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Restore fields form database


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I have managed to delete my templates in my database. I am quite unhappy with myself.


Now I have to rebuild them and I stil have the fields with content.

Can I somehow restore them on my site? And how do I link them to right field in the database?

The fields in the database have pages_ID....how can I Connect them?


Thanks for any help

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Did you just delete the template table and nothing else? This should be relatively easy to rebuild manually because it links to the fieldgroups and fieldgroups_fields tables which actually contain the details of the fields that belong to a template. The main thing you will have to do is to recreate template permissions etc once you have the basics set up.

If you look through the columns of a templates table from another install you should be able to figure things out. If you have a lot of templates it might be easier to write a script that queries the fieldgroups table and rebuilds the templates table from that because there is actually some duplication of content between the two.


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