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  1. @adrian Already tried that but whatever the open and close tag choosen, Latte template will try to load the file with the name of the code. For example i have a Hanna code named "quote". Then i've got the following this error : Error: Exception: Missing template file '/Volumes/DATA/www/ceea/site/templates/views/quote.latte'
  2. Hi, Has anyone succeeded running Hanna Code with Latte template. I'm strugling getting them to work together. Is there a setting to prevent latte to process Hanna Code tags ? Thanks.
  3. Great writeup and insights on a ProcessWIre project working at scale.
  4. @mel47 Maybe you'll want to find the requested page with this code echo $pages->get("/publication/$categ/")->render(); Did you spot the double quote surrounding the the selector? In PHP this is called string interpolation. At runtime the $categ variable will be replace by its actual value in the selector. More about this here : PHP The Right Way. (See the Double quotes section).
  5. Great post @giannisok Thanks for the detailed instruction and code.
  6. Hi, That's a good read. Thanks for this.
  7. Hi, You may want to have a look at these plugin: Admin Restrict Branch http://modules.processwire.com/modules/admin-restrict-branch/ Page Edit Per User http://modules.processwire.com/modules/page-edit-per-user/ Custom Page Roles http://modules.processwire.com/modules/custom-page-roles/ Nicolas
  8. Hi, Have you read this page on getting ans setting language fields in the API ?
  9. Nice looking website. Thanks for the insights on how you build the website.
  10. DAM it ;-) I love this. This modules makes ProcessWire a respectable Digital Asset Management. Great job kongondo
  11. Hi, Nice looking site. Well done. Would you mind sharing what is your workflow for using Nette components (Latte template engine and Nette Forms) ? Thanks
  12. Hi Diogo, Great suggestion ! I'll submit this idea to the client.
  13. Right in time for Christmas for my client, a brand new Processwire website : Vip Air Limousine. Nothing too fancy in this one pager except it's always a pleasure to work with our CMS of choice !
  14. Thanks Diogo. Indeed i miss the snow here in Paris. Not so rare a few years ago ! Enjoy your holidays
  15. Great write up thank you. For 2 recents project i've also explored this kind of MVC-ish approach and it works quite well. P.S : little typo spotted in this sentence "In Processwire you can organize your code the way it make most senSe..."!
  16. Fantastique ! What i see is what i like.
  17. Hi, did you have a look at the modules directory ? Maybe these could be helpful http://modules.processwire.com/modules/markup-simple-navigation/ http://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-menu-builder/
  18. Welcome @mauricius. That's a great contribution. Hopefully will try it soon an upcoming project.
  19. Hi, maybe you can get the $found_page->parent->url instead of the $found_page->parent ?
  20. Congratulations this site looks very nice.
  21. Having to create month and days beforehand sure is not as user friendly as one can imagine i agree with that. You can explorer Pierre-Luc's or Diogo's solution as with Processwire there's more than one way to do it. You can also get great insights on the process of migrating a site from Wordpress to Processwire exposed by Ryan himself.
  22. The first (maybe naive) structure that come my ming is as seen on the screenshot below You may also want to look at the blog module here.
  23. The issue has been fixed. Thanks for noticing.
  24. A new website powered by Proceswire and Bootstrap. The following modules were used : AIOM MarkupSEO MarkupSitemapXML ModulesManager Other components : Slick (the last carousel you'll ever need) The website url : www.zemmam-avocat.com Thanks for your attention.
  25. I want to give Twig a try for creating template pages. How do i start ? Use TemplateTwigReplace or TemplateEngineFactory (with TemplateEngineTwig) ? My main concern is to be able to use the AOIM in my templates. Do I have to use TemplateDataProviders as well ? Any guidance is welcome. Thanks
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