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  1. Thank you very much @Robin S. I think that will do for the migration process. Seems I missed that blog post you mentioned while searching for a solution.
  2. Hi & thanks, @dragan: I had another look at it and found out that it's the PagePathHistory-Module (https://modules.processwire.com/modules/page-path-history/) which is a core-module (but not installed by default). Once it is installed, the options are available in the settings tab of page as "what other URLs redirect to this page?" It does not have a dedicated (system-)field.
  3. Hi! I am new to processwire and really like working with it so far. For a relaunch project, some editors of our website need the permission to add redirect URLs while migrating the content. I already created a role "site-manager" so only a few team members have access to certain features. There is also the option to add redirect URLs in the page settings, but it seems to be restricted only to superusers. Does anyone know of a way to grant permission for this option to another user role? Since this is the first PW-Project I did not dive in too deep with the permissions yet. I also tried to add a "page-edit-redirect"-permission, but I am somehow stuck on what to do with it. Thanks
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