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  1. Cesco

    anyone can help me? Thanks
  2. Hi I develop a website with processwire in a subdomain of the destination domain, but now i can access to admin only through the subdomain. If i try to access from domain the message forged appears ( In italian: "Questa richiesta è stata bloccata perché sembra essere forgiata." Il processo non ha ritornato contenuto.) I check folder permission and it's ok. I try to apply other solution read in the forum (db, ecc..) but with no success. Can someone help me? Thanks
  3. Thanks @bernhard you save my time ... i feel so stupid
  4. Hi is it possibile to translate some string like __('string') on _main.php neither on home.php ? I don't see the possibility to translate the file on "File find to translate". Thanks in advance Francesco
  5. Cesco

    Hi all i've used Hannacode to include a php page with a form. The "action" of this form is to another page that have another php file include. Last php file get post var and print the result. The problem is that when i submit the form 8/10 the new page loading but site freeze. If i reload the page (and re-submit the form) it works. I don't know if it depends to hannacode or processwire. I have another site on same server written in pure php but i never have this type of problem. Thank in advance. Below the result page php code: Hannacode <?php include (wire('config')->paths->templates.'_form-application-result.php'); ?> _form-application-result.php <?php foreach ($input->post as $k=>$v) { if ($v != '' && $k != 'g-recaptcha-response') { $session->set($k,trim($v)); ?> <div class="row"> <div class="col-sm-3"><?= ucwords(str_replace('_',' ',$k)) ?></div> <div class="col-sm-9"><?= strtoupper($v) ?></div> </div> <? } }
  6. Cesco

    Ok nice! thank you
  7. Cesco

    I have to choose normal installation and after add language, is it correct?
  8. Hi everyone i'm new on ProcessWire. I download and install version 3 and it works very good. I choose multi-language site for my purpose and I install Italian language pack for admin. To set default admin language i choose it for admin user on setting menu and it works. I want to know if it's possible to set to default Italian language also for frontend. I try to set Italian language for guest user but don't work. I read something about a module, but i don't know i make it. Can you help me ? Thanks in advance. Francesco