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  1. TBH I totally forgot about the Export/Import feature of templates and fields until I have read about it here again. My workflow was to have two windows open (developement and staging/production) and manually rebuild fields I have created in my development environment. But export/import is way easier. Thank you for reminding me. Maybe this feature should be more prominent with additional buttons at the beginning of the overview for people like me who don't look at the end of the page. 😅 As for the other discussed solutions: A JSON/YAML solution would also be great for version control, but for me it would not be necessary, because in my experience the gap between development and staging/production is not that large. But for large websites this could be handy.
  2. Hello @kongondo, I am not a Padloper user, but I have noticed an increasing number of Padloper threads in the Dev Talk topic. Right now I am counting 6 threads for Padloper (1 pinned). Wouldn't it be better to have a dedicated place for Padloper? For example here: https://processwire.com/talk/forum/57-module-specific-support/ Since Padloper is a module and the Dev Talk section is "A place for general development and coding discussions." I think this would be a better solution for Padloper and non-Padloper users. 😉 Regards, Andreas
  3. There was a poll in 2017: https://weekly.pw/polls/#which-site-profiles-should-be-bundled-with-processwire Personally I only use the blank site profile. But for beginners one starter site profile would be necessary. I don't think there is a need for multiple site profiles, but that is just my opinion. Other CMS offer two separate downloads (one blank and one starter download). This could also be an option.
  4. Hello everyone, for anybody using Gravatar who didn't hear the news: Gravatar had a data leak exposing the name, username and email address of your public profile: https://monitor.firefox.com/breach-details/Gravatar For me reason enough to never use Gravatar again, but that is of course my personal decision. 😉 Regards, Andreas
  5. Hello @SwimToWin, just out of curiosity: Is there a source for this statement? I don't quite believe that this makes any difference at all. Also you can already achieve this by using for example URL segments on your homepage: https://processwire.com/docs/front-end/how-to-use-url-segments/ You would just have to check the URL segment with the page somewhere else in the page tree. Regards, Andreas
  6. Thank you for the update. I am always using the latest MAMP PRO and didn't notice this issue anymore. But I also defined as workaround a own config variable "useWebP", which I set to false for my development environment. 😉 <picture> <?php if ($config->useWebP): ?> <source srcset="path/to/image-webp" type="image/webp"> <?php endif; ?> <img src="path/to/image"> </picture>
  7. I had this issue on my local MAMP server for a while, when the new master version came out. But now it never occured to me again. First I also suspected the language pack, but now I think it might was a chaching issue. Although I had cleared all chaches. 😅
  8. AndZyk

    other CMSs

    Thank you, for linking to the post I was refering to. In my opinion "lack of interest" and "lack of expertise" goes hand in hand, but yes he showed willingness to support this feature on the PHP side. 👍 I still hope, that the Repeater Matrix could be enhanced as layout builder, because many of us use it already and it has already the blocks feature. Also the layout builder feature was one of the most requested features of the community at the beginning of this year and was discussed a few weeks. But if it is too complex to enhance the Repeater Matrix, I can understand that. 😉
  9. AndZyk

    other CMSs

    Hello @Fokke, thank you for the teaser of your module. I am exited to see more of it. Since @ryan doesn't seem to be interested in developing a layout builder solution, it is nice that somebody else gives it a shoot. If your teaser video is ready, feel free to mention me. 😉 Regards, Andreas
  10. AndZyk

    other CMSs

    I was curious and tested out the new Blocks + Layout feature of Kirby 3.5 and here is my brief experience: The interface of the Layout feature is really nice and its fun to add or drag & drop blocks. If the Repeater Matrix would have such an interface, it could be a nice layout builder in ProcessWire. Also it is possible to add custom settings for each row, which makes it possible to customize your layout more. But currently it is not possible to switch the layout (f. e. from 3 columns to 4 columns). If you want to do this, you have to add a new row and drag & drop the blocks there. Also you cannot add custom settings to each column. This feature is currently in development. As for the blocks: You have a default set of blocks (Text, Image, Video etc.) which is nice and covers most of the content needs. Each block has its own snippet, similar to field templates. So you are free to customize the default blocks. Or you can create custom blocks with own fields. But you cannot see all fields of the custom blocks in the layout interface. To edit custom blocks you have to click on the block, which I think is ok in my opinion. In my opinion the Blocks + Layout feature is cool, but has its limitations at the moment. It is a nice mix of layout builder and customization. I wish the Repeater Matrix could be enhanced in this way. But I know that layout builder are no easy task. 😀
  11. Hi @Peter Falkenberg Brown, I think it should be: $page->getUnformatted('sale_date') Personally I have never used the $datetime->date()-function. I am using the plain PHP date()-function. Regards, Andreas
  12. Hi @sebr, 1. You could just uninstall the core module "Languages Support - Tabs". But this would disable all language tabs. 😉 2. Required fields should prevent you from publishing the page if not filled out. But I think it only works for the default language. Regards, Andreas
  13. I have tested it with the latest German language pack for ProcessWire 3.0.184. Thank you for investigating, I will also look if I can provide more informations. 😉 Regards, Andreas Edit: This issue didn't occur after upgrading a few more websites, so maybe this was a caching issue after all.
  14. Thank you @ryan for your response. I made some tests and think that I can provide some additional informations to my issue: It is not the browser cache. Incognito mode or reseting didn't help. It is not another module. It was still there after disabling all third party modules. It happens after the upgrade from 3.0.165 to 3.0.184. It worked after upgrading from 3.0.182 to 3.0.184. It probably has something to with the language pack. I got no issue with the default language. The latest language pack (German in my case) still has this issue. So it seems, that something in the InputfieldTextTags module causes a conflict with the translation of language packs. I hope this helps, but as it seems that no one else had this issue so far and it happens only on my local MAMP server, this seems to be an isolated issue. 😉 Yes, I have posted this issue on GitHub. It would be great, if this could be solved in the future, but until then I just avoid using the new InputfieldTextTags with Selectize.js. 😉 And thanks again for the new master release. Reading through all the changes again makes you realize how much has changed since the last master release. Regards, Andreas
  15. Thank you for the new master version. 👍 But after the upgrade from 3.0.165 to 3.0.184 I get an JavaScript error on the field editing page, which results in a blank page: Has anybody else this issue? I think I have to wait for the upgrade a little bit. Regards, Andreas Edit: Ok, this issue seems to only occur on my local MAMP PRO server so far. I try to investigate further. 😉 Edit 2: By the way, I use to add tags to my fields and templates for better organization. The tags I add have usually capitalization like "Foo" or "Bar". It seems to be an issue with the newly introduced InputfieldTextTags.
  16. I think I will settle with the solution to set a "Name format for children" on the "Family" tab of the parent template. This way I can skip the "add page" step and still keep my "page-edit-lang-english"-permission. Additionally I hook into "Pages:saveReady" to set a nicer page name. If anyone has a nicer solution, I would be happy to hear it. 😀
  17. Hello, I have a user role "editor-english", which is not allowed to edit the default language "german" of a page. For this I have installed the "page-edit-lang-..."-permissions. This user role has the permission "page-edit-lang-default" disabled and "page-edit-lang-english" enabled. My problem is, that I want this user role to be able to add new pages in the non-default language only. But since ProcessWire requires you to enter the page title in the default language on page creation, it is not possible to add a page for this user role, because it is not possible to enter a page title in the default language. I think the only way for me would be to set the page title in the default language with a hook before the page is added. Could somebody please tell me which hook that would be? I only tried "Pages::saveReady" so far. Or is there an other solution? 😉 In my opinion this is an issue which reduces the use of this permission. Regards, Andreas
  18. A variable is something you store information in. It could be a string, an array, an object or something else in PHP. This is basic PHP knowledge, so maybe you should take a PHP course first. 😉 In my example the variable was just for demonstration that you could pass variables with the wireIncludeFile-function from "file-a.php" to "include-b.php". But you don't have to use it at all. The only difference is to write wireIncludeFile instead of include. Here is a comparison: <?php include("path/to/partial.php"); wireIncludeFile("path/to/partial"); But you can use the include-function if you want to, its just a matter of preference. 😉 Regards, Andreas
  19. I prefer wireIncludeFile because of these points described by Ryan in his blog post: The foo variable is just an own variable you can pass and use in the included file. This way you can keep track where you added variables. Of course Markup Regions are also awesome and I like to combine Markup Regions with wireIncludeFile. I use Markup Regions for the whole blueprint of the templates and wireIncludeFile to split up large junks of code. Occasionally I use field templates for repeating fields markup. ProcessWire offers many ways to structure your code if you want to. 😀
  20. Or you could use the wireIncludeFile-function of ProcessWire. I prefer this over the PHP include-function. 😉 <?php wireIncludeFile('path/to/partial', [ "foo" => $foo ]);
  21. Hello @cabrooney, repeater items have their own system template: You should be able to find them and sort them like this: $zeit_start = strtotime("2021-12-01 00:00:00"); $zeit_end = strtotime("2021-12-31 00:00:00"); $terminliste = $pages->find("template=repeater_termin_repeater, termin_datum>=$zeit_start , termin_datum<=$zeit_end, sort=termin_datum"); Maybe you have to add "include=all" too, if the selector doesn't find anything while you are logged-out. I am not sure if that is necessary. Regards, Andreas
  22. I have only used Webflow a few years ago to try some animations, but since they have their own Webflow CMS solution, I don't think they would allow external sources. 😉
  23. When selecting an existing tag in the field settings the capitalization is ignored and a new tag will be created. For example, I have added the tag "Content", select it in the settings and it makes a new tag "content". I think this should be fixed. Regards, Andreas
  24. Thank you for making it easier to style the admin theme. This is way better than building it every time with node. 😀 Is it possible to provide also a source map file in addition to the css? I like to search for the variables with the developer tools and this would help me a lot. I know I can look through the admin theme style, but for example the reno theme uses many own variables instead of the UIkit variables. Regards, Andreas
  25. The Architekturforum Freiburg sees itself as a regional platform for information and exchange about architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and building culture. On the website you can register for events, view presentations or become a member. The website uses UIkit as framework and Workbox for the PWA. architekturforum-freiburg.de Features: Dynamic primary color Structured data Dynamic primary color The events are grouped in programs and every program can have its own color. For this I used the awesome module Color. I defined a fixed color palette, so that no ugly colors could be selected and I worked for the first time with CSS variables. With CSS variables you are more flexible than with f.e. SCSS variables and can change the primary color for the whole website on the fly. This is used on the detail page of events with a different primary color. Structured data It was important for me to provide the correct structured data for the events. Since the pandemic they have been enhanced for online, offline and mixed events. Modules used: Repeater Matrix Form Builder Functional Fields Map Marker ProCache Upgrades TOTP two-factor authentication Tracy Debugger Color Sitemap Email Obfuscation (EMO) Regards, Andreas
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