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  1. @bernhard - I've added that link to the keyboard shortcuts dialog in the latest version. I've also added that dialog to the FileEditor panel.
  2. Thanks for the link @bernhard but I think this is the one that I should probably link to: https://github.com/ajaxorg/ace/wiki/Default-Keyboard-Shortcuts
  3. In ACE Editor (on a Mac at least), you can do this sort of stuff by using CTRL+ALT + Arrow Down (or Up). Does that do what you want?
  4. CTRl or CMD + click where you want each extra cursor to be. Oops, sorry, I guess you already mentioned you had this approach working πŸ™‚
  5. I think you might have come up against this bug (https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/511). If you think it is related, perhaps you could nudge Ryan on that issue as he seems to be ignoring my concerns on this, especially when it's a really easy fix.
  6. If you post the code from your news.php template file (at least I think that is what it is likely called - you can find the name of the template for the page on the settings tab), we should be able to diagnose the issue pretty quickly.
  7. I have also recently used https://www.joypixels.com/ for converting emojis from UTF8 into something that works in a PDF. I use this to format messages created in a CkEditor field with the emoji plugin into a PDF summary of messages. It's not perfect, but seems to match almost all emojis from the CkEditor plugin. Would be curious if anyone has any other suggestions on this front.
  8. Or just set the title and leave PW to take care of the name automatically.
  9. The MarkupFontIconPicker folder should not exist - just delete that and you'll be fine πŸ™‚
  10. Did you ever empty out the cache/FileCompiler directory like I suggested above? If that doesn't work, I think you really need to search around and make sure there isn't a second copy of the module somewhere in the /site/modules directory.
  11. If someone has your superuser password, it hardly matters whether they have Tracy installed or not - they can just go install it, because they have superuser permissions πŸ™‚ Sure, you could lock down /site/modules/ permissions so that PW can't install modules (meaning you would need to install them all via FTP / Git / etc rather than via the web interface. But I have to ask - surely if you're worried about someone getting access to your superuser account, aren't you just as worried about them getting your FTP access details? You could lock down FTP via SSH security keys which would take care of that. Regarding locking down superuser access, you could always install PW's 2FA system - that's probably the safest approach to protect things.
  12. Ah, sorry, I didn't read your code fully - I assumed you were trying to adjust the price on the main $page, but you're using it to adjust the price on the order pages. Sorry, I am not seeing anything wrong with your code at the moment - maybe someone else will spot something πŸ™‚
  13. If you change the hook from "after" to "before" you shouldn't have to save the field explicitly.
  14. @LAPS - try looking at the modules database table and see if there are two entries for the module. Look for two copies of the module's files in site/modules - check to make sure that there isn't one inside the folder of another module (in case you might have drag/dropped it accidentally. It will be a bit messy for a couple of admin reloads / module refreshes, but you could empty the cache database table. You can't uninstall a module for a field without removing the field.
  15. @MilenKo and @LAPS - I just installed it for the first time on 3.0.150 and it works fine. It sounds like a modules refresh might fix things. If not, try clearing the assest/cache/FileCompiler folder.
  16. @hellomoto - it looks like you already fixed the ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY issue. Unfortunately PW requires that settings is removed. I pointed you to another post that should fix the home template issue you were also reporting on SO.
  17. @netcarver - is it time to add PW 3.x to the compatibility options for this module (in the modules directory listing) πŸ™‚
  18. Hi @Mike Rockett - not sure what you think about this idea, but I recently came across a situation where I think it would be helpful if Jumplinks was loaded before the core PagePathHistory module. PPH has set up and automatic redirect on a page, but I hav a more detailed set of rules set up in JL that handles urlsegments using {all}. The problem is that PPH is loading first so the JL rules were being ignored. In this case I decided to manually remove the PPH rules from its DB table, but I think that possible just setting the JL autoload priority setting might also work just fine. Do you think this would make sense in all cases?
  19. I completely agree - I always have my editor set to remove all trailing whitespace on save. It makes diffs so much easier to read/interpret because you don't end up with all the whitespace changes that can happen. Unfortunately this has been discussed before and Ryan actually said "I find a space at the end of lines helpful in my editing environment" (https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/issues/1757). I don't understand why, but it sounds like he doesn't want to change this, although of course that discussion was some time ago.
  20. I'd run this check to see if mod_sec is running first and if so, then you can figure out how to disable it.
  21. I still wonder about referencing 1092 as a value. I would try an example where you don't do that. I would also try adding a new matrix field - I wonder where there is something different in how the field is created using the version you started with vs the one I attached above. I would also try running that SQL query directly - it looks to me like it's going to correctly insert that "hello??" value. What happens when you try? Also, when you say that there is no change to the DB - do you mean you don't see any change to the table in the PW admin, or that the DB table itself isn't changing - they should be connected, but I would want to verify both.
  22. I would recommend persisting - do a little debugging - it definitely works πŸ™‚
  23. When I simplified the code (a few posts above) from what I am actually using, I think I accidentally switched the order of $col and $row when building up $data array. Please try swapping those. But also, I am not sure whether it will work to reference the page the field is on, eg 1092 in your example.
  24. I am not sure where I got this version from, but the attached has the addMatrixData() method which allows updating. Take a look in the Matrix.php file for usage of that method. FieldtypeMatrix.zip
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