Ian.
  2. Hi, I have a text field called refcode that I wanted to add to the fields searched by the Ajax Admin Page Search, so was able to add it in the Module Settings. The default search operator I've left unchanged at "%= Contains phrase/word using LIKE". The refcode field contains something like "ABCD000126". If I type a three or less character search term, e.g. "126" or "012" in the admin search box, the ajax search finds a match. However if I type a longer term, e.g. "0126" it doesn't. It seems that if the search term is more than three characters the ajax search switches from "%=" to using "*=" and I guess this may be looking for word boundaries? The only way I can get a match for more than three character search term is if I enter the full value "ABCD000126". Strangely, if you press enter to display the actual results list, all of the above search terms will display matching results, so this must honour the default search operator "%=". It's not a huge problem, but if I wanted to find just the record with refcode "ABCD000012" I would need to enter "012" but this would also return "ABCD000126" and "ABCD001200" as well. I wonder if this is the intended behaviour? I'm on master version 3.0.42 with default theme. Thanks, Ian.