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  1. Hi Chris, sure I don't mind. Please just share your thoughts and findings, so we can improve this language pack where needed. Have a great week! Pozdrowienia! 🙂
  2. Hello, I've updated my polish language pacakge for ProcessWire 3.x to be fully compatibile with the latest master version - 3.0.148 In this update: - added all missing translations for a new features, - removed translation strings marked as abandoned - few small corrections for typos download at: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/polski/ or: https://github.com/sevenstudio/polish-wire/archive/1.0.7.zip
  3. @wbmnfktr thanks a lot! At the time when this site was finished (2 years ago) there was no support for a .webpm in the core so it wasn't even considered 😉 The goal here was to provide a good quality of images, even by sacrificing loading speed a bit. Of course there is always a place for improvements, still even here without supporting .webpm, but at the moment the blog is living it's own life and there is no planned changes. Who knows maybe in future 😉 Thanks again!
  4. Hi Folks, this is a bit older project but i thought that I will share it with you - https://icapturemylife.pl/ About 2 years ago one of my friends and clients asked me to build a personal photography blog for himslef. In a day life Mariusz is a professional volleyball player, but in his spare time as an amateur photographer he loves taking pictures and learning about photography. Technically, the site was built from scratch with core PW functionalities, the only module used here is Ryan's "login - register" module - to avoid time-consuming comment moderation, we decided to allow comments only for registered users. In general, the blog is quite simple, but it was real fun to build it with PW! I hope you like it 😉
  5. This functionality is a part of the core "System Notifications" module. From this what I can see, notifications status is disabled by default in the module settings, so you won't see any warnings. After changing status to show notifications, I see warning while trying to edit the same page from two different browsers 😉
  6. I would like to inform that my polish language pack was updated to version 1.0.6. This version should be fully compatiblie with the latest master version of ProcessWire - 3.0.123 Download driectly at github: https://github.com/sevenstudio/polish-wire/archive/1.0.6.zip or from the official modules directory: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/polski/
  7. @phoros no worries and thanks for a info, this could mean that I was to fast with deleting abandoned translations. Regarding to the typos, mistakes or suggestions, since language pack is maintained at github please just open a new issues there: https://github.com/sevenstudio/polish-wire Thanks in advance and have a fun with PW 😉
  8. Translations in new UiKit admin theme depends on the session, so you may want to try to logout and login once again after switching admin theme and clean your web browser cache. The new UiKit admin theme was completly translated with version 1.0.5 (I've just checked with latest dev version and I don't see any missing strings there), so there is a chance, that you are using older version of the language pack - v1.0.4. You can try to upgrade to the latest DEV version (dev. versions in PW are extremely stable), and reinstall language package. Small tip, while browsing translation files in: settings - languages -> your language, you can double click trash icon to select all files, after that click on save to delete them and please try to install latest version of language package 1.0.5. As I've mentioned above you will need to clear sessions, (logout) and browser cache to get UiKit theme fully translated. I've also clients sites on PW so I try to keep this translations up to date 😉 Please let me know if reinstalling language package helped with UiKit theme translations. Pozdrawiam sedecznie! Tomek
  9. Hello @phoros, thanks a lot, glad to hear that translation is useful! Regarding to the missing strings, phrases - overall I'm trying to keep 100% of core translated. Some elements, like the core modules descriptions are keept in english. Please note that some translations are also changed during dev versions, some strings are added/changed, some are abandoned, so it also depends which version you are running at the moment. (I've decided to remove many abandoned translations with latest update, but they may be used in older versions). I'm keeping eye on the development, and since we are really close to the next master version (according to Ryan latest post), I'm plannig to release an update (1.0.6) that should be 100% compatibile with latest master version. At the moment I don't need help (thanks anyway!), but if there will be a new version I will be thankfull for reports if anything is missing. Have a fun while working with ProcessWire! 😉 Pozdrawiam! Tomek
  10. @ryan don't rush yourself, Take a few days off and get a proper rest. Hope you will feel better soon.
  11. No idea why this may happens, maybe you have some third party modules installed that affects wiremail class? Maybe you can check if the same issue appear on clean install? What about @wbmnfktr suggestions?
  12. Hi, I've updated language pack to version 1.0.5. This version is fully compatibile with the latest master version 3.0.96 and the DEV version 3.0.108. This version contains translated all new features introduced since release of the latest master version + full translation of the new UIkit admin theme. Download driectly at github: https://github.com/sevenstudio/polish-wire/archive/1.0.5.zip or from the official modules directory: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/polski/ Tomasz
  13. Hi @rareyush, I've just checked that once again and this solution still works fine on latest dev version of PW in one of our site (login register module in v 0.2): in loginRegister.module file, after line 677: $mail = new WireMail(); just add your email address: $mail->from = ('noreply@mydomain.com'); or please post your changes to the original file.
  14. @devlisa I have switched from uniserverZ on windows and I just had the same issue with XAMPP and the problem was in the XAMPP php.ini default settings. In XAMPP php.ini file please change: max_execution_time=30 to max_execution_time=1000 if this won't help, please set it even higher, for example to 3000. After those changes please make sure to stop and start appache once again, so new values will take effect. The real problem here is that the script will silently stop execution and you won't get anything in the server/php error log file, so it is quite hard to narrow this issue. I remember that I had the same problem few years ago in XAMPP with other scripts (mainly Joomla!) where installation stops while importing database dump without any errors. Anyway, this helped me to solve exactly same issue with latest XAMPP version, so it may be worth to try
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