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  1. Weird - maybe you had just never saved the settings so the format wasn't available? Anyway, shouldn't matter now regardless.
  2. Hi @AndZyk - you don't need to select an output format - none is perfectly valid (it's basically "unformatted"). That said, I have fixed the error if for some reason you decide to empty the options textarea. PS - it's worth figuring out the syntax- I know it looks a bit overwhelming at first, but it's really powerful and keeps your template code much cleaner.
  3. Yep, running 0.1.1 Any chance you could post this on a live site somewhere you could give me a superuser login to test it out for you?
  4. Would you mind uninstalling and reinstalling Tracy and see if that takes care of things please?
  5. Hi @olafgleba - I just tried a table field in repeater matrix and it looks ok here so I really don't know what's happening at your end I am sorry. Maybe a conflict with one of the other fields in the RM field? Does it work with only a table field in the RM field? Perhaps you can start with the simplest example of just a table field in a RM field with nothing else and if that works try to figure out what it breaking it. Sorry I am not much help :)
  6. Sorry, it's the Debug Mode panel - in the Cache section.
  7. Hi @AndZyk - it seems like you have an empty "Phone Output Format Options" field in the module's config settings. By default, it is populated with the following, so you can paste this in, or build your own format. Does that fix things for you? /*North America without separate area code*/ northAmericaStandardNoSeparateAreaCode | {+[phoneCountry]} {([phoneNumber,0,3])} {[phoneNumber,3,3]}-{[phoneNumber,6,4]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 1,,2215673456,123 northAmericaStandardNoSeparateAreaCodeNoNumberDashes | {+[phoneCountry]} {([phoneNumber,0,3])} {[phoneNumber,3,7]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 1,,2215673456,123 northAmericaStandardNoSeparateAreaAllDashes | {+[phoneCountry]}-{[phoneNumber,0,3]}-{[phoneNumber,3,3]}-{[phoneNumber,6,4]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 1,,2215673456,123 northAmericaStandardNoSeparateAreaDashesNoNumberDashes | {+[phoneCountry]}-{[phoneNumber]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 1,,2215673456,123 /*North America with separate area code*/ northAmericaStandard | {+[phoneCountry]} {([phoneAreaCode])} {[phoneNumber,0,3]}-{[phoneNumber,3,4]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 1,221,5673456,123 northAmericaNoNumberDashes | {+[phoneCountry]} {([phoneAreaCode])} {[phoneNumber]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 1,221,5673456,123 northAmericaAllDashes| {+[phoneCountry]}-{[phoneAreaCode]}-{[phoneNumber,0,3]}-{[phoneNumber,3,4]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 1,221,5673456,123 northAmericaDashesNoNumberDashes | {+[phoneCountry]}-{[phoneAreaCode]}-{[phoneNumber]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 1,221,5673456,123 /*Australia*/ australiaNoCountryAreaCodeLeadingZero | {([phoneAreaCode,0,2])} {[phoneNumber,0,4]} {[phoneNumber,4,4]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 61,07,45673456,123 australiaWithCountryAreaCodeNoLeadingZero | {+[phoneCountry]} {([phoneAreaCode,1,1])} {[phoneNumber,0,4]} {[phoneNumber,4,4]} {x[phoneExtension]} | 61,07,45673456,123
  8. I wonder if it's because token_get_all wasn't available when Tracy first tried to scan all the files. I would try deleting the TracyApiData.proceduralFunctions cache (from the debug panel, click the DB icon to open that cache in Adminer where you can delete it) and then do a modules > refresh (although the second step likely isn't necessary).
  9. Never knew this could be disabled on some PHP installs, but a quick google returns this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8037245/zend-framework-call-to-undefined-function-token-get-all
  10. To make them smaller 😁 Seriously though, I don't really know why it is used here. It sounds like compressing and uncompressing on the fly is probably slowing things down and maybe impact opcache: https://tqdev.com/2019-lossless-compression-of-php-files That article does mention obfuscation of source code, which I have seen used on several closed source PHP projects, but for this it doesn't make much sense to me because all the source code is open source. Maybe there is some other reason I am not aware of??
  11. It's just how Adminer / AdminerEvo is compiled from all its source files into this one - it's always been like this AFAIK.
  12. Hi @olafgleba - I really doubt it's related to the table field itself. This is what it looks like for me. If it's not a JS issue, is there any chance you have a module that is somehow interfering with those two fields? Can you try on a fresh PW install with no additional modules and just the table field to test?
  13. Hey @bernhard - I'm not sure the best way to go about this, but you can modify the content of the Tracy bluescreen by either adding an action or a panel - examples here: https://github.com/nette/tracy/blob/1a1cfeb152bd0ccd78d5ce84fba9289094fcabd9/src/Bridges/Nette/Bridge.php#L26 I put together a very simple example of adding a panel with JS that gets executed when the bluescreen loads: $blueScreen = \Tracy\Debugger::getBlueScreen(); $blueScreen->addPanel(function() { return ['tab' => 'RFE Panel', 'panel' => '<script>alert("Hello World")</script>']; }); Perhaps you can use that (or the addAction) approach to inject the JS you need to get things working? I think the problem with Debugger::$customBodyStr and Debugger::$customJsStr is that they need to be set before Debugger::enable() is called which you won't be able to do at the moment. Perhaps a new hookable method could be added to Tracy to support that though. Maybe the other approach is building a panel for Tracy that adds that live reload JS, but it seems like you really only need it added when the bluescreen is displayed, so the addAction or addPanel on the bluescreen might be best. Hope that helps.
  14. Hi @olafgleba - I just tested and everything looks fine here. I am using the latest PW dev and latest Profields Table, but I doubt your older versions are the issue. It looks like a JS error to me with the way the Table row selector and Columns / Order to Export fields are broken. What shows up in your browser dev console?
  15. Hi @MarkE - great point - I haven't come across this, but that's probably because at least in Tracy I have the module itself store page references by path rather than ID. But, I think it would definitely make sense to modify this module to support conversion to paths, but my question is how? I don't think we can realistically check the type of data being stored and know for certain it's a page ID or array of IDs. Sure we could make the assumption that an numbers with 4 or more digits is a page ID and then do a basic check to see if it matches a page. This might be enough, but to make it more robust I think would require parsing the code in the module's files looking for the key in the module settings JSON and determining what type of field it is. I think this could work, but seems a little nuts :) Any thoughts?
  16. Hi @fruid - sorry but I don't know what error you are getting, but also, that line doesn't exist anywhere in my fork, let alone on line 385 :) https://github.com/adrianbj/MarkupSEO/blob/master/MarkupSEO.module
  17. Thanks @szabesz - I did take a look at that and I am hoping that 3.5 years later those 4 devs have now ditched 5.x.
  18. Hi everyone, AdminerEvo was updated yesterday, but the latest version no longer supports PHP 5.x. The fix is simple (it's a null coalescing operator issue), but I am tempted not to push them to support it, but before the opportunity slips by, is there anyone here who really needs 5.x support? I really hope not because if you're stuck on it for some hosting reason, it's time to move :) Let me know.
  19. Maybe still not your thing, but the edit link is now smaller, floated right, and I don't think it takes up any additional space within the inputfield wrapper.
  20. I do the same via admin.less which is nice way to make these sorts of changes - skinning vs a new theme. I did make some quick attempts at a hover approach, but honestly didn't think that took up too much space so didn't persevere too much. I was thinking about a similar approach to the field edit links that AOS adds, but of course the two together get very messy. I'll mull it over and see if I can think of a better solution.
  21. PS I'd love to know whether you have kept the new Adminer field edit links enabled or not - I can see why they might visually annoy some folks, but I am finding them really useful - it's weird how often I actually want to see (and sometimes edit) the raw database value for a field.
  22. I have to admit that I kinda like the standalone mode better as well. I thought I was making things better by being able to include the PW menu, but it is kinda ugly, especially with PW's giant <h1> page titles :) postMessage() is definitely a cool little tool for stuff like this. Maybe if I get enough feedback along these lines, I'll remove it at some point.
  23. Thanks @Robin S for the debugging - both issues should be fixed now. And thanks for the pointer to the Wappalyzer Chrome extension - looks very handy!
  24. Hey @Robin S - I am not surprised about the need for a modules refresh - I have seen the same and honestly not sure what to do about that - seems like one of those situations where PW is holding off updating a module until it is called, but by the time it is called, it's too late and the error has already happened. I am confused by the object in the query string. Could you possibly help by debugging the value of queryStr here: https://github.com/adrianbj/TracyDebugger/blob/c9cb0670f039fb59b1608300b0b12aba322eef45/panels/Adminer/scripts/main.js#L3 and event.data here: https://github.com/adrianbj/TracyDebugger/blob/c9cb0670f039fb59b1608300b0b12aba322eef45/ProcessTracyAdminer.module.php#L37 Thanks.
  25. Hi @Robin S - the latest version has that new "Standalone mode" setting, but I also modified things so that all changes to the query string in the iframed version are now propagated to the parent so if you do want to use the iframed version, you'll now be able to reload the page and it will work as you're used to in standalone mode. I have also added a new option for opening adminer links from Tracy or the page editor - if you hold down "shift" while clicking, they will open in the full version of Adminer (standalone or iframed depending on your settings), rather than in the Adminer panel. Hope that helps, but let me know if you have any other feedback.
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