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  1. @jmartsch Thanks a lot for that link. I probably didn't see that module and I'll certainly try it. But for now I developed google login directly using google api. Thanks again!
  2. Hi all! I've got Tags which are pages in my project. Also I have a field (type Page) with autocomplete and auto create the tag. Everything is works supergood until I add the permission page-edit-created to the role editor. This permission should reduce the permission page-edit. As a result editor can create page tag as earlier but can't edit tags created by another editors. The problem is that autocreate of page tag through the field (type Page) does not work now. Whereas the editor still can add tag page manually. So when I remove reducing permission page-edit-created everything works fine. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  3. @dfunk006 Thank you for the quick respond! I placed Hybridauth in site/libraries/hybridauth Probable we are talking about different versions of PW (mine - 3), because I didn't find that piece of code in index.php. But I found and comment this in Session.php if(ini_get('session.save_handler') == 'files') { if(ini_get('session.gc_probability') == 0) { // Some debian distros replace PHP's gc without fully implementing it, // which results in broken garbage collection if the save_path is set. // As a result, we avoid setting the save_path when this is detected. } else { ini_set("session.save_path", rtrim($this->config->paths->sessions, '/')); } } And it doesn't help. Any other suggestions? Thanks a lot!
  4. @dfunk006Please help me with the problem you used to have. Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Hybrid_Exception' with message 'You cannot access this page directly.' in /usr/local/www/web.local/cases/site/libraries/hybridauth/hybridauth/Hybrid/Endpoint.php I changed the session name to PHPSESSID as you suggested but unfortunately it didn't help me. Huge Thanks in advance.
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