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  1. I know this is from a while ago but I just wanted to say Thanks! @hellomoto. That little snippet just saved me a ton of time and frustration!!
  2. Thanks @Macrura! I'll give i a go tomorrow. I have Admin Custom Fields already and have been meaning to checkout AdminOnSteroids so this is a great incentive.
  3. Is there any way to have a URL be clickable in the admin? Or even a link icon next to the input field for a URL? Thanks! Heather
  4. FYI - I tried it in a ProFields Multiplier and it doesn't work there either.
  5. Thanks @kongondo! That worked with one small change. Line 2 needed to be.. $process = $this->wire('process'); Heather
  6. I'm getting a strange glitch with this. I'm on PW 3.0.9. If I put my code directly into the field it works fine, but if I try to use an external file using return ProcessWire\wireRenderFile('runtime.php'); the page is always returned as page id 10, not the the page I'm on. Not tragic as I can put the code directly in the field but would be better to have it external if possible. Thanks! Heather
  7. Hey @Robin S - I thought since I've been mucking about with a lot of modules and code I would do a clean install and see what happened. I did a 100% clean install on a site that has literally never had anything on it (I owned the domain but have never used it). Only added one field for images with one template. Created a page and got this error: I'll send you a message with login details to the new site. Thanks!
  8. Looks like the same error.
  9. I've tried several URL's from various places - all get the same error I get it with every URL so yes, reproducable. I have not been able to save any images this way. Saving the image and then uploading works fine. Not inside a repeater or anything special, just a normal Images field Full Error: Source Code
  10. thanks @kongondo - I think I need to approach this in a different way. Still trying to wrap my head around the best way to accomplish things in ProcessWire. Blessing and curse I guess with there being so many different strategies to accomplish the goal!
  11. I'm getting an error on this... Error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to ProcessWire\Pageimage::__construct() must be an instance of ProcessWire\Pagefiles, null given, called in /home/walking/public_html/site/modules/AddImageUrls/AddImageUrls.module on line 152 and defined in /home/walking/public_html/wire/core/Pageimage.php:109
  12. I have the following page structure Continents Countries Regions I then have pages "walks" which has a multi-select Page Reference field Regions (I've tried using dynamic fields for this but it wasn't accomplishing what I needed) which has the regions listed by country and then the region (continent is more for searching later on so doesn't need to be seen here). I'm trying to get a count of firstly all the walks within a continent, then country, then region but can't seem to figure out the selector for this. Thanks, Heather
  13. I tried putting it in a repeater. It get's the Continents but then just has the spinning wheel for the other drop downs and doesn't get any values.
  14. Thanks @horst. Those are some excellent starting points.
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