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  1. Hi, maybe you can get the $found_page->parent->url instead of the $found_page->parent ?
  2. Congratulations this site looks very nice.
  3. Having to create month and days beforehand sure is not as user friendly as one can imagine i agree with that. You can explorer Pierre-Luc's or Diogo's solution as with Processwire there's more than one way to do it. You can also get great insights on the process of migrating a site from Wordpress to Processwire exposed by Ryan himself.
  4. The first (maybe naive) structure that come my ming is as seen on the screenshot below You may also want to look at the blog module here.
  5. The issue has been fixed. Thanks for noticing.
  6. A new website powered by Proceswire and Bootstrap. The following modules were used : AIOM MarkupSEO MarkupSitemapXML ModulesManager Other components : Slick (the last carousel you'll ever need) The website url : www.zemmam-avocat.com Thanks for your attention.
  7. I want to give Twig a try for creating template pages. How do i start ? Use TemplateTwigReplace or TemplateEngineFactory (with TemplateEngineTwig) ? My main concern is to be able to use the AOIM in my templates. Do I have to use TemplateDataProviders as well ? Any guidance is welcome. Thanks
  8. Bonjour Guy, To add custom fields to the user profile just go to Setup > Templates. Then click on Fit-lters section and make the admin template visible (they're hidden by default). Click on the user admin template and add any fields you might want. When you edit a user the added field should be visible. Under the ProcessProfile module settings, you'll be able to let a user update a custom field or not. The settings on your second screenshot define what fields should be visible on the list displayed when you click on Access > Users (notice the custom field "Intro" in the screenshot below) Nicolas
  9. Thanks for the report, These 2 issues have been addressed.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm glag to introduce pierre-diagnostic.fr. This is the corporate website for a french real estate services agency. It was built with Processwire 2.5.3 and the following modules : AIOM ProcessBatcher Zurb Foundation 5 (wich is a delight to work with) Go Processwire!
  11. Solved ! Silly me the 404 error code exists for a reason. I wasn't calling the right page (quote instead of quotes). Thank you guys.
  12. Hi, I'm struggling with adding a querystring parameter in a page URL. Links like my-domain.com/quote?pack_id=xxx leads to the 404 error page. What are the template settings to allow Processwire to accept the querystring parameters ?
  13. Update was a breeze. Really like the overall look of Yosemite. On the development front, PHP 5.5.14, Apache 2..4.9. There's some useful Apache module wich are not enable by default (mod_rewrite for example) but nothing too difficult to fix. For complete instructions to install a LAMP stack on Yosemite this guide is very handy. Safari 8.0 is crazy fast and may become my primary browser instead of Firefox.
  14. Thanks for that great module Nico. I won't have to add a SEO tab by hand anymore ;-)
  15. ChiefPundit, Congratulations looks for this beautiful site. Great use case to showcase to my leads. There's a little delay in page display as seen from Paris (France). Maybe some ProCache tweaks could help in this area. Regards
  16. Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce a new website built on Processwire just went live : http://optimum-events.eu. It's my first multilingual site with Processwire and all in all the experience has been really pleasant. The website use Bootstrap 3.1.1, AIOM module and Maintenance module. Any comments is welcome as there's still room from improvements ;-) Regards, Nicolas
  17. I'm currently building an ecommerce website with Thelia. It's Symfony based, easy to theme and to develop for. This second version is quite young but the roadmap looks great.
  18. OMG, perfect timing for a future project i'll be working on. Thanks Ryan and Avoine.
  19. Nicolas


    Oh my godnesss !! That's a really crazy feature for ProcessWire.
  20. Hi Fokke, I'm impressed by the speed of the pages loading !! ProCache is doing really well here. Did you use any other strategy to make the site that fast ?
  21. Nicolas

    Admin Only

    Hi FvG, Maybe you could use the Maintenance mode module wich just do that. Regards
  22. Great work on the new themes Ryan. For a longer term or bigger admin you maybe interested in Open Karma, a project started by @saltinejustine and @bastilian.
  23. @Mathew Thanks. The first point has been addressed. I'm not sure how to solve the second point (maybe by not showing the maps all together or just show it as an image) @Pete Thank you. Gumby is quite straightforward to work with, you should definitely give it a try.
  24. Hi everyone, The new website of my company Omnitic is finally launched! Initially started in Wordpress, it was finally built on Processwire with Gumby Framework as i wanted a real use case to practice my "wiring". I must say that i'm pleased with the final result and how fast it was to get this up and running with Processwire. For a extra speed boost ProCache has also been used to make the overall experience as fast as possible : if you build website with Processwire and don't use this module, you're doing it wrong. There's still some tweaking to be done though (image optimization, some responsive issues to name a few) Regards and happy wiring. Nicolas
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