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Site exporter updater? does it exist?


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Hi gentle ppl.

I have a website online that I would like to make some substantial updates for 2020.

In my ideal world I'd make it Site Profile Exporter, download and install on my WAMP. Make a bunch of changes and once finished update the existing online version with the new changes.

Is there any possible way i could just upload an update patch to change both the back end and the front?

Do I need to erase the existing site and upload the new version from scratch?

I'm a Designer. Most of web dev is still a bit abstract for me.


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Hey, @Macaco!

This very question has been asked a trillion of times on the forums. And here is the way to find the answers already given: go here and search. The forum search does not work well.

The closest to what you desire is probably the Duplicator module, but I never used it in production. I suggest you make yourself comfortable with moving you site here and there "with bare hands" anyway. It is not that hard. You just need to:

  1. Copy files.
  2. Backup database and restore it where you want the site to be moved to (probably some local dev env like xampp or laragon).
  3. Adjust site/config.php (or better use config-dev.php - look here at the very botoom).

There is a lot to it only the 1st time)

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