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  1. Some more Infos for the cssmin errors using php7 That seems to fix the errors
  2. Hey Bernahrd, really good work. Thank you so much for your effort!
  3. Wanted to let you know, that I had some issues with AOIM running php 7. Error messages were generated because of non well formed numeric values. Maybe the issues are bound to my hosting environment. The following changes resolved them Changend line 775 in /site/modules/AllInOneMinify/lib/cssmin.php to: return intval($size); Changed line 713 in site/modules/AllInOneMinify/AllInOneMinify.module to $_timestamp = intval($_timestamp . $file['last_modified']);
  4. Ok, thanks for the reply. I was just wondering, because the modal dialog keeps all these options. An altnernative would be to store the data (url, title, rel, target) as json in order to have them.
  5. Sorry, that I need to post my question again. Is there a chance for storing these values to the db?
  6. Hey, thanks for that module. Maybe I missed something, but how to get the propoerties, like target, title, or rel in a page template? Are these values stored anywhere? Thanks for help.
  7. Hey kongondo, I downgraded to 2.7.2 and the descriptions work ... Thanks for that.
  8. Sorry, I still can't figure it out. All the descriptions are not displayed as HTML. A can't update Menu Item, or anything else. Does anyone have a hint for me to solve this?
  9. Hey, thanks for your fast reply. I attached a screenshot with my current setup. You are right, the page is multilingual. Maybe you cna give me a hint, how I can solve this? It seems, that the HTML is not rendered correctly. I tried to edit the HTML of the decription field and put Markdon tags in the description, which are displayed correct.
  10. Hey kongondo, thanks for thi great module again. A few days ago I figured out, that the output of the main menu builder header is not formated in html. Maybe it has to do with some other modules installed, because I never had the issue, that the output is not "rendered" as HTML. Does anyone else have this issue, too?
  11. Love it! Great work.
  12. Hi, is there a possibility to have multiple marker icons? Right now I have "locations" pages, that belong to a category. Depending on the category I want to show different marker icons. echo $map->render($locations, 'geo', array( 'icon' => $icon, 'markerTitleField' => 'title', 'useMarkerSettings' => true, 'fitToMarkers' => true )); Thanks for any help.
  13. Sweet! Thank you very much!
  14. Hey Sebii, thanks for your help, but I could not figure it out. foreach($product->image as $image) { $image->tags = "tag1 tag2"; $page->images->add($image->url); } $product->imgae is an external array of images. It has nothing to do with the page images. So there is nothing like $image->tags.
  15. Hey, I would like to add tags to an image field upload via api. Does anybody have some information on that? im using the following code to update images on a page. # remove images if(count($page->images)) { $page->images->deleteAll(); $page->save(); } # upload images foreach($product->image as $image) { $page->images->add($image->url); $page->images->tags = ? // not working } $page->save(); During Page Update the backend says: Session: Item 'tags' set to ProcessWire\Pageimages is not an allowed type Thanks for help.