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    What is "Reiska"

    https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=reiska A very beautiful girl with a gorgeous smile, very confident, honest, and smart. Even though others don’t really value her as much, she will be very independent and also not interested in what others say or feel. She must come first regardless of how others treat her. 🙂
  2. Correct - that is why I was saying that I don't think it's an ideal setup.
  3. You're confusing module load priority with hook priority. The link above is to set hook priority. The module load priority was introduced quite recently and is what Tracy uses to make sure it is loaded before other modules, but what you want to adjust is the hook priority.
  4. Here's the thread that explains it:
  5. Hi @Ivan Gretsky - I think you are probably on track with it being a hook priority issue. Unfortunately PW's approach to this is not very convenient IMO - I think it would be better if developers could have the option to set the priority in each PW install, as needed because otherwise the module developer has to set it without knowing what other modules might be installed on the site that also hook into the same methods. I think for now you might have to adjust the priority yourself in both modules to ensure that PageEditPerUser overrides ARB as needed. Please also note this issue (https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/PageEditPerUser/issues/4) in Ryan's module - not sure how much it affects its intended functionality, but worth keeping an eye on, or fixing yourself. Sorry, I don't have time to investigate properly at the moment but if you have any specific requested changes to the module to make it work as you need, just let me know.
  6. @cb2004 - if that works, great - I didn't think it would work to set something in ready.php and use it in config.php PS - you can simplify the $subMembers bit to: $subMembers = wire('pages')->get(1302)->children->each('id'); or even better because it won't load the pages, just their IDs: $subMembers = wire('pages')->findIDs('parent=1302');
  7. You'll need to do it with raw SQL. Something like this: $pdo = new \PDO("mysql:host=$config->dbHost;dbname=$config->dbName", $config->dbUser, $config->dbPass); $stmt = $pdo->query('SELECT `id` FROM pages WHERE templates_id = "29"'); $rows = $stmt->fetchAll(\PDO::FETCH_NUM);
  8. Not really sure off the top of my head, but perhaps it might work with $pages->find("email=address"). You might want to also limit to the relevant template(s). I have used this feature on occasion but honestly it doesn't feel very polished.
  9. @maddmac - I still haven't take a proper look, but it just occurred to me that I am not sure you have the format correct. You need a username and email on each line. It might work to do: johndoe@gmail.com, johndoe@gmail.com janesmith@gmail.com, janesmith@gmail.com Or perhaps you could do: johndoe-gmail.com, johndoe@gmail.com janesmith-gmail.com, janesmith@gmail.com But based on your example, it looks like you are trying to enter the password, eg "changeme". It's not designed to allow you to enter a password, hence the requirements for the Email New User module to generate the password and email it to the user for you.
  10. @maddmac - I built that action before PW supported logging in via an email address, so it will need some modifications. I am really busy at the moment but I'll try to take a look on a procrastination break. Unless of course you feel like working on a PR?
  11. ->first() doesn't work for the View tab - try it without and you should be ok.
  12. @spercy16 - if I recall correctly, the URL has to be inside <p></p> tags. I don't really know what Ryan wrote the regex this way, but it means your text field must be HTML and not plain text.
  13. @cmscritic - do you mind that it's impossible to access you site's footer on the homepage? The live loading of new posts makes it impossible 🙂
  14. Hi Rudy - it's fixed in the latest version.
  15. Sorry about @Kiwi Chris - I didn't consider that on initial user creation, extra roles won't have been checked yet. I have removed that profile-edit requirement to show the email field, although I added a showIf check to make sure at least one additional role (not just guest) has been checked. After all, if we're going to email someone their password, they need to be able to edit their profile to change it. Let me know if this version seems OK to you.
  16. Hi @rick - based on the error, it looks like your setup doesn't have the mb_strlen available and I am using the AdminerJsonPreview plugin in Tracy's Adminer setup. If you install mbstring for php it will be fine. Something like this, depending on your flavor of linux: sudo apt install php7.x-mbstring
  17. Hi @sww - I really don't know what the issue might be. I would need to start debugging the steps in the module to see where / why it's not showing the login form. Can you try to investigate? If not, if you PM me login details for the site, I'd be happy to take a look.
  18. Hey @Macrura - looks like you've upgraded from a very old version. Please just save the module settings page and it will be gone.
  19. @Peter Knight - the issue is that since you last upgraded, I added a .php extension to the .module file and ProcessWire doesn't like this because its caching system is remembering the old version. I have seen this many times and it's never prevented access to the admin, so never worried about it too much. You could remove the TracyDebugger folder from site/modules and see if that lets the admin load. You could clear the site/assets/cache/FileCompiler folder. You could remove the TracyDebugger entry from the modules DB table. One or all of those should / might work 🙂
  20. @Peter Knight - just do a modules refresh and it will fix it.
  21. I think that is actually the approach I've used in the past as well!
  22. The API for this is kinda ugly but it works. Where "3" is the number (in order) of the subfield / column you are looking for.
  23. I think it might be because you are extending InputfieldPageTable rather than Wire or WireData. Sorry, I have to run now, but maybe that will get you on the right track. Usually with a custom inputfield you just need a css file named to match the class of the module and it will be automatically loaded, eg InputfieldPageTableExtendedGrid.css
  24. What I posted above should allow you to do that. Did you try?
  25. Try this: $this->wire()->addHook('ProcessWire::ready', function($event) { $event->page->addHookAfter('render', function($event) { $value = $event->return; // Return Content $style = "<style type='text/css'>". $this->pages->get((int) wire('input')->get('id'))->style ."</style>"; // Add Style inside bottom head $event->return = str_replace("</head>", "\n\t$style</head>", $value); // Return All Changes }); }); inside your module's init() method.
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