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  1. Hi all! sorry for bad english. Does anybody have experience with "page tree navigation in sidebar (EXPERIMENTAL)" option ON? I'm planning to use it on production website. The only (but really annoying) thing I have stumbled - is when you copy and paste Page Edit URL in browser's address bar (like mydomain.com/processwire/page/edit/?id=1025) it opens Admin Page normally, but only with page-tree panel, and with "main" window blank, as if no page was selected for editing. Is there any other major known problems? And maybe anyone have solution for described behavior of direct url entering? Thanks in advance.
  2. Oh! Snapshot will be absolute useful! More so — it will be decision-making feature for some hard-corporate and healthcare clients, where many contents are legal-info, supervised formulations etc. That is, where every change have multiple approvement stages, but nevertheless often ends up in restoring older content versions. Especially when multiple content-managers from different departments have hands on admin, with usual corporate chaos. Some of such clients still preferer old Typo3 instead of "some other good cms out there" solely based on "page versions" feature. Vote up for Snapshots!
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