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  1. Thanks kixe Love you a lot, you solved my big problem, I was trying to add that code in my main file & in init file. Thanks a lot
  2. from admin panel I created new field whose type I choose 'file'. i have a template for contact form where i want to put this field and give access to upload files options to users but when i add this new field in that template my site stops working, i saw that error which i posted above everywhere.
  3. this one doesn't work
  4. I am trying to add a file type field in a template but when I give access to the template I receive this error Error: Exception: New page '//' must be saved before files can be accessed from it (in /mysite/wire/core/PagefilesManager.php line 342) #0 /mysite/wire/core/PagefilesManager.php(328): ProcessWire\PagefilesManager->___path() #1 /mysite/wire/core/PagefilesManager.php(268): ProcessWire\PagefilesManager->path() #2 /mysite/wire/core/PagefilesManager.php(106): ProcessWire\PagefilesManager->createPath() #3 /mysite/wire/core/PagefilesManager.php(90): ProcessWire\PagefilesManager->init(Object(ProcessWire\Page)) #4 /mysite/wire/core/Page.php(3498): ProcessWire\PagefilesManager->__construct(Object(ProcessWire\Page)) #5 /mysite/wire/core/Pagefiles.php(132): ProcessWire\Page->filesManager() #6 /hom This error message was shown because: you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged.
  5. my seniors told me that jquery is blocked in some browsers that's why try not use too much of jqueries but I am using loop and all the childrens are coming from a loop and i want full width menu on 3rd menu only not others, because 3rd menu is the only menu who has many submenus Thank you I'm reading
  6. hi everyone I am trying get a full width sub-menu on 3rd item in menu or navbar which is coming from a loop. i was hoping this can be done by using jquery by targeting 3rd element in navbar but jquery is blocked in some browser by default so is there any other method I can do this
  7. This worked for me, Thank you I really appreciate and this is why I love processwire more now xD
  8. I'm trying to display body part but as a summary which doesn't include any image. I was able to get limit the words by using this function <?PHP function truncateWords($input, $numwords, $padding="") { $output = strtok($input, " \n"); while(--$numwords > 0) $output .= " " . strtok(" \n"); if($output != $input) $output .= $padding; return $output; } ?> but if there is an image it show that image as well. any api or anything which I can use to use show just limited text ?????