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  1. Thanks @wbmnfktr. Trick is saving the multipage reference field after any "add". I was confused by the "add" command, I thought it added the page.
  2. Hi, i try to add multiple page on pagereference field via php script. I have a cycle with this code inside $p->services_field->add(ProcessWire\wire('pages')->get('/servizi'.$servizi[$service].'/')); Page instance has services_field populated like below (it seems correct): [services_field] => ProcessWire\PageArray Object ( [count] => 7 [items] => Array ( [Page:0] => Array ( [id] => 1091 [name] => dtv [parent] => When save page, all information are saved but not services_field. How can i do ? Thanks Francesco
  3. @bernhard Thanks you very much, it works for new pages, for old i update status1021, status1022 fields to "1" directly to db and translation appears. 👍
  4. Hi, i created a template with PageReference Field on a multilanguage site. I set possbility to create new page directly from the page template, it works. The new entry was create only in default language. After creation i set the other language by editing the entry. When i try to get field on view i don't find entry in other language: $services = $pages->find("template=service") It returns all services if i view site in default lanauge, empty if i view site in other language. If i create the services directly on Tree it works. What i can do? Thanks in advance.
  5. Interesting solutions, i try url match works but it redirect to complete path instead of return content Interesting solution. I've tried it, but instead of showing the content of the page in the url I'm at, it redirect to the full url 🤔
  6. Tnx @BitPoet i think this is the solution !
  7. Thanks @Jan Romero for your answer. My goal is to have the url of buildings like children of home page, so $page->url must return "shortcut" path. I think your last idea , all the build under home page and a flag to filter them on a page tab (?), is the best solution, if need i can create children and path still correct. Is there any module to make it or i must create new one? Thanks
  8. Hi i need to insert many pages (over 300) to my website. This pages are buildings and i want to organize them like children inside a parent page. Example: buildings |_ building 1 |_ building 2 .... So i want that url of this pages are not "https://.... /buildings/building-1" but "https:// .... /building-1" I don't want to use rewrite because i think it not a good solution about SEO. Can i strip parent url before ? Thanks Francesco
  9. Sorry i solved by using CustomInputfieldDependencies 👏
  10. Hi is possible to hide FieldsetTab if page has field set to certain value? It's possible for other field type by Input->Visibility->if... but not for FieldsetTab. Thanks Francesco
  11. Wow thanks it works! Now i can find how hide other page to login user 🙂
  12. Hi, i need to create about 200 pages and permit to edit each page only to their owner. What's the best practice? Thanks
  13. I've upgrade to 3.0.126 and it works now. Thanks anyway.
  14. Hi to all, i try to save translation on my template from "Find file to translate". Set the string, click save, ProcessWire give me notify "1 translation changed +1" ... but after all field are blank. Processwire v. 3.0.120 Any suggestion? Thanks in advance
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