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Managing content outside processwire


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Hello. I would like to know if I can use ProcessWire just as a background CMS instead of the CMS itself?

Let me explain the case to ease the understanding: I have a customer that I developed a website using ProcessWire and a recruitment system thats uses Laravel. To manage contents he uses the ProcessWire Interface, but to manage the recruitment entries, he uses the interface that I developed in Laravel. Customer asked me a way to unite the content management with laravel app to use only one interface.

I would like to know if ProcessWire have somekind of API that allows me to manage content outside ProcessWire interface?

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10 hours ago, MarkE said:

This.  And you can have a read on a example I posted recently, I will add you two or three more screenshots of the page tree created by our softwares.



Others examples added to the thread, I will make one day a showcase... but you just have to know that no page are created from the admin, but by API calls. The module used is the one linked by @MarkE and made by @Sebi . Anyway, it let you use the workflow you want, I mean freedom. And also, you can note that it scale pretty well (even if my apps are not so quite optimized, just saying).

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