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  1. Oke.. yes it is an option, but I don't want it to be an option at this point in time as it is more work. I'm migrating from an old CMS. I just copy the content from an old wysiwyg editor.
  2. Yes tried it myself. Works by disabling the purifier. In that regard something is still going wrong. If I enable purifier the iframe is stripped only sometimes and not always. So something is happening there. @Inxentas keeping iframes separate from the content, as I do agree, is not an option at the moment.
  3. It seems silly, because I do the following - Open page - Add iframe - Save page - Iframe gone on the rendered page - Add iframe (the edit page was still open) - Save the page - Iframe is visible on the rendered page - Change something on the page in the CMS (kept it open) - Save the page - iframe gone So this keeps on repeating. Hanna Code is not a solution for this problem at the moment as I have a lot of content already with iFrames.
  4. I have a page with a text field that is displayed as wysiwyg editor (tinyMCE). When I add some source code like <iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/EdNWOlnGtrk" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>. Save the code then save the page the iframe is removed. If I do it again (add the iframe to the source code) then save the page. The iframe is there on the frontend. If I then save it again it is removed again. It looks like not being a setting of tinyMCE, but I'm not sure. Using PW 3.0.277
  5. It's the prettier plugin/config that bugged me. I added a .prettierignore file and added .htaccess to it. It solved the problem. Now I can edit it through VSCode and no formatting is happening
  6. It seems that the .htaccess file is buggy. I played around with an old version of Processwire what was still working. When the .htaccess was replaced it worked again. Maybe lateron I will look into the problem in the .htaccess Ok. This is awkward. In VSCode my .htaccess file was reformatted this was causing the issue
  7. I wanted to update my version to the latest because ProCache required this. This broke the site. When did fresh processwire install it doesn't let me into the admin panel. I don't get any errors in the logs. I don't see any errors popping up in the screen while I enabled the debug mode. It just redirects back to the login screen. Not sure what is happening here. Currently running Processwire on (via Devilbox) - PHP 8.1.5, - MariaDB 10.6.7, - Apache 2.4.53. (Mod rewrite is enabled)
  8. I've got the same issue. The problem was somehow in the subdomain. When logged on to the admin panel on "www.domain.com" and try to view a unpublished page on the normal domain "www.domain.com" I got the 404. When viewing the same page on "domain.com" and logged on to "domain.com" I could view the page perfectly. This is very strange behavior. Something in the authentication process and assigning permissions isn't going correctly.
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