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  1. Hello dragan. The page is published. I'm using Google Chrome Where can I switch to another language version? The console is clean with no errors. I tried all the methods and no one was effective.
  2. Hello. I installed the Front End editing module to use on my site. I inserted the calls on the template correctly and doesnt work. Saw this link https://processwire.com/docs/front-end/front-end-editing/ and tested all the methods with no effect. Inserted Jquery on my template and nothing. When I inspect the element I saw a builded div like this <div id="pw-edit-1" class="pw-edit pw-edit-InputfieldCKEditor" data-name="activity_description" data-page="1023" data-lang="0" style="position:relative"><div class="pw-edit-orig"> But without buttons of editing and the double click doesnt' work to edit in front. I'm superuser. What I'm missing?
  3. Hmmm... now is working. Thanks a lot.
  4. Hello. I have setted up on my config.php the correct http host to my website. However, on PW panel still shows the following error Unrecognized HTTP host:'revistaexclusive.com.br' - Please update your $config->httpHosts setting in /site/config.php I can insert anything on the httpHosts settings and the error continues. I believe this error are affecting the creation of new users. Cause every time I try to create a new user, I receive the following message: Cannot be published until errors are corrected. Someone received somekind of this error?
  5. Hello. I'm developing a project using processwire and I would like to know if processwire offers somekind of approach using an alternative php template file as url parameter? Example: I have a template with a text field and a file field. When user clicks on the content, he will see the text and when he clicks on specific button, will show a pdf in file field of same content and render it using a flipbook plugin. So I tought something like this Content: http://example.com/content/page-of-content PDF: http://example.com/content/page-of-content?template=flipbook Its possible?
  6. Hello comunity. I have a installation of PW on a DO droplet (dev) and copy it to a new droplet (prod). Everything looks good. I managed to navigate on the site, access the pages but when I try to login on panel, nothing happens. I insert user and pass, click on login and no errors. I just redirected to login screen. I took a look on logs but no news. Anyone faced something like this already?
  7. Hello @adrian and @Sergio thanks for the suggestions. After reading a little bit more I decided to follow a different approach: create a custom login page. Apparently fits my needs here. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  8. Hello. I searched on some topics to see if processwire is able to do something like this but didn't found yet. Someone here knows if is possible to define a custom redirect after login on PW? Something like this http://mydomain.com/processwire/?redirect=http://mydomain.com/about/me When the user log in, so he is redirect for the specific page on an url parameter (like the example above)?
  9. Hey bernhard. I'll try this one. Thanks for the tip
  10. Hello I have a website with some sections that will be avaliable for specific users to edit/create content inside it. Is possible for example in PW I define a user to edit each page and the child pages inherit the editi permission from the parent? Page 1 (edited by User X) Subpage 1.1 (inherited from parent) Subpage 1.2 (inherited from parent) Subpage 1.3 (inherited from parent) Page 2 (edited by User Y) Subpage 2.1 (inherited from parent) Subpage 2.2 (inherited from parent) Subpage 2.3 (inherited from parent) Anyone had tried this paradigm?
  11. Hello. I have a content portal with three domains point to it. The access can happens trought xpto.com.br, xpto.com and xptow.com.br. When I log in on admin panel throught xpto.com and changes to xptow.com.br for example, I need to authenticate on xptow.com.br to use the panel. Is there a way to keep logged in on admin even I change the domain on url?
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