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  1. Hi @nikoka, my setup (PW 2.6.10 / TextformatterVideoEmbed 1.0.9) delivers the same effect. Did you find a solution outputting the oembed code? Cheers, Chris
  2. Hi Ryan, thanks for the answer, I'll PM you regarding the purchase/licence. I have added @Webrocker to my "alternative" contact in the profile settings, but that did not "open" the proforum's door thanks for the work you put in all that!
  3. Ok, there is something definitely going wrong. Once again i installed a new blank PW 2.5.2. Starting with no language support activated, but 4 language modules listed under core modules Languages Support Languages Support - Fields Languages Support - Page Names Languages Support - Tabs. Installing one by one everything is fine until Tabs. I got an error message about an missing ID (Sorry i ve been to fast and closed message without copying). Afterwards listing core modules the Languages Support - Tabs module wasnt listed anymore... So... any ideas anybody?
  4. Yes refreshed cache already... it has no effect to modules list so far.
  5. Hi Soma, yes physicaly its stored in wire/modules/ folder but doesn´t shows up in modules core nor install area. Is there a way to install it manually?
  6. Hi there, i ve just installed PW 2.5.2 in Multilanguage basic mode and am missing the Language Tabs Core Module, which should be available in core modules since PW 2.4. Am i doing something wrong? Cheers Chris
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