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  1. rareyush

    I can access the domain and all the pages easily it's just 404 pages show that error
  2. rareyush

    it's worldofstudios.com
  3. rareyush

    I am using gzip code this <IfModule mod_deflate.c> AddOutputFilter DEFLATE js css AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html text/plain text/xml application/xml BrowserMatch ^Mozilla/4 gzip-only-text/html BrowserMatch ^Mozilla/4\.0[678] no-gzip BrowserMatch \bMSIE !no-gzip !gzip-only-text/html </IfModule> but it is not working. I used this site to check to gzip and it's not enabled https://checkgzipcompression.com/
  4. rareyush

    I am receiving an error on 404 page when I start using jumplinks Warning: get_headers(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /home/mysite.com/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/ProcessJumplinks/ProcessJumplinks.module.php on line 452 Warning: get_headers(http://mysite.comapple-touch-icon-precomposed.png): failed to open stream: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /home/mysite.com/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/ProcessJumplinks/ProcessJumplinks.module.php on line 452
  5. rareyush

    Hey, I know how things work in wordpress but when it comes to processwire, I don't know how I'll achieve this. I want to use a subdomain for files folder in processwire, anyone has any idea how to achieve this?
  6. like gmail and yahoo no, there are around 6 7 mail on that domain I have to migrate all the mail if I have to do that.
  7. I have my site on my own vps using centos and centos web panel and using default mail services there. I checked there no 3rd party module present
  8. I did these changes but still I am getting two emails for confirmation
  9. anyone here who is using login register module ?
  10. this is not working anymore and I am getting two mails
  11. I tried both but either they are not working or those lines doesn't exist.
  12. anyone here who could help me ??
  13. Login/Register module sending two email for confirmation and emails are getting from id processwire@mydomain.com
  14. rareyush

    from march 2018 "Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs" is is enable for everyone and you just can't disable it
  15. rareyush

    Can't Load URL: The domain of this URL isn't included in the app's domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings. having this issue I guess it's related to facebook api