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  1. I could have just used that. Thanks for the information.
  2. Hey, is this feature already in the master branch? Thanks for help
  3. In a multilingual environment I get the following error, wehen sorting menu-items TypeError method_exists(): Argument #1 ($object_or_class) must be of type object|string, null given File: .../modules/MarkupMenuBuilder/ProcessMenuBuilder.module:2602 2602: if($language != null && method_exists($pages->get($itemID)->title, 'getLanguageValue')) $itemTitle = $pages->get($itemID)->title->getLanguageValue($language);// title of each PW page in this array This works for me: // multilingual environments if($language != null && $itemID && method_exists($pages->get($itemID)->title, 'getLanguageValue')) $itemTitle = $pages->get($itemID)->title->getLanguageValue($language);// title of each PW page in this array
  4. hm, there seems to be an error in the latest main branch with PW 3.0.18 ProcessWire\FrontendForms::cleanUpPasswordList(): Argument #1 ($data) must be of type array|string, null given, called in /var/www/html/site/modules/FrontendForms/FrontendForms.module on line 699 search►
  5. Ahh! There it is. Thank you! Maybe you should also integrate it here: https://github.com/juergenweb/FrontendForms/blob/main/Examples/inputfieldexamples.php
  6. Hello @Juergen, is there an example for a file field? In need to upload files via frontend forms, but I could not find anything in the repository. Thanks for Help
  7. Hello @torf, I pushed an update a minute ago. Please have a look, if the issue is resolved. Happy new year.
  8. hej, is it possible to hook into pageViewTracked from ready.php? I tried the following, but since I am not so familiar with hooks, it is not working out. wire()->addHookAfter('PageHitCounter::pageViewTracked', function($pageID) { $page = wire('pages')->get($pageID); ... } Thanks for any help.
  9. Hey Bernhard, Weird! thanks for bug-reporting. I'll update the repository!
  10. Hey everybody, I just uploaded a small textformatter module for wrapping tables with a div container in order to display responsive HTML tables in the frontend. TextformatterWrapTable Processwire wrap table module is a textformatter module for processwire CMS/CMF. It is wrapping markup tables with a div container. wrapping tables with div container simplifies the process of displaying responsive tables in the frontend. The css classes for the wrapper and the table are configurable. .table-responsive / .table by default the module produces the following markup: <div class="table-responsive"> <table class="table"> ... </table> </div> Link to Repository https://github.com/pmichaelis/TextformatterWrapTable
  11. Hi, i wanted to test the module. Is there still a namespacing issue? Error: Class 'ProcessWire\HtmlExporter' not found in /home/vagrant/web/pw-static/web/site/modules/StaticWire/StaticWire.module.php on line 41 thanks for help
  12. Hey Thomas, first of all: thanks for your all the effort you put into the RestApi Module. I've seen the AppApi Module recently and I think it would be good to focus on it. keep it up.
  13. Hey, using the module for the first time. Great work! I don't know if there have been any requests, but is ist possible to make the module work with "Repeater Matrix Fieldtypes"?
  14. Hey, great module. Good work! I think it would be nice for the user to implement explaining textfields for each cookie category and not only titles, because people might not know what they are accepting.
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