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  1. titanium

    Oh, I see, I wasn't precise enough. Sorry, I didn't think of that. I meant "Tracy with Force superusers into DEVELOPMENT mode activated instead of just "Tracy enabled". It's Tracy right out of the box (fresh install) with just "Force superusers into DEVELOPMENT mode" setting activated. The slowdown is more or less noticeable on all admin pages, "modules" was just a concrete example. But I do have to say I have some custom modules included in this project, so I will report back after I have done a vanilla install elsewhere and tested again. Thank you.
  2. titanium

    I've written that already - with "Force superusers into DEVELOPMENT mode" activated, it takes nearly 6x times longer to load the modules page than without Tracy.
  3. titanium

    Is it just me or has Tracy (current version) become very sloooow recently with the "Force superusers into DEVELOPMENT mode" setting activated? Benchmark - loading of the "modules" page: Tracy enabled: Loed 6.9 s Tracy disabled: Load 1.2 s Measured with Google Chrome Dev Tools. I don't remember noticing that before...
  4. titanium

    @Zeka, thanks for the hint. I gave it a shot some minutes ago and it does not work either. I dived deeper now. /wire/core/Page.php contains a method $page->set($key, $value): case 'parent': case 'parent_id': if(is_object($value) && $value instanceof Page) { // ok $this->setParent($value); } else if($value && !$this->_parent && ($key == 'parent_id' || is_int($value) || (is_string($value) && ctype_digit("$value")))) { // store only parent ID so that parent is lazy loaded, // but only if parent hasn't already been previously loaded $this->_parent_id = (int) $value; } else if($value && (is_string($value) || is_int($value))) { $value = $this->_pages('get', $value); $this->setParent($value); } break; So there is definitely support for $page->set('parent', $id) here. Proof: the following works: $page->set('parent', 3); $page->save(); In the head of /wire/core/Page.php is a definition of $settings: /** * Page-specific settings which are either saved in pages table, or generated at runtime. * * @var array * */ protected $settings = array( 'id' => 0, 'name' => '', 'status' => 1, 'numChildren' => 0, 'sort' => -1, 'sortfield' => 'sort', 'modified_users_id' => 0, 'created_users_id' => 0, 'created' => 0, 'modified' => 0, 'published' => 0, ); I think 'parent' is missing here. I added it and tried again - now this works: $page->setAndSave('parent', 3); So I guess it's a bug.
  5. titanium

    Thanks, @adrian. I always did what you described, but recently I wondered why $page->setAndSave('sort', 3); works, but $page->setAndSave('parent', 3); does not - both are native properties of the page. This seems somewhat equivalent to me, so they should behave the same, shouldn't they? But I'm not sure if I fully understand it. What I originally tried to achieve was to save the page with a maximum of performance, because I have to deal with a cron job which imports/changes thousands of pages. I guess I have to experiment with $page->save(['noFields' => true]). Any hints for optimized performance of page manipulation are welcome.
  6. I noticed that $page->setAndSave('parent', 1000); does not work. Reason is, that $page->save('parent') does not work either. In /wire/core/Page.php: public function save($field = null, array $options = array()) { if(is_array($field) && empty($options)) { $options = $field; $field = null; } if(!is_null($field)) { if($this->hasField($field)) { return $this->wire('pages')->saveField($this, $field, $options); } else if(is_string($field) && (isset($this->settings[$field]) || parent::get($field) !== null)) { $options['noFields'] = true; return $this->wire('pages')->save($this, $options); } else { return false; } } return $this->wire('pages')->save($this, $options); } "parent" is no field and no key in $this->settings[$field], so the functions must return false for $page->save('parent'). Possible keys in $this->settings[$field] seem to be: ["id"] ["name"] ["status"] ["numChildren"] ["sort"] ["sortfield"] ["modified_users_id"] ["created_users_id"] ["created"] ["modified"] ["published"] Why is parent missing here?
  7. Hi folks, I'm currently struggling with a client request. The client has created a lot of pages with employee profiles. Each profile has one or more email addresses assigned (currently this is accomplished by the ProFields Mutliplier module). Furthermore, there are content pages, which have a Repeater Matrix field. One repeater item is a page field which selects the employee profile. This works so far, but now the problem is: how can one of the email addresses of the profile be picked within the page field resp. repeater item? Only the email address which are assigned to the profile should be selectable. I haven't found an approach how to do this on the admin side yet and I'm grateful for any hints.
  8. You could try this setting in config.php: $config->defaultAdminTheme = 'AdminThemeUikit';
  9. titanium

    Is there a property to set a "Return-Path:" which differentiates from the "From:" setting? At a first glance, I have found a method call $this->emailMessage->SetHeader('Return-Path', $address); inside WireMailSmtpAdaptor.php - I guess this can't be overridden individually?
  10. What you notice is the default behavior. I've never heard one of my users complain, but I think you have a point here. It would be better if this (just visually) "move" wouldn't take place. It's quite irritating and somewhat annoying one must reload the browser to be sure. I guess it's hard to fix, because the drag and drop move is made by JS, which isn't aware at that moment that some permissions shouldn't allow this.Maybe @ryan can re-think about it? I would be glad if you could fill in an issue report.
  11. titanium

    There is a SEO module already. I guess it's not maintained anymore, but it can be a good base for extensions. What do you miss? Personally, I don't think a SEO module belongs to the core (if it's that what you have meant by "native"), because the core should keep it's clean and generic character. Keep in mind that ProcessWire is not just used for websites, and even a lot of websites don't need that much SEO.
  12. Hi folks, before I'm going to submit a bug report, I would like to make sure it's not my setup. Since commit bac60dc340d66766e7b9c0ce811a2ae152585123 I can't crop any png image (not by api, backend is meant, see screenshot). Could someone with ProcessWire 3.0.86 or 3.0.87 try this and report back here? Many thanks in advance!
  13. Given three pages with the following titles: Deutschland Österreich Schweiz I noticed that I get different results for a sort inside a selector and an explicit sort(). See the following example: // A) just use selector as usual $countries = $pages->find('parent=countries,sort=title'); foreach($countries as $country) { echo $country->title . "\n"; } // result: Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz - ok // B) put pages in separate array and sort afterwards $countries = $pages->find('parent=countries'); $whitelist = new PageArray; foreach($countries as $country) { $whitelist->add($country); } $whitelist->sort('title'); foreach($whitelist as $country) { echo $country->title . "\n"; } // result: Deutschland, Schweiz, Österreich - huh? It seems to be obvious that it has something to do with the umlaut in Österreich. Maybe a bug?
  14. titanium

    I once was a fan of slick too, but I do remember I had some problems with it - I wanted to build a fade transition and the images didn't cleanly cross-fade from a certain build on anymore (I think it was > version 1.5). I switched to Swiper (http://idangero.us/swiper/) since then.