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  1. Wow thanks it works! Now i can find how hide other page to login user 🙂
  2. Hi, i need to create about 200 pages and permit to edit each page only to their owner. What's the best practice? Thanks
  3. I've upgrade to 3.0.126 and it works now. Thanks anyway.
  4. Hi to all, i try to save translation on my template from "Find file to translate". Set the string, click save, ProcessWire give me notify "1 translation changed +1" ... but after all field are blank. Processwire v. 3.0.120 Any suggestion? Thanks in advance
  5. anyone can help me? Thanks
  6. Hi I develop a website with processwire in a subdomain of the destination domain, but now i can access to admin only through the subdomain. If i try to access from domain the message forged appears ( In italian: "Questa richiesta è stata bloccata perché sembra essere forgiata." Il processo non ha ritornato contenuto.) I check folder permission and it's ok. I try to apply other solution read in the forum (db, ecc..) but with no success. Can someone help me? Thanks
  7. Thanks @bernhard you save my time ... i feel so stupid
  8. Hi is it possibile to translate some string like __('string') on _main.php neither on home.php ? I don't see the possibility to translate the file on "File find to translate". Thanks in advance Francesco
  9. Hi all i've used Hannacode to include a php page with a form. The "action" of this form is to another page that have another php file include. Last php file get post var and print the result. The problem is that when i submit the form 8/10 the new page loading but site freeze. If i reload the page (and re-submit the form) it works. I don't know if it depends to hannacode or processwire. I have another site on same server written in pure php but i never have this type of problem. Thank in advance. Below the result page php code: Hannacode <?php include (wire('config')->paths->templates.'_form-application-result.php'); ?> _form-application-result.php <?php foreach ($input->post as $k=>$v) { if ($v != '' && $k != 'g-recaptcha-response') { $session->set($k,trim($v)); ?> <div class="row"> <div class="col-sm-3"><?= ucwords(str_replace('_',' ',$k)) ?></div> <div class="col-sm-9"><?= strtoupper($v) ?></div> </div> <? } }
  10. I have to choose normal installation and after add language, is it correct?
  11. Hi everyone i'm new on ProcessWire. I download and install version 3 and it works very good. I choose multi-language site for my purpose and I install Italian language pack for admin. To set default admin language i choose it for admin user on setting menu and it works. I want to know if it's possible to set to default Italian language also for frontend. I try to set Italian language for guest user but don't work. I read something about a module, but i don't know i make it. Can you help me ? Thanks in advance. Francesco
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