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  1. @heldercervantes thank you!
  2. Hi @Andy thanks for the kind words! Regarding to the multilingual version, this was taken in to account from the beginning and I think that most things are ready (usage of translation strings, backend config. ... ), site is quite simple, but we will see 😉 thanks for a tip!
  3. thanks for all the details, I will keep an eye on it, please let me know if that will happen again 😉
  4. @taotoo thanks for a notice! I'm also on Win10 (integrated GPU, FHD display) but I can't replicate this issue on Chrome/Firefox. Could you please let me know what kind of GPU is that and what display are you using (hdpi with windows scalling)? will try to debug this further 😉 Thanks!
  5. @Stefanowitsch thanks a lot! Regarding to your question about animations - there is no extra animation engine involved in here - these are basic CSS3 transitions and animations triggered by JS via the class change (on the elements or on the parents) + there are few 'ontransitionend' JS listners to control animation state or for example to move focus to correct place after animation end. This apporach has it's pross and cons - animations/transitions triggered via class change could cause unnecessary browser rendering repaints and affect performance, but if done right are great as you can control almost everything straight from the CSS - timings, easing etc. I was trying to optimize all of this quite a bit to not affect performance - animating mostly CSS transforms - translateXYZ(not top/right properties or others that cause repaints), using animations not transitions where possible, continuous transitions like mouse cursor are triggered with requestAnimationFrame to avoid drops in frame rate ... 'On scroll' animations are controled by native js Intersection Observer API, I'm using only basics here but this API is amazing and you can do a lot of great things with it. I guess that it all depends on the project, I'm not plannig to support IE11 here so I choosed native JS. Animations are still quite simple so this approach works well here. On the other side if you will have many complicated animations running at the same, going with something like GSAP could give a much better results from performance perspective 😉
  6. @DV-JF Thanks a lot and thanks for noticing this, it should now be fixed 😉
  7. Hi everyone, I would like to showcase a small micro site of own studio - 7studio.eu Personally I don't like to design anything for myself (as most projects lands in the trash or on the shelf), but I needed something new and simple quite fast before building a fully fledged portfolio, so I thought to built a small "starting point". This is more like a work in progress, than a finished site, it contains only basic info, screenshots of some of the latest works and that's it - as for now 😉 Technically, on the front end we have a simple custom HTML5/CSS3/JS code, on the back end site uses only core PW features (there is more features already built in on both backend and frontend but not published yet). Any comments, suggestions are welcome, hope you will like it and have a great weekend everyone! P.s. Sorry - there is no english translation yet, PW multilingual features will land in the upcomming weeks 😉
  8. You're welcome Chris. Glad to hear that translation is useful ? If you plan to use latest master version or upgrade at some point, it may come handy ? Pozdrowienia!
  9. Another big update of my polish translation - Version 1.0.8 ( June 22, 2022 ) - fully compatibile with the latest ProcessWire master version - 3.0.200 In this update: deleted abondend translations deleted files where translations were moved to a different paths added all missing files and translations for new master 3.0.200 fixed typos, small changes in current translations If you need translations for older versions please check older releases at github https://github.com/sevenstudio/polish-wire/releases I'm having problems with login to the modules directory, so please use github, and I will try to update files in the modules directory asap. Thanks!
  10. @AndZyk Thanks! ? but as I've mentioned above I would like to avoid those if/else and updating code everytime when I add/change something ? After some more testing it looks that the problem lies in my code. I'm using wrong method, childTemplates gives me ID of child template, while I should use childTemplates() - that returns array of templates objects, and it works with LazyLoading enabled. Working example: if ($item->hasChildren()) { $template = $item->template->childTemplates(); foreach($template as $child) { if (!empty($child->noChildren)) { $no_children = true; } } } @bernhard basically I couldn't access template object and it values, but this looks more like an edge case, and I couldn't find more generic example. You would need to have a similar setup (let say blog as parent template + child blog-post template that doesn't allow childrens) + code needs to lands in the _init.php and you have to be logged in. $parent = wire('pages')->get('template=blog'); $child = $parent->template->childTemplates; $template = wire('templates')->get($child); var_dump($template); With lazyLoading enabled this returns NULL instead of a template object (it ruturns object if you are on a child page). As I've mentioned it looks that I was using wrong method, but I think that question still remains if lazyLoading should be enabled by defalut, especially if it can bring some code breaking changes - also like @szabesz mentioned above.
  11. Hi @AndZyk, Thanks for your reply! Maybe I wasn't clear enough, to explain this further - I would like to avoid including childrens as menu items even if they exist in some scenarios, for example hierarchy of my blog looks like this: blog page (blog template) article (blog-post template) article (blog-post template) ... In my case blog-post is a template that can't have children, but Your example will display every single blog article title as a child in menu, which of course I want to avoid. By checking a blog-post template settings (noChildren allowed value), I can skip articles from beeing rendered in a menu and for example adding "parent" CSS class to blog page menu item. I can do the same for other pages that follow same site structure, like portfolio -> portfolio item etc. while using template settings only. For menus I prefer to have a single function that is used to render all kind of menus, that simple helps me to limit code and usage of if/else checks for a specific templates while building menu. Anyway, since 3.0.194 I can't access these values any longer, (as long as I'm not on a blog post page). Lazy loading in this case limits my access to needed values, so I'm wondering what else can't be accessed and if that is not much to have it enabled by default, when PW in most cases is blazing fast (Just loud thinking) ?
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