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  1. Hello Webjack, Great writeup on ProcessWire from a beginner point of view. A quick note : in the breadcrumb ProcessWire is spelled wrongly. It should be ProcessWire whithout a dash (-). Glad to see you're enjoying ProcesWire while dicovering it and learning english at the same time. Merry Christmas !!
  2. You can test multiple conditions in PHP if a if instruction as shown below if( $page->id == 1042 || $page->id == 1043 ) { // Do something here }
  3. Welcome on board Webjack !! Bienvenue dans la communauté ProcessWire. De mon expérience, ProcessWire est en effet un CMS orienté développeur. Pour cette cible c'est un outil très agréable et efficace grâce notamment à son API. Comme indiqué sur la page d'accueil, il est simple à utilisé pour les clients. Pour les créateurs de site il est indispensable d'avoir un minimum de connaissance de PHP. Cela dit entre la documentation qui est très bien faite et le support de la communauté sur le forum, on peut rapidement progresser. As far as you can imagine 😉
  4. HI @bernhard, this is an awesome addition to the ProcessWire eco system ! Great job 👏 I've noticed a little hiccup on this page : https://www.baumrock.com/en/processwire/modules/rockpagebuilder/ in the FAQ section. Clicking on the second question opens the response of the first one.
  5. Hi, I wanted to give Wireframe a shot with the Latte renderer but can't get it to work. The layouts/default.latte template does'nt seem to load the views/home/default.latte I'm using the ProcessWire 3.0.228 with PHP 8.2. and both Wireframe and WireframeRendererLatte have been installed via ProcessWire (not with Composer). What am i doing wrong ?
  6. Can't access the website from France neither 😕
  7. The templating and plugin system didn't clicked for me back in the days as i was looking for a CMS simple to extend.
  8. Had a looked at Drupal 7, was scared by what I've seen and leaved it in a closet since then. A few years later I'm tempted to give v10 a try since Drupal now use a lot of Symfony components. Would you provide us a debrief coming back from the conférence ?
  9. Can you contact the module's author or maintener or raise an issue on Github ?
  10. This is a killer module. Outstanding work and great features. Will definitely use RockFrontend on some upcoming projects.
  11. Great website. Thanks for the behind the scene insights.
  12. Hi, Have you had a look at one/some of these PageList modules ? There's also many discussions in the forum related to your query : You may also want to have a look into the ProcessWire hooks system. Hope this helps
  13. I don't use this module but maybe you could perform a direct search in the databse via phpMyAdmin.
  14. Please count me in. Looking forward to seing the power of the framework applied to ecommerce.
  15. Hi, At what time do you want to remove thosecharacters: when importing the data, when displaying the title on the frontend ? depending on your need this could be achieed with a substr PHP function (when displaying the title on the frontend) or via a hook when importing/saving the title.
  16. Nicolas

    other CMSs

    Hummm ... are you talking of the module one should not say the name ? Happy to know it's getting close to be released as the last sneak peek video got me really excited about Padlopper 2.
  17. This iconset might be of interest for you as well : https://tablericons.com/
  18. @Robin S Hi Robin. thanks for the clue about Tracy debugger and the right hook method. Solved my problem.
  19. Hi, For a project I need to add a custom admin action button. Tanks to @bernhard i was able to add the action in the submit button dropdown. To peform the action i'm adding a hook to the InputfieldSubmit::processInput method, however the function is executed twice for some reasons i can't figure out. What am i doing wrong ? <?php // Add a save action button to resend the registration email $wire->addHookAfter('ProcessPageEdit::getSubmitActions', function(HookEvent $event) { $actions = $event->return; $actions['send_registration'] = [ 'value' => 'send_registration', 'icon' => 'check', 'label' => '%s + Resend registration email', ]; $event->return = $actions; }); // Process custom save button action wire()->addHookAfter('InputfieldSubmit::processInput', null, 'send_registration_email'); function send_registration_email($event) { $input = $event->arguments(0); if('send_registration' === $input->_after_submit_action) { // populate email vars here send_email($input->email, $mail_subject, $mail_body, wireMail()); } // Populate back return value, if you have modified it // $event->return = $attendee; $event->cancelHooks = true; }; function send_email($email, $mail_subject, $mail_body, $mailer) { // Sends the email }
  20. Hi @malvarco and welcome. I've noticed that the hero image is 800 Ko. There's certainly room for improvement here ?
  21. Thanks for your answers. #2 Totally agree about not storing user card details. I guess that the "easiest" path will be to have a module around a provider like Stripe, ReCharge etc...
  22. @kongondo regarding the payment process, have you planned the ability to pay a fraction of the total cost (make a deposit) and schedule future payment ?
  23. Nice single page website. Any chance to send a pull request for Template Engine Twig module. I think many users will be interested in the Twig 3 compatibility.
  24. Nice site. Thanks for the insights about how it was built and what are the modules involved.
  25. OH MY GOODNESS !! This thing is a beauty !!! Well done sir.
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