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    Yes, as given in examples above: Redirect 301 /recipe/paleo-jam
  2. anthonygustin

    Thanks! Right, but I already had set up about 180 of the old URLs to new URL slug paths -- would I have to go through and then redo everything separately?
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    Hey all, things had been going well remapping a site from one domain to another, but hit a snag and have searched for hours and don't know how to continue. 1) I was moving everything from to 2) I moved every single path individually with redirects like this: Redirect 301 /category/post Everything smooth sailing until today when through webmaster tools (to say site address as moved) I had to execute "Redirect 301 /" -- now some of the urls go through and some don't include the / after the .com extension. For example: > no problem > no problem BUT a bunch of the URLs then don't push... For example: > http://www.dranthonygustin.comrecipe/paleo-jam/ (notice NO / after the .com extension) and > http://www.dranthonygustinwp-admin (which of course leads to dead link) There are a bunch of paths that do this, that I checked before and were working, such as: Redirect 301 /recipe/paleo-jam Any idea why after implementing the / redirect, why it broke some of the redirects and not all? Thanks!